Latex for Less Mattress Giveaway

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The amazing giveaways continue here at Sleepopolis during Latex Mattress Week! Today we announce your chance to win a FREE mattress from Latex for Less.

Latex For Less Giveaway

Now some of you might want to know what this mattress is all about before you throw your hat in the ring. Well you’re in luck because I have done a full review of the Latex for Less and found this flippable mattress constructed using bost Dunlop and Talalay latex to be a quality bed, especially great for those looking for a mattress that sleeps cool. This mattress made my list of Best Latex Mattresses and if you’re interested in latex beds you will definitely want to check it out. Now stop wasting time and enter the giveaway for your chance at a new bed!

Latex for Less Corner
The Latex for Less mattress

If you’re just catching up with Latex Mattress Week be sure to enter into our ongoing giveaways as well!

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94 thoughts on “Latex for Less Mattress Giveaway

  1. A bed that sleeps cool sounds amazing. Our bed gets very hot. We like the warm weather, but in the summer it can be unbearable in the triple digits.

  2. I’m a side sleeper so the Zenhaven sounds the best, but I also think the Latex for Less mattress sounds great too.

  3. I like the Latex for Less mattress, although all reviewed sound like great mattresses. I’m sleeping on a Puffy Mattress so any of these would be a nice change.

  4. I can’t decide which mattress is my favorite! Each time I read a review, I think THAT mattress is my favorite. LOL What I like about this one is that it allows you to sleep cool. My husband sleeps hot so this would be a plus!!

  5. Gosh, each time I read one of these reviews i’m less and less sure which latex mattress would be my favorite. I like that the Latex for Less is also flipable with a softer side. I like firm, with a very soft top layer.

  6. Can people who are allergic to latex sleep on latex mattresses? Is there enough non-latex material between them and the latex to make it possible?

  7. I think they all have great features, I have been paralyedfor years and my back is killing me, I need a new mattress .

  8. The Latex for Less mattress looks very comfy. I love that it’s organic… just learning about this! Thanks again for the great review, and helping me learn.

  9. I actually think the Zenhaven would be best for me and my wife. Of course, anything that slept cool would be good also. I burn up at night no matter the temperature in the house.

  10. I really like that this mattress is flippable, that might be the deciding factor for me between this and a couple of the other mattresses I like. I have a Tempurpedic that is getting old and while I liked it I don’t like that it is not flippable

  11. Have a Purple 3 & so far not terribly impressed. Very comfortable but was hoping it would cure my terminal insomnia!

    Thanks for the reviews & chances to win!

  12. They all sound awesome and so comfy! But since I am a side sleeper most of the time the Zenhaven sounds like the one for me!

  13. Latex for Less and found this flippable mattress constructed using bost Dunlop and Talalay latex to be a quality bed, especially great for those looking for a mattress that sleeps cool. So if you get hot or you sweat while you sleep, this would be a great mattress!

  14. I love the latex mattress. Wicking away moisture is such an awesome feature along with the different layers to allow for more comfort options!

  15. I like that you can flip the mattress from a mid side to a firm side to see which is best for you. Always nice that it has a cool cover because latex can be hot. Seems like this one is a winner.

  16. Learned so much from your video ! I never even heard of this type of mattress and would LOVE to try it ! I don’t have a twitter account so I did all entries besides that one ! Thank you so much for the chance

  17. A number of brands have piqued my interest and we are in the market to furnish 3 bedrooms now.
    One is the organic brand Avocado. This will meet our needs as would a couple others.

  18. I personally prefer a softer bed as a side sleeper so this mattress might be a good fit for what I need. The best part of all the latex offerings are the sleeping cool, would love to have that experience!

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