25 Days of Giving 2024 – SNOOZ Pro White Noise Machine Giveaway

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A white noise machine can be an essential accessory for anyone who has difficulty sleeping, and if you’re in the market for one, you’ve come to the right place. For Day 23 of our 25 Days of Giving, we’re giving away a SNOOZ Pro White Noise Machine. Note that while it comes in several different shades, our giveaway is for the Midnight color.

The SNOOZ Pro White Noise Machine creates its soothing noise using a real fan. However, it doesn’t blow out any cold air, so you can still stay warm while using it. This allows it to use just a fraction of the energy of other white noise machines.

Follow the steps below to enter.

25 DoG Day 23: SNOOZ

Check the 25 Days of Giving hub every day to see if you’ve won! And stay tuned for our full SNOOZ Pro White Noise Machine review.

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