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Spindle Mattress Giveaway

Latex Mattress Week continues on with today’s giveaway of a brand new Spindle mattress! The Spindle is our favorite adjustable latex mattress and features prominently on our Best Latex Mattress page! Entering the competition is a no brainer and there are a few super simple ways to put your name in:
Spindle Mattress Giveaway

Need to know a little bit more about the Spindle before you throw your hat in the ring? Spindle mattresses contain three layers of latex that can be arranged according to firmness to provide a different feel depending on personal preference. Spindle will continue to work with you to ensure you have the layers you need and make comfort adjustments to the mattress so you can get your best night of sleep. For a more detailed description of the Spindle and to get my full thoughts on the mattress you can click here to check out my full written review.

**Note** If you are thinking about buying a Spindle mattress but are waiting to make your purchase because you hope you will win the giveaway, you need not worry. If you win the giveaway the company will refund the cost of the Spindle mattress you bought.

Spindle Corner View
Queen size version of the Spindle mattress
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Logan Block

Logan is the content director of Sleepopolis, which means he not only reviews new mattresses every week, but also curates all the comparisons, best of pages, and video guides on the site. He takes a straightforward, honest approach to his reviews and endeavors to give viewers an objective look at each new product he tries out. Logan has perfected his method by personally testing over 200 different mattresses, so he’s not only able to discern the overall vibe of a specific bed, but to contextualize its feel within the bed-in-a-box market as a whole.

175 thoughts on “Spindle Mattress Giveaway”

  1. Since I am side sleeper the Zenhaven sounds the best but this Spindle would be great too. In fact any new mattress would be a blessing.

  2. The Zenhaven, Sleep EZ Roma and GhostBed are my favorites out the Best Latex Mattress Reviews. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  3. Well, since our mattress was bought by my in-laws for our 25th Anniversary and we just celebrated our 50th on June 20th – think it is more than time to replace it, LOL!! thanks for opportunity ❤️LOVE TO WIN!!❤️

  4. I’m a side sleeper who likes to sleep on a medium-firm to firm mattress. After comparing all the latex mattresses, my first choice is Zenhaven!

  5. This would be absolutely awesome my mattress was just put on Earth with the only purpose to kill me it’s really trying it really is homicidal

  6. I love that Spindle is customizable and a really good value. I wish they had a version that could support a sleeper with a BMI over 30 though.

  7. The Zenhaven looks so comfortable! I am a side sleeper and believe that the Zenhaven would be perfect for me! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity and amazing giveaway!

  8. I NEED this Spindle. My back is so broken!!! This would be a Godsend for me! Thanks for a great giveaway. Good luck everyone!

  9. Honestly they all look good and so it’s hard to choose! So Far I like the Leesa but would be happy with any of them! LOL My mattress is 16 years old so I’m in the market for a new one.

  10. I am following up on your review of the Zenhaven mattress because you indicated it was a super choice for side sleepers like me.

  11. Leaning towards the Avocado right now. But there are aspects in the Spindle, the Zenhaven and some others that I also would love. I sleep hot so a cooling mattress would be great, I toss and turn on most nights and on the one I don’t i’m on my side so a mattress that doesn’t have harsh pressure points would be best, and I don’t like motion transfer in beds, but I also would prefer one that the edges were firmer for sitting on or if I was sleeping at the edge it didn’t give so much, so really I’m undecided.

  12. This looks like a very comfy mattress, and it looks like it would give you a great night’s sleep. Love the feature that the Spindle mattresses contain three layers of latex that can be arranged according to firmness desired

  13. I have been interested in the Spindle for a few years now! I think the Spindle or the Zenhaven would be the best choice for my husband and me, as we are both side sleepers. Love the adjustability of the Spindle, and the company sounds great to work with. Thanks! Fingers crossed!

  14. GOSH how amazing if I got picked ! I don’t know what I would do other than cry because it would ve a dream come true! I need this so badly!

  15. The Spindle mattress looks awesome! Looks comfortable. I’ve been sleeping on an uncomfortable spring mattress for a while now

  16. This looks like a very comfortable mattress, and it would give you a great night’s sleep. Spindle mattresses contain three layers of latex that can be arranged according to firmness to provide a different feel depending on personal preference.

  17. Wow this is awesome.. I learned about beds today and what is best. I’ve been sleeping on the floor for some time now and either of beds here are great and would love to try any if possible… Too bad I can’t afford them…

  18. Would love to try I wake up in pain everyday and it’s too much money having to buy any type of furniture when you have kids . I need a miracle of this sort. My back hurts on a daily basis because of the constant standing and running around. Please help Logan block.

  19. I would love to find out if this is the best mattress. I need a better one badly for my back. I’m a Wounded Warrior and getting a good mattress to help with back injuries is not really high on the Project’s list. Crossing my fingers.

  20. Personally I think I like the Plush Bed a bit better as a side sleeper with the pressure points, but if they offer a softer version I’d definitely love to try it! So sick of still couch sleeping.

  21. The advantage of building your own mattress to one’s specifications is intriguing and an idea that is truly looking into with Spindle.

  22. I’m 52 years of age and diagnosed this year with COPD. Have a son that just graduated high school and is now attending college and working part time. We both had to throw our beds away 6 months ago due to Bed Bugs! We live in a apartment that I rent monthly. My son sleeps on a blow up mattress and I on the couch. It took me months and several doctors appts. and having to hire an attorney before I could get Social Security Disability. Even with my small amount of disability each month I still afford one half bed for my young man to lay his head down at night. It makes me feel like the worse parent , ever. I’m not typing all this for a pitty party at all. All I want is a lot prayers and finger crossed that not myself but my pride and joy child that attends college full and works part-time at Cracker Barrel and asks on a weekly basis to pick up extra shifts could have an actually bed to rest at night. Not a blow up mattress that needs and has to be replaced every couple of weeks. So I ask everyone that takes the time to read this to please say a little extra pray that somehow my name is drawn. I greatly appreciate it and God Bless You All! What a wonderful early Christmas gift it would be! Thank You for letting me ramble on !!

  23. It’s hard to chose a favorite but I’ll say idle sleep mattress butt theirs alot of great features on of All them!!

  24. I’m really interested in the Spindle Mattress. My boyfriend and I always butt heads on our Mattress purchases but the Spindle mattress actually seems like it would satisfy us both! From the review, the amount of effort that Spindle is ready to put into making sure that their customers have the perfectly customized mattress is very comforting and makes me and I’m sure a lot of other potential customers more confident in Spindles claims!

  25. The Spindle looks great! It’s so hard to find a mattress that is comfortable especially without physically see it first but the Spindle has wonderful reviews and looks pretty good.

  26. The Spindle mattress sounds wonderful! I know my son would love this! Been trying for a long time now to win one to replace his worn-out mattress he’s sleeping on now.

  27. The spindle because it sounds the best for my body type and has gotten the highest marks. GLTA and thanks for the chance to win.

  28. I’m a side sleeper so the Zenhaven sounds the best, but I also like the Latex for Less mattress. Thank you for the chance!

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