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Avocado Green Mattress Giveaway!

TGIF, everybody! We can’t think of a better way to kick off the weekend than to announce the start of a new mattress giveaway! That’s right, folks — one lucky sleeper is eligible to win a brand new eco-friendly mattress from Avocado. Scroll down to enter for your chance at a better night’s sleep!

Avocado Green Mattress Giveaway

This is Avocado’s flagship hybrid mattress and it combines dunlop latex with all-natural wool, organic cotton and recycled steel coils offering sleepers a cozy and eco-friendly place to rest.

Avocado Corner
The Avocado Green Mattress

The two-layer design of latex and pocketed coils provides you with that deep pressure-relief we all love so much, while also offering nice bouncy support. Not to mention, when you’re sleeping on an all-natural mattress like this one, you can rest easy knowing exactly where all of its materials came from.

Avocado Hand Press

So what do you say — ready to throw your hat in the ring for a chance at some comfy-green sleep? Enter now and read our full written review of this mattress to get even more excited! And check out our Avocado coupon page for more deals on the mattress!

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302 thoughts on “Avocado Green Mattress Giveaway!”

  1. The sheer thought of getting rid of the stiff neck and shoulder I have been having for the past few years sounds like a dream come true… Love the fact that the mattress is organic.

  2. We’re building a new house. I think a new mattress, especially one with a more eco friendly vibe (plus named after my favorite food thing) is just the thing we need.

  3. I think that the Avocado Green mattress looks really excellent! I appreciated reading the nice review on this.

  4. I just love this in a matter two-layer design of latex and pocketed coils which provides deep pressure-relief great feature. great mattress to own for sure thanks

  5. Would love to win this awesome mattress. We are now senior citizens and cannot afford to buy one, at this time. But, we are in dire need because ours is 18 years old. It was a good pillow top, but now is old.

  6. With me and my fiance both having back issues this would sure come in handy I love the fact that it’s all organic and that it has some bounce to it because we have all foam mattress and has no give it’s very hard to turn over or very hard to get out of thank you so much for the opportunity

  7. The Avocado Green mattress looks like it might be the one to let me finally wake up pain free. I’d love to give it a try.

  8. My Army Veteran husband and I desperately need a lager bed. I toss and turn all the time and wake him up. Of course being jarred awake multiple times isn’t good at all for war-induced PTSD. We just stayed a week at a family member’s house and slept in a king bed. He slept fantastic and so did I! Better yet, with this we’d get an Avocado Mattress?!? Thank you Sleepopolis for this amazing opportunity! 🍀🍀🤞🏻🤞🏻

  9. This Avocado Mattress sounds amazing. I would love to own one in my home. I love all the features that help, especially the deep pressure relief!

  10. What a great contest! My hubby and I have never bought a new mattress and we’ve been together 19 years! I think it’s time :)

  11. Great giveaway! My husband and I are looking at new mattresses now. How cool this would be to win! Thanks for the chance!

  12. I REALLY HOPE we win!!!🤞😍🐾❤️💐😘💥 We just lost everything in our house due to toxic black mold and insurance will not pay 1cent- due to not having a flood beforehand. It is costing $30k to clean up the damage not including to replace everything. I haven’t worked in a couple of years due to my health and I hope that this is the answer – I already feel better being out of the house while they remediate. 🤞that we win. Thank you!!

  13. The Avocado mattress is a must have if you have trouble sleeping! My grandmother has been sleeping on one for a while, and since then she’s been so well rested and rejuvenated! We love the green materials and the mattress really does relieve pressure and keep you feeling cool all night long! I would love to have the opportunity to win, I’m a very tired mother of 4 and it would just be lovely. My grandma could come nap at my house for a change! Thank you.

  14. This mattress looks really comfortable and the design is great. It looks like I would get a goodnight’s rest without waking up with an aching back on this mattress

  15. This looks like an amazing mattress. I would love to own an Avacado Green Mattress, would be great for my back.

  16. My hamster died, and the only thing that will make it better is a new mattress…No, seriously, just wanting to try to get my husband to wake without back pain

  17. I’ve read so much about how inhaling the fumes and chemicals from a traditional mattress affects our health. I have been looking for a researching green mattresses for better health.

  18. I’d love to give this mattress a try. I saw one recently being delivered to a neighbor and was interested in what a big box with an avocado on it was. It looks like a great mattress.

  19. This may be the most original and a bit funny name for mattress. I’m a side sleeper who prefers firm beds. I would like to give Avocado a try! Thanks for the constructive & comprehensive reviews!

  20. I like that it’s made with all-natural wool, organic cotton and recycled steel coils. Anything that helps the eco system is terrific. And it sounds comfortable too.

  21. I like the idea of combining wool and cotton for this mattress. I’d love to have a wool mattress, but the price point is beyond what I can justify. The Avocado Green looks like a great compromise!

  22. Having been in many accidents, I have a very bad back. Ive gone through countless numbers of mattresses and cant find one that seems to work well with my body. This mattress sounds too good to be true!

  23. I love that the Avocado Mattress is eco-friendly & organic! It sounds/ looks like a great mattress! I’d certainly love to try it out!!!! It will be interesting to watch this company grow!

  24. The Avocado mattress sounds like a quality and finely constructed mattress. I especially like that it’s organic and free of nasty chemicals. Thanks!

  25. Great looking mattress and natural too, what a deal. I am a senior and I sure could use a new mattress . If I could sleep on this mattress I would probably wake up looking 10 years younger!! GLTA

  26. With the name starting with avocado I should have known it would have the “green” aspects which are a plus. The construction sounds good and anything that will help keep me stay cooler with my hot flashes is what I want.

  27. Great Looking Mattress! and Great Review!Thank you for the chance At owning One of your Mattresses Your awesome Hun. Good luck To everyone!

  28. This would help with my neck issues that were caused by a bad car accident. I don’t feel I have had a good nights sleep since that accident. I sure hope that I win this!! PLEASE PICK ME!!

  29. Having this would make me so happy. I’ve been ridding my house of harmful chemicals for about a year now, this is the first eco-friendly mattress I’ve come across and I need a new mattress badly. Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. The Avocado Mattress sounds like it was made for me. It looks so comfy and I like the fact it is eco friendly.

  31. I like this a lot. I love the cooling/breathability, as I get hot when I sleep. Thanks for the chance to win this!!

  32. Over 20 years ago, I had my first back surgery. Since then, I’ve had more surgeries, epidurals, facet joint injections, and physical therapy. I get very little sleep because the pain seems to get worse at night. I have always wondered if it would get worse if I had a better mattress. We’ve tried several different types, with no results, but I would love to win this mattress and see if it would help.

  33. Avocado mattress you had me at deep pressure relief. I have spinal problems and currently I’m sleeping on a very firm mattress. Well sleeping is not the best word to use in my case I get about 2 1/2 hours a night. I had not heard of this mattress prior to this review but I’m glad that I know about it now

  34. After many years on a waterbed(yes a waterbed) I’m in the process of looking for a new mattress. This one looks and sounds wonderful.

  35. I would LOVE to win this bed. Not only am I PRO eco-friendly, but it looks so comfortable! I have sleep apnea and I believe this mattress could help me with getting better sleep.

  36. I love the materials they use, it just sounds wonderful and I like that they recycle materials that are used in these beds too.

    • I have been researching comments because I wake up in so much pain every day. Would LOVE to win this!

  37. i would love one of these mattresses, like that it has such support. not sinking, i would love an all natural mattress.

  38. I need a new mattress so bad just watching the review my back was begging for this! Fingers crossed. Thank you for this chance.

  39. I realize this is great mattress. Consumer thinks it is good. I am in need of a new mattress since the mattress I am using is 20 years old.

  40. This mattress looks pretty amazing! I love the “green” aspects of the design and I like that it has a bit of bounce to it. I also like that it helps keep you cool! Thanks for the review!

  41. It would just be so excited to win a mattress. So I can get a decent night sleep. I haven’t had a bed to sleep on for 2 yrs now. I lost my husband and lost everything I had also. Please God let me win a mattress.

  42. I love how it’s all natural being I have allergies. The support is also a huge plus. Thank you so much for the opportunity

  43. If you saw what I was sleeping on now, you would _re-coil_(no pun intended, lol), in horror! Please be my new mattress, lovely Avocado!

  44. I would like to get one for my son so he doesn’t have to sleep on a old pull out sofa bed. It looks very comfortable.

  45. Sign me up!!. It sounds to me that this mattress would be beneficial to me. With multiple back surgeries I have a hard time finding a comfortable and lasting mattress to fit what I need.

  46. Our 50th Anniversary is June 29th and since our mattress warranty (25 years) is up would like this as a replacement!! ❤️LOVE TO WIN!!

  47. We have a coil mattress. It is so uncomfortable that most nights my husband doesn’t sleep in it. We got it with a furniture voucher from social services. Didn’t have much of a choice. HELP me get my husband back.

  48. Not only does this mattress look so comfortable; it’s eco-friendly AND organic! How wonderful is that?!?! I’m totally in! Oh! And since green is my favorite color – bonus points there, too – just bring it on over :)

  49. I love this mattress! All natural materials, made in the USA, a ten year warranty….great mattress! :-) Thank you for this opportunity!

  50. I think the Avacoda Green Mattress is amazing! I love that it’s made with natural wool, organic cotton and recycled steel coils! It’s a great mattress for anyone that wants to help the environment while they sleep!

  51. This mattress sounds amazing! I like that there’s deep pressure relief because I’m chronically ill and my pressure points hurt so badly when I’m laying down.

  52. I can’t enter unless I give you all my Facebook information? I’d like to win your mattress, it looks and sounds very nice.

  53. I lost my bed in a house fire, so I’m sharing my couch with my 4 doggies right now. This would be a much better option. 😁

  54. The two-layer design of latex and pocketed coils provides you with that deep pressure-relief, it also offers nice bouncy support. It’s made with with all-natural wool, organic cotton and recycled steel coils offering sleepers a cozy and eco-friendly place to rest. It sounds like a great night sleep and also it is made with quality materials.

  55. I think this mattress sounds really great–I’ve recently read some really stellar reviews on it! My friend has been researching the best mattresses and tells me this one is one of the best!

  56. This mattress weighs quite a bit but I like, despite it having coils, it seeming sturdy while someone is lying on it. It looks like it could be quite comfy. Great review for what looks like an upstanding mattress!

  57. I’d love to try the new Avocado Green mattress. We’ve been sleeping on an air mattress since our house burned so a new mattress would be amazing!

  58. This is the ultimate giveaway, Ive entered them all at Sleepopolis but this is the one I want most. Great written and YT review. Thanks!

  59. Biggest Positive for me is that it is Eco Friendly. With all the negative that is in our environment today this is a much needed product

  60. The plush mattress looks like a masterpiece. Although, I’ve heard it can be pretty firm for side sleeping as well, so I may need one of their plush toppers, too. I love their use of organic cotton and button-tufting.

  61. Thanks Sleepopolis, for the Giveaway.. I just Love the Fact that you are thinking of
    Our Children and many more to come in the Future, by Being GREEN, Thank you
    so much for Saving our Enviroment, Oh and Yes I would Love to OWN a Brand New Mattress

  62. This Mattress sounds amazing and would be perfect for my husband and myself. We are both disabled and have major back, neck and hip problems. This mattress would be a dream come true for us. Thank you for having this giveaway.

  63. Green is always a good thing. The Avocado Green Mattress would be a very welcome replacement for my current hand-me-down twin bed that is at least 10 years old. Being disabled stuns my abily to get a new, bigger bed.

  64. I love that it has organic cotton and recycled steel coils and is eco-friendly. With so many toxins, and I am allergic to everything, this is the only kind of mattress for me. I also love avocados, so that just makes me smile thinking of getting in an organic avocado bed. Love it!

  65. sounds like a great mattress to get a good night’s rest! I could use one like this because of arthritis in my back.

  66. I hve been looking at the Avacado for some time, it seems like a very sturdy and comfortable mttress and produced in a very green way

  67. Please let me win this bed. I am a senior in need of a new mattress to help me sleep better and more restful.

  68. I could really use this I have had our mattress going on 6 years and it is worse out. Thanks for the chance to win

  69. I’m so glad that it’s made with Organic products. It sounds like the mattress for me. Thanks for the opportunity to WIN :)

  70. Love the idea of a hybrid mattress of such high quality. Would love to experience the feel of such a mattress.

  71. I love this mattress! I strive to be more eco-friendly as we humans abuse our earth further and further. Every little bit helps!

  72. I have heard so many good things about organic mattresses, I am dying to try one! The fact that they don’t contain chemicals in they don’t off gas is so important considering you spent so much of your life laying on one. This mattress sounds fantastic and exactly what I need for my bed back. Thank you for the chance

    • Our mattress is about 15yrs old…so we’re way past due 4 a new 1.
      Hoping 4 a win. Thanks 4 chance 2 win.

  73. We looked into getting this mattress after being really disappointed with a box store latex mattress we made only a year ago. We loved our previous latex mattress, but our current one is super stiff despite being 9 months past the break-in period. In the short term we decided to try a mattress topper instead of a brand new mattress since our current mattress wasn’t cheap and it seems to work so far. We will probably make the investment in this mattress in a few years.

  74. i would love to try this mattress I have heard of purple but not avocado. Hopefully it would help my back pain.

  75. I need a good mattress so very bad and this sounds like it would be perfect if I could just win one!! Thank you for the chance

  76. Sounds like a great mattress! I really value the eco-friendly aspects of the mattress, as well as the organic cotton material. The only aspect I was not certain of is the latex material. Overall, this might be a good fit, but I’ll read up to learn more about the nature of the latex, given potential for latex allergies.

  77. I think this mattress would allow me to have a very good nite’s rest. I am sure it does feel so natural and not like I’m lying on coil springs like I amcurrently.

  78. CC I would love to try this mattress! I’m interested to see how the “bounciness” talked about in the review effects sleep and comfort.

  79. I am sleeping on an old mattress on a day bed. There is no box springs for extra comfort. I have had 9 bone surgeries and have considerable pain. I hope I’m considered for this giveaway. Thank you.

  80. I love it and can only dream of owning something so nice. Our mattress is almost 15 years old and I suffer from severe lower back pain so to own a top of the line mattress like the Avocado Green would be a dream come true!

  81. I actually have not heard of the Avocado Mattress prior to seeing this giveaway! I’m very intrigued – it’s not as “fancy” as some of the newer mattress brands today, but I really like the fact that it’s made in the USA and the firmness is impressive for a spring mattress. I always really like the edge support which a lot of the newer foam mattresses don’t have. Plus, how cool would it be to tell people you have an Avocado Mattress! :P

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  82. I’m 55 and suffer from back and neck problems. So a good nights sleep is very important to me. I believe that this mattress can give me the support I need !!!

  83. I would love to try this amazing mattress! It would be amazing to get some actual sleep and wake up feeling refreshed!

  84. I am buying a new house and looking at mattress options. So happy at all the new choices, especially the shipping to your house option!

  85. Sounds like a great mattress. I’m in need of a new one, but I also worry about the environment, so this would be a good choice for me

  86. This sounds so amazing I love how it’s eco friendly and how cozy it sounds I have a bad back so I know this mattress will be amazing for me there is so much to love about this

  87. A good sleep is SO important, which I have much difficulty with, so I would LOVE to sleep on this beautiful mattress!

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