Sleepopolis Acquires Sleep Junkies

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Sleep Junkies, a site that’s been dedicated to sleep information and research since 2012, has become part of the Sleepopolis family. Sleep Junkies is well known for its presence in the online sleep space through its news updates, product reviews, podcast episodes, and more. We’re excited they’ve joined Sleepopolis to continue helping people with their sleep needs and questions on a larger scale.

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Sleepopolis Team

The Sleepopolis team is all about helping you sleep better. We live, eat, breathe, and sleep (ha!) all things, well, sleep! Whether you need a new mattress, are having trouble sleeping, or are just tired of counting sheep, we've got you covered. Check back here often for the latest and greatest in mattress reviews, sleep news, or health tips, and in the meantime, sleep well. 

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