4 Reasons to Forget What You Know About Tuft & Needle

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[box type=”download”] Major Update:  Check out our updated Tuft & Needle mattress review here. T&N has made some major changes since I originally published this piece.[/box]

For Sleepopolis regular readers you may already know that Tuft & Needle hasn’t always been one of my favorite mattresses. A little over 6 months ago I was in the market for a new mattress and a co-worker of mine recommended I give the Tuft & Needle a try, which I did. All things considered, it was a good mattress and a great company, but after just a few nights it was apparent that it wasn’t the right mattress for me. The mattress at the time was quite simply too firm for my back.

However, Tuft & Needle has been on the warpath these last 6 months and their mattress and foam formulation has gotten a complete overhaul. Tuft & Needle listened to their consumer feedback and went back to the drawing board. Within the last 6 months the team at Tuft & Needle has made more than a dozen major changes to the mattress addressing consumer feedback, complaints, and other issues.

The end result? A completely new and dramatically improved mattress.

I had the chance to talk with Tuft & Needle founders John-Thomas Mario & Daehee Park this past week who gave me the inside story on Amazon.com’s most popular rated mattress. So with that said, let’s dive in and take a look at the major changes to Tuft & Needle.

1. Softer foam for improved comfort

The biggest complaint, by far, that Tuft & Needle has received within the last several months has been around the firmness. As I mentioned above, the mattress was just a bit too firm for me when I originally tried it. Tuft & Needle took this feedback from their customers and began to go back to the drawing board of their foam formulation. The new foam delivered the same great support that so many have raved about on Amazon, but with considerable improvement to the softness.

The new Tuft & Needle has a much softer feel and is closer to a true neutral firmness.

tuft and needle mattress 1
Tuft and Needle mattress, King size on slat bed

2. They build their own foam

This one isn’t as much of a change, but it’s so critically important, and it’s something I wasn’t aware of 6 months ago. Unlike most mattress companies Tuft & Needle doesn’t use latex foam, Avena foam, memory foam, or any other patented foam. Why? Because they simply don’t have as much control over the support and comfort of those foams.

Tuft & Needle’s foundation isn’t in design or marketing, and they don’t have an army of venture capitalists backing them. At the core they are engineers trying to solve the problems that plague the mattress industry, all from an engineer’s angle. And what do engineers want most? Formulaic control of their product, data driven feedback from their customers, and an experience that simply works.

Since they make their own foam they have incredible control over every aspect of the feel. By changing certain variables in the formulation and/or pouring process they are able to dial in support, comfort, firmness, cooling, sinkage, and virtually every other criteria you could imagine.

tuft and needle mattress foam layers
Tuft & Needle foam mattress layers (top to bottom): 3″ polyurethane comfort foam, 7″ polyurethane support foam

3. Reduced from 3 foam layers down to 2 layers

Hybrid foam mattresses are fairly standard in the online factory direct mattress market. In fact, Tuft & Needle itself was something of a 3-layer hybrid mattress when they first launched. Their newest model has gone from 3-layers down to 2. Instead of having two separate layers, one for support and one for comfort, they have developed a foam formulation that combines these into a single 3 inch layer.

Why is this important?

  1. Improved cooling – less glue means better airflow, which improves the mattress ability to “breathe”
  2. Reduced cost – less glue also means less raw materials needed to manufacture the mattress and also an easier time assembling, cost savings they are able to pass on to customers

4. Better airflow & improved cooling

In addition to simply being softer, the new Tuft & Needle foam formulation has been designed to promote additional cooling. The foams draw heat away from your body as you sleep and expel the heat through the sides and bottom, resulting in a mattress that sleeps cool immediately and constantly, even after laying down all night.

The active cooling is aided by the reduced number of layers and glue in the mattress, both of which help air to flow more freely.

Final Thoughts

Quite frankly, I’m impressed with the new Tuft & Needle. They have always been a great mattress, even when they were too firm for me, but their ability to quickly adapt to the needs of consumer and create a truly adaptive and dynamic product is something to admire. If you were on the fence before about the Tuft & Needle due to firmness concerns I would recommend giving them a second look.

For more information read our full Tuft & Needle Mattress Review or visit TuftandNeedle.com.

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  1. Desperate here, very bad hip ,pain, and that is the side I sleep on, and will never change. Also shoulder and arm go numb, some neck pain and i am extremely hot, sweating 24-7.
    Weigh about 165, 5ft2,need to be in the 1500.00 range, any suggestions, please, ty!

  2. We had an old coil spring regular mattress and box spring for years that developed a dip in the middle and started giving me mid-back pain. We switched to a foam mattress, and are in the middle of our 90 day trial with a Casper. But my back is killing me! It doesn’t hurt when I lie down, but I wake up in the middle of the night with severe mid-back pain, get up to take Tylenol, and then have more pain when I get up for the day. This seems more than just “adjusting to the new mattress”. Should I try a firmer mattress? What do you recommend? Leesa? T&N? I weigh 160 and my husband about 175, both of us are 5’10”, and we have a platform King size bed. I start on my side and wind up on my back, and he stays on his side all night. Thanks for any advice!

  3. I currently have the T&N and have discovered (after 90 days) that this bed is too firm for me to use! =( I’m a side sleeper and I feel it in my shoulders. They are about to send me their free topper and extend my trial until end of May so I said I will give it a shot. But any suggestions for a bed that is good for side sleeping and less pain in the shoulders? I really don’t want to go through too much hassle and buying beds because I am getting married in September and will be moving on from this bed soon…

  4. Could you please help me with some personal comparisons/issues?

    I am 5’4″, female, 125 lbs, have scoliosis, sleep mostly on my back, a little on my right side.

    I have had over 12 mattresses in past 10 years, so I feel like I’ve tried everything and still can’t find one that’s right for me.

    I love the comfort of the MLily Harmony that I’ve only had one year, but I’m guessing it’s too soft for my left hip – left hip pain every morning from it & even started getting sciatica from it, but it’s the best thing for my right shoulder due to the softness.

    I contacted the nice rep that helped me pick this one out to ask for advice & they suggested I purchase a polyurethane topper from Amazon. I had a hard time understanding why this could be the answer because I always thought the base layer should be the firmer portion & the top layer the softer, but I have ordered the topper & am awaiting it’s arrival.

    I’ve had tempurpedics in the past that also age me left hip pain. Last week, I got suckered into a tempurflex supreme and it feels too hard, left arm tingling when on back & left hip still hurts.

    The thing I also don’t like about these two mattresses is heat!! I even purchased a outlast pad that is not cooling me.

    The whole reason I started shopping for beds again is because I stayed at an Airbnb with a Beautyrest Recharge pillow top mattress & my left hip pain & sciatica completely disappeared even after just night 1!!

    That’s model has been discontinued of course, but now I’m seeing I might be able to find one on closeout online (not pillow top, but plush model). Should I try this or….

    I’ve been researching online to try & figure out what’s best for me for 2+ weeks now & have narrowed it down to maybe trying latex (either Zenhaven, Botanical Bliss by Plushbeds or Eurotop latex ultimate dreams by Dream Foam Bedding), Wink, McRoskeys, Nest Medium, or Dream Cloud (because I like the big layer upon layer pillow luxury idea).

    So, unfortunately, as you can see, I am all over the board due to what I “like” the feel of & what might be best for my pain issues/support needs. Can’t I have it all? :) And unfortunately, lots of things feel great to me for a test lay, but it’s the one-night’s sleep test I really need! :) Please help! Thanks so much for any suggestions/advice you might be able to give.

  5. I recently bought the Tufts and Needle mattress from Amazon:

    Tuft & Needle Mattress, Queen Mattress with T&N Adaptive Foam, Sleeps Cooler & More Supportive Than Memory Foam Mattress, Certi-PUR & Oeko-Tex 100 Certified, 10-Year True Warranty, Made in USA, Rated CR’s Best Buy Mattress

    And it has been my second night – and so far – it has been nothing but sleepless nights and morning pains. My old 10+ year spring mattress was not great – but I could sleep through the night, and had no back aches in the morning. This T&N mattress is simply not comfortable.

    • I can echo that. I’d been having some lower back/leg nerve irritation, so one thing I wanted to do was see if the latex mattress I had was just too soft, so I got T&N in December 2018.
      While it may have solved part of the issue with the leg nerve pain (hard to tell) it definitely cause lower back (and as a consequence neck) pain – 2 months of trial and every morning was waking up with lower back pain. Just switched back to the latex mattress I still held on to- and the very first night I woke up the next morning without lower back pain or neck pain. So the T&N is still to firm – FOR ME. That said, I intend to try a combo. As my latex came in 2 parts – a firmer bottom latex mattress that was 80% of the thickness, and a softer top latex mattress that is 20% of the total thickness, I’m going to try that softer top part on the firmer T&N and see what that does for me.

    • I am having the same problem. First night no sleep. Got up with my entire side hurting. Way to firm, and my shoulders and hips hurt so bad. I am a side sleeper. If I don’t find a solution soon, I will go crazy! I had a waterbed, and it was to hard for me to get in and out of it. So I thought this mattress would solve my problems. Not going to happen. My husband loves it. I can’t stand the pain.

  6. Looking for a mattress for my 20yo daughter that suffers from fibromyalgia. Pressure anywhere on her body triggers pain. We bought her a T&N 2 years ago, before they changed it. It is ok, but was too firm and required us purchasing a $200 high quality cooling foam topper. We are wanting to try something else to see if we can get a better solution. The sliding topper is annoying. The mattress alone is great to me and my husband, so we’ll take it and get her something else.
    Any suggestions for people with fibro? And that suffer from neuropathy and hot spells? Thanks!

    • Hello. I know this reply is quite a bit. after you posted your question. I too have fibro. I’m a guy and it’s rare so my added weight (200lbs) may be a consideration here. But though I love my current foam mattress my pain has intensified to where I need something softer but with added durability and deeper compression relief. After months of research I settled on and am awaiting an Aviya. It’s a hybrid using three layers of HD poly and a quality wrapped coil system. I really loved the spring and spring hybrids I tried in a local Mattress Firm and it’s a great deal with higher quality components. No cheap low density foam in this bed. I can’t wait. There are quite a few brands out there that might be right for your daughter but I wanted to throw this out for you. Good luck.

  7. Hey there! Long story short, I recently had an Amerisleep AS3 and a Tuft & Needle mattress delivered. I’m wondering which you think I should try first. I’m 5’9 about 155 lbs, and typically sleep on my back or my stomach. From reviews, I’m worried if the AS3 will make me feel too much like I’m sinking in if I’m on my stomach, but reviews *also* say it’s a great mattress for back sleepers and that both mattresses keep you feeling cool. Which do you recommend?

  8. Hi, I really need some help. I bought a King size Serta Hybrid Plush and had to return it because it was sinking and my wife likes really soft and I like Firm. We really need 2 twin XL mattresses, one soft for my wife because she is a side sleeper and weights 120lb and one Firm for me because I sleep on my stomach, weight 200lb and have lower back problems. I cannot find a company that makes the 2 mattresses soft and Firm on TwinXL and of the same height. Please Help Thanks

    • Hi JM,

      Same height makes it an interesting challenge! I believe Helix can do this for you, as well as Luxi. I’ll keep an out for this in the future to add to the list, thanks!


  9. My wife loves to sleep o our couch, which is about 6″ of latex (the normal kind, not the higher density). IS there a mattress that would duplicate this experience?

    • Hey Ben! So if we’re looking for a soft/plush latex feel, some good options out there. I’d maybe start with the Brooklyn Bedding soft – let me know if that looks like we’re on the right track, or happy to provide more recommendations!


  10. Tuft and needle doesn’t make their own mattresses. It’s industy spin. They are nothing more than your average online dealer using a factory to produce their beds. All their beds are made by Brooklyn bedding out of Arizona and private labeled and boxed for them in tuft and needle boxes. The real innovator is Brooklyn bedding

    • Not that unusual. A lot of companies use contract manufacturers to produce their products. Are you certain that Tuft and Needle are using a Brooklyn item? Or is Brooklyn producing a proprietary product for Tuft and Needle?

  11. Replacing old pillow top conventional mattress. Wife (112 lbs) has moderate low and mid back scoliosis. Occas pain in am. I am 230 (but lost 40 lbs in last 3 mo). She sleeps on side initially, finishes night on back. I am side sleeper. Have read reviews. Do not want memory foam because of heat. Now seeing letters about T&N causing back aches. Does not sound like Purple will work. Suggestions?

    • Hi Jerry,

      If you like the idea of memory foam, but want to avoid sleeping hot, maybe consider latex foam? You could go for a latex-over-memory-foam construction as well if you wanted to get a bit of each type of foam as well.


  12. Assistance please. I was orignal was going with t&n due to the high reviews on amazon, but than I came across your page and realized that there is so many different online companys out there. We were going to buy the serta icomfort 1000 but there wasnt alot of reviews on the mattress and didnt want to fork out 3000 for a mattress that may not last that long. Im 5*5 150 and sleep on my stomach or on my side, and husband is 6*0 200 and he sleeps on his stomach or back. We both like the middle more toward the firmer side. I need a good mattress that will be supported for a pregnant belly. We are looking at a king size bed and it will be on an adjustable bed frame. Our price range would be under 2000.

  13. It’s been a real challenge to find a good mattress. I currently sleep on a Doctors Choice by Denver Mattress. I’ve looked at Consumer Report and I’m still unclear which foam mattress holds up best as far as firmness goes. I prefer a firm mattress, no hardword floor firm, maybe like a 7. Any suggestions on the online box mattresses within a 500-1000 range?

  14. I have been sleeping on a pretty basic Sleep Number bed (set at 45 with a memory foam topper, so on the soft side) for 16 years and I love it, but now need a smaller size bed. I cannot tolerate the off gassing of chemicals. I like the support of the Sleep Number and was able to make it firmer when I had lower back problems a few years ago. But these new mattresses sound great and may allow me to go to a platform bed. Which mattress do you suggest trying?

    • Hi Cathy – if you want absolutely zero off-gassing, I’d go for a mattress that does not come in a box. Some I’ve reviewed include Saatva, Loom & Leaf, and WinkBeds, as well as many mattresses that you can grab at your local store.

      If you’re looking for a mattress that adjusts firmness on the fly – Sleep Number seems to be the popular choice for sure. Other mattress companies come at it from different angles – for example Helix personalizes your mattress based on a quiz, and Novosbed will send a foam addition free of charge if you don’t like the firmness.


  15. I’m almost ready to pull the trigger on a Yogabed mattress and then I see this… Hmm. T&N is significantly cheaper than Yogabed, but I do really like the free pillows and the washable cover… But I also like that T&N has really developed their own unique foam, where Yogabed is just slapping a bunch of different foam together. Would you stand by your original comparison, or would you recommend T&N over Yogabed at this point?

  16. HELP? I don’t even know where to start ha ha. My boyfriend and I are looking for a new mattress. No idea what kind we have now. We both have chronic back pain, I have scoliosis, he has played sports his whole life, and we’re both feeling old (although only in our mid-thirties). I am a side or back sleeper, 5’5″ 135lbs. He is a side or stomach sleeper, 5’10” 150lbs. We both believe (although not 100% sure) that we like firm>soft. Our mattress now feels comfortable to lay on, but by morning we are achy. We definitely don’t like the sagging, or rolling into each other. But I am big busted and if laying on my stomach I wouldn’t want it so firm that it made my back arch noticeably, if that makes any sense? We are looking to stay under $1000 for sure (for a king). Can you give me your best opinion on this? I’m looking at Tuft and Needle, as well as Zinus and Leesa. I don’t want something that only holds up for a year. I also want to be able to return for refund if we don’t love it. I don’t care what materials it is made of, or the smell, as long as it is going to give us a good nights sleep with less back pain…. :) Thanks in advance

    • Hi Brenda,

      I would be more than happy to help :)

      In my opinion, the Leesa or Brooklyn Bedding could serve as good fits for the two of you. Both of these mattresses offer good support, balanced levels of sinkage and hug, good pressure relief, and neither of them should create a feel where you roll into one another.

      Let me know what you think about each of these mattresses :)

  17. I hope you don’t mind me asking you to pick my mattress for me. I’ve read all of your responses and you really seem to be the mattress whisperer. I was about to pull the trigger on a tuft and needle based on the amazon reviews but I wanted to run it by you first. I weigh 130 and am 5’7″. I’m a side sleeper mostly and I have disproportionately large hips/butt compared to my shoulders. My husband is the same height but around 170 and a back sleeper. We used to have a pillow top with a feather topper on top. We were fanatics about softness. But my butt started sinking in, giving me lower back pain. We bought a temperpedic (the soft version) and it was a little too hard for us so we put a costco foam topper on it and it was good (what an incredible waste of $3500!!) It slept a little hot but we both were satisfied with our fix. Our guest room is a crappy 20 year old spring mattress with a costco foam topper on it and it’s so comfortable.
    We’re getting a new bed and I don’t have the time or energy to test drive any mattresses. I just want you to pick for us and I’ll pull the trigger on your recommendation. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi CT, I am so so sorry about the slow reply. Unfortunately, your comment slipped by me and I just now caught it.

      Based on your needs and desires I would say the T&N is certainly a possibility. My only concern is your comment around being “fanatics about softness”. The T&N is not a soft mattress. It’s not hard either, more of a medium to medium firm. But I wouldn’t want you to have any illusions about it being overly soft.

      I will say, I am a little distressed about T&N’s recent price increase (Queen went from $600 to $750). I haven’t had a chance to update my reviews yet, but it’s certainly not a good thing, in my opinion.

      At $750, that pushes T&N into a category with many other choices, some of which may be a better option for you.

      During your time on the Tempurpedic did you enjoy the mattress? If so, it may be worth considering more of a memory foam style mattress, as opposed to responsive poly foam.

  18. I’ve been comparing mattress for months because I’m overdue for a new one. I’ve been using a spring mattress my parents bought me from a mattress store when I started college back in 2009.

    I honestly don’t know the difference between spring, foam, latex etc.

    I have a couple questions. I’m 5’3 125 pounds and my partner is 5’3 105 pounds. I sleep extremely hot and have to sleep with the fan on high year round in TN. We are both very active and run 2-6 miles a day, we both played sports long term theought our school careers so have some achy problems now. I have started to have trouble falling asleep. I have bad neck and back problems and have to go to PT and she has had a couple knee surgeries from soccer injuries and goes to PT for that. Nether of us are honestly picky people.

    I’ve been torn between Tuft &a Needle and Lull. I currently don’t know if I want a full or queen. I’m a minimalist and feel like our queen is too big she’d want a cal king but I’ll never go that big. We both are side sleepers and back sleeper. We constantly sleep either holding each other on our sides or cuddled up on our backs. So I don’t know if that makes a difference but I don’t know what to buy. I’m a pretty money wise person so we could easily afford a mattress over 1,000, but I don’t like overpaying for things and am stubborn.

    Also, I think the lull has way more aesthetically pleasing look but I know it’s hidden underneath my sheets so that doesn’t matter.

    All I know is I hate my spring mattress. I have no clue what I would want because that’s all my parents ever had for us. I don’t think I’d want to sink into anything though especially since we sleep holding each other I feel like we would sink into a hole together and feel pushed into each other.

    Sorry for all the info just want to make sure I buy right.

    • Hi Sydney,

      Thanks for your comment. Also, my apologies for the slow reply. I was traveling this past week and I’m just now getting caught up on emails / comments.

      I have a few good ideas for you, but I do have one final question.

      On a 1-10 scale, where 10 is the most firm, what would you say is your ideal firmness? Same question for your partner as well.

      With that I should be able to provide a more complete and informed recommendation.


    • my fiance and I were looking at Tuft&Needle and stumbled onto your article and we’d love to have your input. I’m a back sleeper (124 lbs) and he’s a back and side sleeper (175lb). Mattresses we liked in the past were hybrid firm mattress that has firm inner coils and a latex top described as comfort firms (so maybe 7/10 on firmness.) Lower back pain has been an issue for me. We want a mattress that will stay firm for us but isn’t painfully hard as to exclude rolling around or side sleeping. Quality, reliability, and ease of return are also important to us. Tuft & Needle looks good on customer service and return polices but idk if something else may be more suitable?

    • Hi Eve! Thanks for the message! I have a few options in mind for you. Do you have a price point you need to stay under?

  19. Hello. We have two Savvy Rest latex mattresses. Both of them have significant depressions that make them very uncomfortable. The full size one has been slept on for about a year and has at least an inch and a half deep depression. I am considering replacing them with T&N mattresses. I am concerned about the off-gassing from the polyurethane foam. What is your opinion on this?

    • Tuft and Needle is about middle of the road in terms of smell, based on my experiences and tests with their mattresses. They definitely aren’t the worst, but not the best either. If you’re okay waiting a week or two for the smell to go away then you’re probably okay to go with Tuft and Needle.

      Otherwise, you may want to go with a mattress with less poly foam, like Saatva, Winkbeds, or Zenhaven.

    • No worries I was busy becoming an aunt yesterday. We aren’t picky and we both have only had spring mattresses that we hate, that the one thing we are sure of. I don’t want it to sink because of heat and is both sinking in because we cuddle up to each other like I said she is 95 pounds and I’m 125 so we are always cuddled up in the same spot. I’d say a ideal would be (7-10)? We haven’t ever had anything else to go off of. Thanks!

    • Thanks Sydney!

      So you’ve got several good options.

      The best for you I think would be the Helix. It’s customizable. And you can customize each side of the mattress. This makes it great for couples, but especially in cases like yours where you have a smaller stature / weight + have a very exacting feel / firmness you’re looking for.

      The Amerisleep Americana is a good option as well. It’s a 7 firmness, memory foam design, and has minimal sinkage.

      Lastly, the Saatva (firm version) comes in at an 8 out of 10 firmness. More of a classic luxury spring + pillow top. Just a very solid choice overall.

      Please let me know if there are any other questions I can help with! Thanks!

  20. I’ve had a Tuft & Needle mattress for 3 weeks now (on a slated bed frame) and have been waking up every morning with bad lower back pain. I’ve never had this problem with previous mattresses. My boyfriend hasn’t had any issues, but I’m not sure I can sleep on it much longer. I’m 5′ 1, 110lbs, and a side/stomach sleeper. He’s 5′ 11, 180lbs, back sleeper.

    Any recommendations?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Nicolle,

      I’m sorry to hear the Tuft & Needle is not working out for you. That said, I do believe there are some other options that could serve as a good fit. Just a few more quick questions:

      Do you have a strong preference for or against any material type (ex. memory foam, latex foam, coils, hybrids, etc.)?
      Do you have a price that you need to stay under?
      What size mattress are you looking for?

  21. I’m looking for to replace an old mattress for my 13 year-old son. He is a side and back sleeper, athletic and skinny. I’d like the new mattress to last for awhile (5-10 years?). The trick is that his bed is on a loft bed. Currently the mattress he has is an old coil 8-inch and it gives him enough clearance. Are there any good 8-inch mattresses? Or would we have to go up to a 10-inch? That would be pushing it but possible if needed. Definitely not a 12-inch bed, though. Any recommendation is appreciated. Thanks!

    • Hi Donna,

      Unfortunately there are not a lot of 8” mattresses that I have tested to date. That said, the Arctic Dreams mattress is offered at an 8” thickness. See here – http://amzn.to/2qFNP0e

      Depending on the feel you’re looking for, the Arctic Dreams could be a good choice. Arctic Dreams offers more of a traditional memory foam style feel. The 8” version has a more firm feel, in the 7-8 range out of 10, where 10 is the most firm.

      If this combination sounds like a good fit for your son, I would recommend giving the mattress a shot.

      Let me know if I can be of any further assistance :)

  22. I’m a side sleeper and have pain in my hips and shoulders. i’m having surgery for a herniated disc in a few weeks. Im 5 ft. 8ins. and a 170 lbs. I’ve always had the hip and shoulder pain sleeping. Would a Tuff and Needle be a good mattress for me.

  23. I’m searching for a new king sized bed, and the tuft and needle has really grabbed my attention. I’m 6’4 290lbs and play college football so I’m usually hurting all over lol. I am looking for a firm mattress. On a scale of 1-10 on firmness I’d probably say I’m looking for between a 6-8. Beds that are too soft often leave me waking up with my back feeling really stiff and achy. I do not want a mattress where I will sink in a ton. Do you think the tuft and needle would be a good option for what I’m looking for?

    • Hi Tyler,

      While the Tuft & Needle is a fine mattress, you’re going to need something with a bit more deep compression support, in my opinion.

      Therefore, I would recommend checking out the Nest Bedding Alexander hybrid firm, Winkbeds medium (6) or firm (7.5), or the Helix mattress. All of these meet your needs and I feel are better equipped to offer the proper support that your larger stature requires.

    • Hello, my wife and I are looking for a new mattress. We went from an old hybrid which was decently comfortable but was unfortunately destroyed in a flood. We are looking at the T&N but not sure if it’s right for us. I am 6 feet tall and 320 pounds, and need a firm but soft mattress. I have broad shoulders but unfortunately like to sleep on my side (which causes me pain). Is there any mattress that you think would work for us? Thanks

    • I would be happy to make a recommendation- just a few questions before I can get started!

      What is your preferred firmness on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm (and as hard as the floor)?
      What positions do you primarily sleep in during the night?
      Do you have a price that you need to stay under?
      What size mattress are you looking for?
      How much do you weigh? (this is important for support, feel, and cooling)


      PS – if you sleep with a partner please include their responses as well

    • Tyler, I am hoping you can help! I suffer with inflammation of the SI joint and now recently increased lower back pain…I definitely feel that I need a new mattress…I currently have a 10 year old pillowtop which continues to sink in all areas… I have been reading so many reviews on the Leesa and the Tuft and Needle and do not know which to purchase..I just want relief! I am on the plus side at 215 lbs with a short stature. Should I make a decision on the Leesa or the T&N or simply try another bed? Any guidance would be appreciated!

    • No problem! If you’re looking for a foam mattress to help with back pain, I would tend to recommend Leesa, Loom & Leaf, or Brooklyn Bedding.

      Tuft & Needle can be a good choice for some, especially if you have a tight budget. However, I don’t love that it only uses 3” of comfort foam. A thicker comfort layer yields better overall performance, in my opinion.

      The Leesa and Brooklyn Bedding are going to be at a comparable price point to T&N and the L&L is going to be more expensive. But for back sleepers, it provides a tighter stitch along the quilted cover at the lower back area which provides a denser feel in that area..

      Leesa Review: https://sleepopolis.com/mattress-reviews/leesa-mattress-review/
      Loom & Leaf Review: https://sleepopolis.com/mattress-reviews/loom-and-leaf-mattress-review/
      Brooklyn Bedding Review: https://sleepopolis.com/mattress-reviews/brooklyn-bedding-mattress-review/

      Let me know if you have any other questions I can help with!

  24. Could you recommend a mattress for me? I have right SI joint pain and recently bought a Tuft and Needle. I love how it feels but does not help SI pain at all. I weigh 125lbs. I recently slept on a another bed for a week at an inn and my pain was almost gone – so I know there’s hope!

    • I’d love to help you select a mattress, Gabby! Could you provide some more information about the Tuft & Needle as well as the mattress you like?

      How firm would you consider the Tuft & Needle to be (on a scale of 1-10)?
      What would you say is your idea firmness (on a scale of 1-10)?
      On the bed at the inn, would you consider it firmer or softer than the Tuft & Needle?
      Did it have a thin cover or a plush quilted cover?
      Do you prefer a mattress with more bounce or more contouring and hug?

      Once I know these answers, I will be able to make a better recommendation for you.


  25. I’m a 135 pound side sleeper with lower back pain and some hip pain. I bought the Leesa, but I hated it – it was too soft and I felt like I was sinking too far and I keep pressing down with my feet to raise myself up. Should I try the tuft and needle or the medium brooklyn bedding? Would the latex on the brooklyn bedding prevent me from sinking?


  26. I am super motion sickness sensitive. I know it sounds a little crazy but some memory foam type mattresses make me feel car sick (due to a vestibular issue). My current mattress is old and I really need to get a new one but am wondering if anyone has this issue with this mattress? The Casper mattress made me super queasy. Thanks!

    • I have not heard of any of my readers describe that type of an issue, Amber. My fear is that you might feel that way with all foam mattresses.

      What are you currently sleeping on?

    • I love this mattress. You feel no movement. There is no memory foam. Memory foam gets hot and uncomfortable. The mattress stays cool. If someone is sleeping with you, you don’t feel them move or get up. It’s amazing.

    • Thanks for the response. T&N sent me a topper and I love this bed except for one thing…it’s really hot. I’ve been debating on whether or not to return it, but I think I really do need to. Is there a mattress you could recommend silmilar to T&N with topper that isn’t so hot?
      Thank you!

  27. We just gave up our 15 year old worn out pillow top Sealy (which I loved until it got so old it’s no longer functional) for a new Tuft and Needle. After about a week I am still finding it too firm and wake up achy all over. My husband thinks it’s perfect but would like to try it with a pillow top mattress cover. We’re both back and side sleepers. We also have a toddler that sleeps with us and constantly rolls back and forth. Do you recommend something that offers different levels of softness and firmness like the Helix or Amerisleep or suggest sticking with the Tuft and Needle with the addition of a pillow top cover for a while longer to get used to it? We like the idea of the foam mattress as opposed to the traditional spring but want to avoid the quick sand feel of memory foam.

    • Hi Carie,

      In general, I think it’s a good idea to try any new mattress for 2-4 weeks. It takes your body a while to get used to a new mattress feel. You may find the Tuft and Needle works out in the end.

      If you get 3-4 weeks on it and decide it’s still not right then you would know with certainty that it’s not your body’s inability to adjust, but rather the mattress just isn’t a good fit for you.

      Helix would be one of my top choices for you and your husband, simply due to the ability to customize each side of the mattress. That’s hugely beneficial for couples with different needs. Amerisleep offers that to a degree as well, provided you are on a model with the same thickness (their thicknesses vary from 10″-14″). Brooklyn Bedding also offers 3 firmnesses, Nest Bedding has various firmnesses, as do Loom and Leaf, Saatva, Luxi, Novosbed, among many others.

      If I were you I’d give it another 2-3 weeks, see if your body adjusts. If not, then you’ll have ample information to inform your next decision.

    • Hi! We purchased the T & N mattress and have tried it out for the past few months, it initially seemed too firm and as a side sleeper I was waking up with back pain. My husband loves it with no issues. I was surprised to have issues with it because I can usually sleep on anything and am not picky. I called and they sent a 2 inch topper to try out. I am still feeling low back pain when waking up. We originally wanted the purple mattress, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend over $1000 on the mattress, now I am reconsidering. Would you say that the purple mattress is less firm than the tuft and needle? Wondering if it would just be more of the same. Any other mattresses you recommend? I am 5’8″ and weigh 180 lbs and am a side sleeper.

    • Hi Brittany,

      I’m sorry to hear the T&N is not working out for you. That said, the Purple is actually going to land close to the same firmness as the T&N. Yet, the pressure relief and contour of this mattress make for a more comfortable sleeping surface, in my opinion. At 180 pounds, you will be able to compress the top layer of the Purple and benefit from the hyper-elastic polymer, hopefully leading to improved back support. While the T&N tends to float most sleepers, the Purple will allow you to sink into the mattress.

      I hope this helps to clear things up a bit. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help, thanks!

  28. Just bought a T&N and am put off by the smell that has persisted for over 3 weeks. Got a replacement as they insisted it shouldn’t smell like that. Well it does. Do you have a recommendation for a foam mattress with less/no off gassing? The Dromma Bed claims to have none. Any experience?

  29. Hello!

    Using the (amazing!) reviews on this website my boyfriend and I purchased a Leesa mattress in December. I am 5’5″, 140lb, he is 5’11”, 170lb. He is a back/side sleeper and I am a side/stomach sleeper. I tend to toss and turn a lot. We both feel like the Leesa is just too firm for us. I have a hard time falling asleep on my side because of it, and he is waking up with back pain. We want to switch it out, but are unsure what will be better for us. We want to stay under $1000 for a queen. Thanks again for all your reviews!

  30. Wow…I am overwhelmed with all of the different mattress options. Can you help? We need a King (regular King) size mattress. My wife has had lots of lower back issues, so we need to help that. She is a back and side sleeper – I am a stomach sleeper. She is 195 lbs and I am 230 lbs. I tend to get hot sleeping so we would like something that provides a cool sleep. I have looked at Lull, Tuft&Needle, Leesa, Christeli, the Purple Bed…just now sure what to choose. We are wanting to stay between the $750 and $1000 range in price. Help please!

    • Unfortunately, I have not yet tested the Christeli mattress, therefore I cannot offer much of an opinion or a comparison against its competitors. Now, while all of the others are fine options, I would narrow down your list to the Leesa and Purple mattress.

      Both Leesa and Purple do a nice job of offering a cooler sleeping surface in addition to balanced levels of support and hug, pressure relief, bounce, and response times.

      If you’re looking for a mattress that offers a bit more of a floating feeling, go with the Purple. There’s still some sinkage, but less than Leesa.

      On the other hand, go with the Leesa if you like the idea of a little more sinkage, but still want to avoid that stuck or enveloped feeling.

  31. Hey! So I am browsing for a new mattress. The one we have is about 6 years old and is a memory foam, but is starting to dip and is uncomfortable for my SO and me.

    We need Cali King. He is 6’3″ and about 310 lbs and primarily sleeps on his back or side. I am 5’2″ and about 250 lbs and am solely a tummy sleeper (though i have tried to do side, it doesn’t work.) We have friends who swear by Purple. I tried it, but the second night sleeping on it my lower and back was in excruciating pain, but i am not sure if it is one that i would have to do for many nights to get used to. Thing is, i need a firm mattress. Had a friend who had a firm memory foam, and i loved sleeping on it and would wake with minimal pain, which is better than my normal.

    Do you have any advice or suggestions? Thanks!

    • Hi Fel,

      Based on the information you’ve shared, I would suggest looking into the WinkBed, Loom & Leaf, and Nest Bedding Alexander hybrid. All three of these mattresses do a great job of providing balanced levels of comfort and support. Additionally, each of these mattresses offer a nice level of deep compression support. Therefore, I believe the two of you would benefit more so from one of these mattresses.

      Hope this helps to clear things up a bit!

  32. Hi,

    I am overwhelmed by the choices. I am 5’5 172 pounds side sleep with hip pain. I want something that does not sleep too hot. I am also looking for little more height and not too firm. I currently use a Beautyrest with a memory foam topper. Thinking latex but not averse to a cooler a memory foam. Help !!!!

    • Hi Michelle,

      Based on the information you’ve shared, I would recommend the Leesa, Brooklyn Bedding, or Loom & Leaf mattress. All of these mattresses are top notch and could serve as an excellent fit.

      If you’re looking for latex, go with Brooklyn Bedding.
      If you like the idea of a latex alternative combined with memory foam (fast response and good contour), go with Leesa.
      Finally, go with Loom & Leaf if you like the sound of a memory foam mattress with very good cooling characteristics.

  33. Hi, thank you for all of you hard work reviewing mattresses, as it is really hard to come to a decision with so many options. I was wondering if you could offer your advice, as I have been mattress shopping for quite some time and still cannot come to a decision. Background: my bf is 210, sleeps hot, back sleeper, and has lower back pain. I am 120, side sleeper, and suffer from shoulder pain. I think we are looking for about a 6 on the firmness scale.

    I am between Leesa because it seems to be your most recommended, Purple because of the comfort grid , and T&N because of the 7,700 + positive reviews on amazon. However, in your reviews you state lighter people float on the purple, which concerns me for shoulder pain.

    Do you think you could help us out with a recommendation?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Lauren,

      Thank you for your kind words!

      Based on the information you’ve shared, I would recommend the mattresses you listed in the following order; Leesa, Purple, and T&N. Leesa and Purple run a tight race, but at 120 pounds I’m, afraid you will not find the Purple as comfortable as the Leesa. For lighter sleepers the Purple has more of a floating feeling and slightly more firmness. Therefore, I believe the Leesa is the more appropriate option for the two of you.

    • I am looking for a twin size mattress that will put me in lala land for good Could I pay cash on delivery?

  34. Wow. I was about to order a T&N, but after reading this I’m not so sure anymore. We bought a king mattress about a year ago, and since then I’ve started waking up with excruciating lower back pain. I’m a side sleeper, and occasionally sleep on my stomach. I’m 6’0 160# and my wife is 5`2 120# (side sleeper).
    I’m hoping to upgrade to something that won’t break the bank, that I will actually be able to sleep on without waking up in a crazy amount of pain. Sometimes I even wake up with shoulder pain from our crappy 1yr old “Beautyrest” mattress from a local big-name store. Any suggestion would be incredibly helpful

    • I’d be more than happy to help, Trey.

      Based on the information you’ve shared, I would recommend taking a look at the Leesa, Helix, and Brooklyn Bedding mattresses. Each of these is under $1,000 for a King and provides a great deal of support and comfort. I believe you would be happy with any one of these mattresses.

    • My husband and I went with some friends to LA for the wknd… we rented a fabulous house with even more fabulous beds… I slept amazingly well! Before leaving I of course had to peek under the sheets… Somnium-Firm. WOW!!! I honestly am so excited to do some research and hopefully buy one in the near future. AMAZING!!!

  35. Great site! You have some great information here!

    Had a question, since I can’t seem to find a mattress to solve my problem.

    I am a stomach sleeper and weigh about 180 lbs. The problem I have is when sleeping on my stomach, I tend to put my arm under the pillow and it cuts off my circulation. This seems to happen at least once or twice a night. I’ll wake up and have to shake my arm to get the circulation back.

    Based on the purple mattress “egg test” it seems like they would cradle my arm more. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks for any advice you can provide!

    • I’d say it’s a possibility, but it’s still likely going to create similar issues on your stomach. I am hoping to get a Purple pillow within the next couple of weeks so I can test and review it.

      Unfortunately, there aren’t any great solutions for stomach sleepers who sleep with an arm under their pillow on the market right now (at least none that I’m aware of). I’ve seen this concept – http://amzn.to/2jnn8pP – which is intriguing, but really seems to be very hit or miss for sleepers.

    • I am not familiar with the Somnium mattress. That said, I will certainly take a look at it and consider adding it to my review queue. Sorry I don’t have a better answer right now :(

  36. Let me make one other comment about T&N.

    I’m sitting here with a Tuft and Needle mattress and it’s hurt my back so much that for 3 weeks I’ve been thinking who I could actually in sound mind donate this to and feel okay about it. Honestly, I wouldn’t give it away to a friend or family member because I don’t know if what it did to my back is going to be easily resolved. I’m guessing I’ll do the salvation army thing and yes I realize some people will probably not end up in pain sleeping on it. Mine was purchased around October 2016.

  37. I purchase a T&N mattress about 4 months ago after having a Simmons Beautyrest for 8 years. I immediately didn’t get the hype once I layed on the T&N mattress (firm and basic) but kept it for a few months to give it a shot.

    After around 2 months, I started waking up with excruciating back pain. I’m early 30’s and 180 lbs and have never once had back pain in the morning, so this started to scare me. I should have immediately took away the mattress but I tried it for a few more days and I would wake up scared to move for how much pain I was in – didn’t matter if I slept on my side or back. My girlfriend who also has never had any back pain, starting having the same problems so I chucked it and went back to my old mattress (luckily I kept it) and back pain was gone.

    I researched ally the mattresses on sltd and decided on the Helix mattress next. While it’s a better mattress in my opinion, I’m still waking up with 20-30% of the pain I had with T&N. I don’t know if that mattress really messed up my back or what mattress is going to work for me. My setting on Helix were SOFT TO MEDIUM SOFT (2of4), STRONG SUPPORT(3of4), VERY HIGH ELASTICITY (4of4).

    From what I read about back pain for side sleepers, it said I needed a soft-medium soft bed but my original mattress is more firm probably than both of these.

    Could you please recommend a mattress that might be a real fit?

    • Hi Jay,

      I’m sorry to hear about your troubles with the T&N and Helix mattresses. That said, I do believe there are other options out there for you.

      Based on the information you’ve shared, I agree, I believe something a bit softer, but with really good support is what you need. I would recommend you take a look at the Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid (medium version) and the Loom & Leaf (medium version). Both of these have a medium feel, but excellent support.

      Additionally, with respect to the Alexander Hybrid, it uses support pocketed coils, which will be a bit closer to your old Beautyrest mattress…having something that shares some of those qualities of your original mattress, but with a little more pressure relief and softness should help to create the right firmness and comfort dynamic you’re looking for.

      Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. Thanks!

  38. I have been looking for a new mattress to replace my Serta which is worn out. I read your reviews and looked at the videos. Today I heard a doctor stating that foam in mattress has additives and chemicals for fire blockers, and pcb’s which can cause cancer, autism and health issues. He stated that the chemicals filtrate into your bedroom air, you sleeping on it causes it to absorb into your skin and can be a toxic situation. Have you addressed this issue? I wondered what you can say to a doctor’s statement. Thanks.

    • There are certainly mattresses on the market that have more chemicals in them than others.

      That said, over the course of the last 2.5 years I’ve tested over 100 mattresses and virtually every single one of them uses a silica based fire sock that melts in the event of a fire to smother flames. They do not use other chemicals as a fire barrier.

      PCB production was banned in the US in 1979, so I would be shocked if it’s still being used in mattresses produced in the US. I do not know of any mattress that uses PCB.

      Many mattresses in the US, and a good chunk of the ones I’ve tested, use CertiPUR-US certified foams, see here – http://certipur.us/ – this means no ozone depleters, no PBDEs / TDCPP / TCEP, no mercury / lead / other heavy metals, no formaldehyde, no phthalates regulated by the Consumer Safety Commission, and low VOCs.

      So to answer your question, do some mattresses still use dangerous chemicals? Yes. However, I do not believe it is as wide spread as this doctor alleges. It is both factually false and irresponsible for that doctor to categorically state that all foam mattresses use additives and FR chemicals.

  39. Wow! I feel like I fell down the rabbit hole! I’m trying not to panic but boy do I miss my Heavenly Bed from years ago. I’m learning to live with a brain illness that has made my bed the center of my universe…and by that I mean it is where I eat, sleep and spend my entire day (usually in a seated position where I communicate with the outside world and work on projects from my compute, which is on a special desk I made to work with my situation). I also sit on the edge of my bed quite a bit.

    I’ve been searching for a used bed since I only have $400 saved and I know that I need a King size..but I just haven’t been able to go through with any of the options I have come across. I also can’t go to a store to test them out. I am approx 200 lbs and 5’4″, so I’m not light by any means – but I shift from being on my back to on my side when I do get to sleep. I guess I’d say I’m a back sleeper if I had to pick. I’m trying to find a way to finance or raise the rest of the money for a new bed, but that being said, don’t even know what to wish for. I’d appreciate any advice considering my unique situation…the function and affordability issues make it a hard one.

    PS…I greatly appreciate your time and also wonder if you have any contests or giveaways planned for …well, now. LOL. I’m also interested in an recommendations you can give on ways to find savings for this. I just found out some of my pain issues are due to the crappy secondhand bed I was given as a gift. I’m in Southern California. Thanks a million!

    • Hi Melinda,

      First off, I’m sorry to hear about your illness :(

      That said, I do believe there are a number of beds out there that could work for you! Based on the information you’ve provided, I would recommend taking a look at the Nest Bedding Alexander hybrid and WinkBeds. Each of these offer financing plans that could make a huge difference with regards to paying for the mattress. Additionally, these two mattresses have some of the best support and edge support that I have tested to date. Therefore, I truly believe you would find either of these mattresses to be a great fit.

      PS – regarding the giveaways, I don’t have any immediately planned, but I’m sure there will be many to come this year. So stay tuned for those!

  40. Hi Sleepopolis,
    My wife and I are currently looking for a new mattress. I am 5’7″ 200# side sleeper and she is 5’7″ 120# side and back sleeper. We currently have a Sealy posturpedic that is at the end of its life. This was a good bed for the first 10 years however I think we need something a little firmer (we do not care for the sinking feeling). I have been drawn to the Casper and the T&N but still not sure if they will be firm enough. Again ours is OLD and maybe either of those mentioned would be light years ahead of what we have now.

    Thoughts or suggestions?

    • Hi Glen,

      My apologies for the slow reply to your comment! I’m sorry it took me so long. I’d be happy to help you find a great mattress though.

      Just a few more questions to ensure I am making the appropriate recommendation:

      What is your preferred firmness on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm (and as hard as the floor)?

      Do you have a preference between spring or foam mattresses?

      What positions do you primarily sleep in during the night?

      Do you have a price that you need to stay under?

      What size mattress are you looking for?

  41. Is it okay to order the Tuft and Needle and leave it in the box for roughly 10 days? I have a coupon to use on Amazon (expiring soon) and want to order the TN mattress, but do not want to open it until I move. Thanks!

    • You should be okay leaving it in the box for 10 days, but I would not push it much past that. The longer it sits, the harder it is for the foams to decompress.

      However, you still may want to double check directly with Tuft and Needle and their warranty. Each mattress company is a little different about how long they will allow you to leave in the box. However, most are fine for up to about 2 weeks.

  42. Hey, I just came across your site while looking up some reviews on Tuft & Needle. Thank you so much for your insight. Tuft and Needle caught my eye because it seems to be a great value. We are starting a small assisted living and I’m having a heck of time finding the right mattress. We are obviously cost conscious since we have to buy a number of beds. We want a mattress that will best please a variety of people, and we want something that will hold up for as long as possible. I am drawn to memory foam because of the comfort, but am a little hesitant due to denting. We don’t have specific weights or sleeping habits to go off of, so we are just looking for something that would work well with most people. Thank you again!

    • Hi Jennifer,

      So you’ve got lots of good options here.

      For the right sleeper memory foam can be excellent, however, it’s the type of material that you either love or hate in many cases. If you do end up going memory foam it’s hard to go wrong with Loom and Leaf, Novosbed, or the Alexander Signature. However, I’m not sure I would recommend making all of your beds memory foam. One nice thing about the Loom and Leaf Warranty is it’s 15 years, covers anything over 1″ sag, and offers a fair replacement guarantee.

      Hybrids are an excellent choice as a universal comfort type of a mattress. Many hotels utilize hybrid mattresses for this reason. The Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid is an excellent choice, and while not true hybrids, the Saatva and Winkbeds (coil on coil + pillow) are good universal choices for similar reasons.

      Lastly, you have other universal comfort foam mattresses. There are lots of these, but my favorite is certainly the Leesa. Has a balanced feel, great response, and a nice level of contour / sinkage without being too much of any of these things.

  43. Hi Sleepopolis,

    My wife & I are in the market for a new king sized mattress. We have been seeing all these ads on tv about Purple, Casper, Ghostbed, etc. I am 6’1, 220# and a side/belly sleeper. She is 5’8, 300+# and sleeps on her back or side. Our budget is around $1000. I was thinking either Purple or Ghostbed and then started comparing a bunch, including Helix, T&N, Caccoon, etc. What is your recommendation ?

  44. We are returning our Casper mattress which still smells horrible after two weeks. We must order something right away. Main concern is odor, feeling too hot, difficulty moving around, and toxins. What should we get?

    • What would you say is your preferred firmness on a 1-10 scale, where 10 is the most firm?

      How much do you weigh?

      What positions do you mostly sleep in?

      And lastly, do you have a budget you’re trying to stay under?

  45. Hi! Great page! My wife and I are currently looking for a mattress. We just buy whatever feels good for the ten minutes we lay on them in store. We have always bought semi firm spring mattresses in the $1000 range. I am 6’4 260 and she 5’7 120. I have SI joint dysfunction and chronic back pain. We were just gonna buy a T&N king and see what happens. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!

    • I would be happy to help provide you with a mattress recommendation. If you could please answer the following questions these will greatly help me to provide the best recommendation based on your preferences and needs:

      What is your preferred firmness on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm (and as hard as the floor)?

      What positions do you primarily sleep in during the night?

      How much do you weigh? (this is important for sinkage, especially as it relates to cooling)


  46. My husband and I just bought a Leesa mattress. I love everything about it but the smell. We unpacked it 4 days ago–late at night, just wanted to get to bed, so we didn’t let it air out (I honestly didn’t know that was a thing). It still smells so strong, I can smell it from down the hall. I’ll try taking the sheets off and setting it upright against the footboard tomorrow to see if the smell dissipates. My husband says he doesn’t notice the smell. But I’m pretty bothered by it; it’s on my clothes when I get up in the morning. Would Tuft & Needle be a better way to go? Or will I just have to get used to foam mattresses smelling?

    • Hi Rachael,

      I’m sorry to hear about the the odor coming from your Leesa mattress. That said, I believe if you allow it to air out without any linens on, it should dissipate fairly quickly.

      With respect to off-gassing, T&N has an even stronger smell, in my opinion. Most foam mattresses are going to have a smell, at least for the first few days. And if you’re extra sensitive that can make the first couple of weeks not so great. However, in the vast majority of cases the smell will dissipate to a level where it’s not noticeable.

  47. Hello,
    I am in the market of purchasing a new mattress. I am looking for a king mattress – I am 5’7 , 260lbs and my husband is 5’7 220lbs. I have read so many reviews and they all sound like wonderful mattresses with all having pros and cons. My husband has had 3 back surgeries on his L5 & S1 area, so I want to make sure we have proper support as well as keep cool. What mattress would you recommend the most! Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Lexi,

      I would be happy to help provide you with a mattress recommendation. If you could please answer the following questions these will greatly help me to provide the best recommendation based on your preferences and needs:

      What is your preferred firmness on a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm (and as hard as the floor)?

      Do you have a preference between spring or foam mattresses?

      What positions do you primarily sleep in during the night?

      Do you have a price that you need to stay under?

      What size mattress are you looking for?


  48. Hello,
    I was actually looking at the cocoon Sealy (soft) since I prefer a softer feel. What do you think about the cocoon? I keep reading mixed reviews about T and N- some are sayings its kinda soft and others are saying its too firm. My budget is around 600-650

    • Hi Mitch,

      Unfortunately, I have not yet tested / reviewed the Cocoon. That said, I am planning on doing so in the very near future, so stay tuned! I’ve got one shipping hopefully next week.

      I apologize for the inconvenience :(

  49. Any information would be greatly appreciated on the Zinus bed. It comes in both foam and foam hybrid with coils. I suffer from pressure points in my shoulders hips ribs and lower back. When I sleep on my side my arms fall asleep when I sleep on my back, I simply do not sleep. Sadly I regret I’m a stomach sleeper and have been for years. It’s the only way I fell asleep but unfortunately I have to put a pillow beneath my hips. What do you recommend? Could the Zinus bed be the one you referred to earlier as “new on the Market” and untested?

  50. Hi Sleepopolis. Thank you for all your reviews. I think I’ve watched all your videos. Haha! Anyhow, I want a mattress without memory foam. After two toppers, I’ve decided I don’t like the feeling. So I’m thinking of the Tuft & Needle, the Hyphen, or the Brooklyn Bedding medium. I weigh around 125-130 lbs and prefer something medium. However, there are complaints on all of them being too firm. In your opinion, which one of these is the softest? Thanks!

    • HI Marry,

      Based on your needs I would recommend the Brooklyn Bedding soft version for you. It’s going to be the softest of these 3 mattresses.

      I don’t think you’d like Hyphen, as even though it’s technically not memory foam it is still very similar. T&N is a possibility, but in my opinion their poly foam takes it a step too far…it’s just not as comfortable as BB and a number of other mattresses.

      I really think the soft BB will be a great fit for you.

      Please let me know if there are any other questions. Thanks!

  51. Hello! I love this review, thanks!
    I love my T&N. At first I thought it was a tad too firm but after a few weeks it either softened up or I got used to it. It was certainly better than my old mattress that sunk in the middle (FAIL!). I am 160 lbs lately and it didn’t bother me to lay on my side. Other firm mattresses would hurt my hips.
    So here’s my dilemma. My bedmate weights around 220 and he’s starting to get back pain from sinking in too deep. I could stand a firmer mattress but I’d like to find some way to make this work. Have you ever heard of a firm mattress topper that would keep him from sinking? What about a crazy idea.. flipping it upside down with the non-sleep-side up and maybe putting a soft topper on that?

    • Hi Kristin,

      They do make firm toppers, but they are pretty uncommon. Here’s one of the better ones I’m aware of – http://amzn.to/2erjn6D It’s a flippable topper, with a soft and a firm side.

      If the topper doesn’t work it might make sense for you to move to a Split King setup. That way you could keep your T&N and your husband could find something that’s better suited to his specific needs.

      One other option would be to try the Helix mattress, which allows each partner to customize their side of the mattress to get the extra firmness and feel they desires. Check it out – https://sleepopolis.com/helix

  52. I’m looking for a comparable bed to the TempurPedic Contour Elite Breeze. I want a firm and cooling mattress that will not sink in after a couple of minutes. I was initially looking at the Ghostbed but I’m afraid it may be a tad soft.

    I saw you recommend the Nest Alexander firm to someone else. Do you think it will fit me? What other mattresses do you think I should look into? Thanks.

    • Hi Han,

      I would recommend taking a look at the Loom & Leaf firm mattress as well as the Nest Alexander firm. I agree with your assessment of the Ghostbed, I think it’s going to be too soft.

      If you like the feel of the Contour Elite Breeze either the Loom and Leaf firm or Alexander Firm are your two best choices online.

  53. Hi! We actually prefer the old very firm Tuft and Needle, the new one (early 2016 model), has too much give and much too soft. Do you know any mattress company whose firmness level is on par with the former T&N formula? We’ve tried Helix’s firmest option and it was a no-go, not sure where to look from here.

    • Hi Mel,

      I would recommend the Nest Bedding Alexander Signature (firm) or the Loom and Leaf (firm), both of those are a good step up in terms of both T&N and Helix firmest option and should give you the firmness level you’re looking for.

  54. At checkout, a Proposition 65 appears [Contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer].

    I am wondering if all foam mattresses will have this warning and should I be concerned?

    Is it from their proprietary foam or the bottom layer foam that most mattresses also contain?

    • That’s a good question, Troy. I’m not entirely sure. Tuft and Needle uses pretty standard polyurethane foams. If that’s the case, just about every mattress would fail to pass California’s prop 65.

      T&N’s proprietary foam is still just a poly foam. However, they may have something else in that foam that they don’t publicly disclose. Without more info from T&N on what that material is that’s causing them to fail prop 65 it’s going to be a guess at best.

    • I slept on one that my wife recently bought last night it took me one night to figure out that it is a huge piece of crap that’s overpriced

      When they put it in the packaging and they can suck it flat all the way down to less than 1 inch with just vacuum how long is it going to support a person that weighs 200 pounds ?

      i’m going to be their worst critic

    • I’m sorry to hear about your trouble around this mattress. That said, there are many more out there that could be a much better fit.

      Just say the word and I’d be more than happy to get the ball rolling with a new mattress recommendation.

  55. My husband and I purchased a Tuft & Needle mattress about a month ago and absolutely love it !! I do have the extra topper on mine for extra softness. This mattress is extremely comfortable, well-made and not hot, YES!!

    We could not be more pleased with the quality, comfort, price and the awesome customer service we have received. Tuft and Needle even sent me a cool Tshirt and some awesome goodies for our dogs just to say thanks. (This totally blew me away!!).

    I actually go upstairs during the day to take a quick nap on my Tuft & Needle mattress whenever I can and I have started going to bed earlier because I can’t wait to enjoy the cozy comfort of my mattress.

    As my Dad used to say about the things he really loved, this mattress is “The Nuts!!”. Outstanding company, outstanding product. Buy one and know that “Tuft and Needle has your back!!”.

  56. We ate deciding between the purple, ghost need and T&N. We want a medium firmness. I am 5’11” 230lbs and a back and stomach sleeper. My wife is a side and back sleeper. I’ve been Lea towards the purple but am only slightly concerned my wife doesn’t weigh enough (140 lbs) to be comfortable on her side. What would you recommend?

    • While all of these are good choices, I would go ahead and narrow down the list to the Purple and GhostBed. The T&N is a fine mattress, but I do believe the other two options are much better performers overall.

      Now, between the Purple and GhostBed, you two really have to decide if you’re fans of the floating feeling the Purple is going to provide. At 140 pounds, your wife is going to small amounts of sinkage and more of a pronounced floating feel on top of the mattress. On the other hand, the GhostBed’s construction will allow both of you to sink in a bit more, contouring slightly to the curves of your body. However, the Ghostbed will also feel slightly firmer at a 6.5 on the firmness scale.

    • Hi! I’m looking for a mattress that doesn’t have latex anywhere in it, as I suffer from severe anaphylactic shock when exposed to latex. I was looking at the purple mattress and the tuft and needle. The purple is obviously going to be the pricier of the two, do you feel of the purple compares? Are there any other options that I’m missing that don’t use latex in their processing or fabrication? Thanks!

    • Hi J. Quigs,

      Thanks for your comment. In looking at Purple vs. Tuft and Needle, it’s not much of a contest. Purple beats T&N in every major functional area.

      Regarding your other question, yes, there are loads of other options that you should consider. All of the following do not use any latex:

      Leesa, Loom and Leaf, Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid, Saatva, Winkbeds, Novosbed, Hyphen, Bear, among others.

      See here for more – https://sleepopolis.com/mattress-reviews/

  57. My husband and I have been trying out our T and N mattress for about 3 weeks. Our initial opinion was that it was too firm. We’ve been use to a very cushy pillow top Stearns and Foster. I wrote back to T & N and told them we thought it was too firm and they immediate sent us a 2 ” topper of their comfort foam to try out on top. It also came with the zippered cover, same as the mattress. Still wasn’t soft enough…we both woke up achy. We then bought a Serta Memory foam cooling gel topper (3″ thick) and put that on top of the mattress and the 2″ topper. Tried that last nite and the newest topper seemed too mushy. Tonite will will reverse toppers and put the T & N topper on top of the 3″ one. (Are ya following all this?!) Not sure what to if this doesn’t work out. I’m growing weary of all of this and don’t want to keep ordering sight unseen. What do you think of Verlo mattresses? There is a store in our town here in Wisconsin. Thanks for listening!

    • Hi Kelly,

      I’m sorry to hear the T&N is not working out for you. Personally, I believe you are better off returning the T&N mattress since you are still within your trial period. No sense in trying to add accessories when you could actually look into getting a completely different mattress that’s better suited to your needs

      Unfortunately, I have not yet tested the Verlo mattress, therefore it is difficult for me to offer much insight.

      Based on your experience I’d would recommend you take a look at Brooklyn Bedding’s soft and the Helix mattress. I believe both of these will meet your needs better and get you the softer feel your’e seeking.

  58. hello,
    I’m looking for a King mattress. Me and my husband both prefer a firm mattress(not extremely firm which feels like sleeping on the floor). We are confused on which brand to select. Both of us are worried that we will end up buying a softer mattress. could you suggest us some brands. Also, do you think Purple will work for us?

    • Hi Shilpa,

      If you’re looking for something firmer I would say something in the 7-8 firmness range is going to be about right. That’ll still give you pressure relief, but will focus on excellent support and more of a floating firm feel.

      Regarding Purple, I do not think it will work for you. Purple is a medium 6’ish out of 10 firmness feel.

      Based on your needs I would recommend the following:

      Amerisleep Americana – https://sleepopolis.com/amerisleep (memory foam, thin cover, 7 out of 10 firmness)
      Helix – https://sleepopolis.com/helix (latex + polyfoam + microcoils, thin cover, customized firmness, can customize each side)
      Nest Bedding Alexander Signature (firm version) – https://sleepopolis.com/nest-bedding/alexander-mattress/ (memory foam, quilted traditional cover, 8 out of 10 firmness)

      Please let me know if there are any other questions I can help with! Thanks!

    • I have a HelixSleep custom King mattress, currently on night 30 of my 100 night trial. I’m mostly happy with Helix, but I wanted a
      Mattress that was very firm, and this one isn’t – I sometimes get bogged down in it and have to crawl out of the hole and find a “firmer” spot to sleep in. I’m thinking of ordering a Tuft & Needle but I’m worried it may also be too soft, especially since
      The Helix has pocketed coils and the Tuft does not

    • If you’re looking for a firmer feel I’m doubtful that you’d find the Tuft and Needle a good fit. It comes in closer to a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. I would describe mattresses in the 7-8 firmness range has have a “slightly firm” to “firm” feel, so it really just depends on exactly how firm you’re looking for.

      When you were customizing your Helix what did you indicate as your ideal firmness?

  59. Currently have a 9 year old novaform gel which is perfect but wanted to upgrade to a king size. So far we’re 0 for 2. Got a brentwood home 13 gel hd which felt great to me. Softer than the novaform but very comfortable. After a few nights started getting lower back pains. I’m a back sleeper (5’10” 170lbs). My wife (5’2″ 110lbs) is a side sleeper and had trouble even falling asleep on it. We both agreed it was too soft. Now we’re trying the tuft and needle. Feels too firm and both have back pains after just a few hours. Odd thing is when I push my hand down it feels soft. It may just be we’re sinking through the thin comfort foam and hitting the base layer. Thinking of trying the Leesa next unless you have a different recommendation. Thanks for any advice you can provide.

    • Hi Neil,

      Regarding the T&N, you are exactly correct. It’s soft to the touch, but the problem is there’s only 3″ of that soft foam material on top. Most sleepers sink down through that to the abrupt poly foam base.

      But onto your question. Thanks for all of this feedback, this is very helpful. Based on your needs I feel like you’d really love the Novosbed in the medium or the Loom & Leaf Relaxed Firm. The Novosbed uses materials similar to your Novosbed, so I think I’d recommend you try that one first. L&L also uses higher density memory foams, but with a traditional quilted cover.

      Novsobed – https://sleepopolis.com/novosbed/
      Loom and Leaf – https://sleepopolis.com/loom-and-leaf/

      Please let me know if there are any other questions I can help with. Thanks!

    • hello Sleepopolis,
      Thank you for the reply. I’m looking into all the mattresses you have suggested. Do you know any mattress company that uses a spring instead of memory foam. The reason for us to prefer spring mattress is, we have heard that, with usage memory foam mattresses tend to sink, I’m not sure if it is true. Thanks again.

  60. I’ve been reading through every review and comment regarding the “on-line” mattress options. I had no idea there are so many out there. That being said, my wife has a very bad back. She had her lower back fused 13 years ago and is going to have another back surgery in a few weeks. She prefers a firm mattes and expressed wanting to look at the newer temper pedicab with adjustable frame. She is unaware of all the options and I want to give her some educated suggestions so she can choose the best thing for the best price. What would you recomend considering these criteria?

    • Hi Michael,

      So first up, I need to say that I’m not a doctor and I cannot give medical advice. I would strongly encourage you to speak to your doctor and get their recommendation on a mattress. If the doctor provides brands or mattress types that would do better I can help find those for you.

      Now, in just looking for a firmer feel similar to Tempur-pedic’s line there are actually several really good options.

      The Novosbed in the firm is perhaps the closest to any Tempur-pedic Contour mattress I’ve tested. It uses high density foam and is just a really solid value for the money. See here – https://sleepopolis.com/mattress-reviews/novosbed-mattress-review/

      Loom and Leaf’s Firm is also a great choice. A little different as it uses a traditional quilted top layer, but still high density memory foam. https://sleepopolis.com/mattress-reviews/loom-and-leaf-mattress-review/

      Lastly, Nest Bedding’s Alexander Signature Select in the Firm version – https://sleepopolis.com/mattress-reviews/nest-alexander-mattress-review/ Similar to the Loom and Leaf, but a touch softer.

      Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you. Thanks!

  61. Can you recommend one that isn’t firm? I don’t have all the issues everyone else seems to have – about being terrified they will roast to death or whatever about being “cool”. I use a cotton mattress pad and nice sheets and think that is an odd compaint. I also don’t buy into the idea that sleeping on a board-like surface is somehow better for you, and studies have shown that isn’t actually true. The reality is that it completely depends on what any given individual likes. But because of the terror of bursting into flames, or whatever, and the notion that harder makes you better or aligns your spine or whatever it is people think, it seems like very mattress has gone bonkers with super hard products that relentless promise it will be like sleeping on ice, or whatever.

    I would like a decent, not insanely over-priced memory foam mattress that is soft and comfortable and not hyped to death about how I will be a cool cucumber.

    • Hi Blake,

      I would love to provide you with a mattress recommendation. That said, I do need to obtain a little more information from you before doing so. If possible, would you mind emailing me here sleepopolis.com/contact/ so we can get the ball rolling?


  62. Hi I purchased 3in 5lb density MF with a 6 in poly core and it was the best matt I ever had. After that I bought a latex base with supposedly 4in MF top and it was junk not dense at all. I like a firm plush feel. I am baffled at the choices, I was looking at the cacoon? Do you have any suggestions. Like I say looking for plush firm real dense firm. I was not bothered by heat from either, looking for the real deal dense MF or equiv not the 15 layers of space age gimmicks

    Thanks in advance

  63. Hello,

    Me again, I’ve convinced my fiancé after trying a couple of memory foam beds and he loves the feeling of them. We like a little firmer and something that will keep us cool. Once again keep in mind we are on the bigger side. We liked the Serta gel memory foam bed. Do you have an opinion on that bed or do you have any beds that are comparable? I’m leaning towards ghost bed, purple, or loom and leaf! Sorry for coming back, it’s hard to make a decision since we can’t feel them until they are in our home. And my fiancé is really skeptical on online ordering something you haven’t tried.

    Thank you again!

    • Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for the additional information. I would say your best choices are going to be the Ghostbed or Amerisleep Revere. While I really like L&L and Purple, I don’t think they are right for you. Purple just doesn’t have a memory foam feel, so if that’s the feel you’re looking for, avoid Purple. Loom and Leaf is a possibility, but the Relaxed Firm is probably going to be too soft for you. The Loom and Leaf firm is pretty firm though, closer to an 8.5 out of 10, where 10 is the most firm. Ghostbed and the Amerisleep Revere a Luxury Firms, 6.5 out of 10.

  64. The tuft and needle is too soft… When my partner and I sleep side by side the bed sinks in. Sometimes in the night when I move to my back I feel as if my butt is touching the bottom of the mattress…

    I’ve read so many reviews that t&n is too firm. Do you have any suggestions on a mattress that may work for us?

    • I’m sorry to hear the T&N mattress did not work out for the two of you.

      Based on your experience with that mattress, I would recommend taking a look at the Loom & Leaf (firm), Brooklyn Bedding (firm), and the Helix mattress. Each of these could serve as a more appropriate option for you and your partner.

  65. Hi!
    So my fiancé and I are in the market for a new king bed. I had a tempur-pedic that I loved but made me ungodly HOT. For the past 3 years we’ve been using a Serta pillow top and I hate it. I’ve never had back problems but with this one my whole body just aches. My fiancé likes the more firm mattresses and I like the foam. We went and tried mattresses and both liked the iComfort Hybrid Applause II Firm. I’m still trying to convince him to maybe try a foam one but he hates the $$$$ of those. Do you have any suggestions for a compromise for the both of us? I sleep in all positions and he is a side and back sleeper. We’re both about 170+ and get extremely hot at night. I just want the back and neck aches to go away it’s making sleeping impossible. And my fiancé has bad lower back issues. Please help.

    I’ve been reading your reviews on Purple, Ghost bed, Brooklyn Bedding, Loom and Leaf, Leesa, and Nest Hybrid.

    Thank you!

    • Thanks for the background info. There’s a couple of different options I like for you.

      1) Voila – Hybrid design, available in soft, medium, or firm (so you could go split King and get 1 medium and 1 firm, so you both get what you want, but still have the same height / look) – https://sleepopolis.com/voila-mattress/

      2) Nest Hybrid Latex – Hybrid design, available in a split internal firmness, so you can get 1 half medium and 1 half firm (need to be King size to get the split) – https://sleepopolis.com/nest-hybrid-latex/

      Both have these have a similar design / feel to the iComfort Hybrid Applause.

      Please let me know if there’s any other questions I can help with. Thanks!

  66. I am a mcroskey mattress person of 16 years but can’t afford one now. Their new natural bed is amazing but too much $$$.

    I just laid on the new tuft and needle and I actually liked it. I liked that I didn’t feel like a memory foam bed. I want something that feels Mcroskey-cloud- like but supportive. what is most similar to tuft and needle or is there something better than tuft and needle? I liked that I was able to go to the showroom in San Francisco and try out the T&N. I’m not crazy about ordering a bunch of mattresses and then having to return them. I would love your input.

    • eLuxurySupply and Nest Bedding’s Love Bed both have a feel that’s quite similar to the Tuft and Needle. T&N isn’t a bad bed, but I do prefer eLuxury and Nest over T&N.

      Nest Bedding has a store in San Fran as well, might be worth going to try those and see what you think before pulling the trigger.

  67. I don’t understand…you gave T&N a bad review before, then took it back with this article citing they started to improve their standards based on customer demands, but these recent responses of yours point towards you still not supporting them (I’m a little dissappointed that T&N hasn’t made more of an effort to keep pace with the innovations”), being “comparatively weaker” and “gradually declining.” I’m not trying to rag on you, but I was about to buy a T&N mattress and now I’m a little confused. Do you think they’re better now or worse?

    • I apologize for the confusion. This article here (the 4 Reasons to Forget what you know about Tuft and Needle) was one of the first posts I did about Tuft and Needle shortly after testing their mattress for the first time. Originally, I really liked the T&N, but as more competitors have entered the online mattress industry my opinion of them has gradually declined.

      Originally T&N was quite firm, which I think worked better with the types of materials they are using. However, it is now a medium feel, which is problematic because with only 3″ of comfort materials and a density of only 2.9 PCF in that top layer it’s just not enough to adequately support most sleepers, in my opinion. Even at 140 pounds I felt unsupported.

      I’ve tested 4 different Tuft and Needle mattresses over the last 2 years and they have gotten gradually softer with each iteration (first was an 8 out of 10, then a 7.5, then a 7, and now a 6-6.5). Over the last 2 years T&N has changed the feel, firmness, and design quite a bit.

      Please let me know if there are any other questions I can clear up.


    • Hi Kimmy,

      Unfortunately, I am unfamiliar with that mattress, so I cannot offer much of an informed opinion. Sorry :(

  68. Sigh, I feel like Goldilocks, Sleepopolis! The Loom & Leaf is too firm as well. Saatva really encouraged me to give some more time to break in, but I’m really having trouble sleeping through the night due to shoulder pain. They convinced me to give it at least another week, but if I wake up at 4 AM one more night in pain, that thing is going back.

    I do really appreciate their company and customer service though and my next attempt is going to be the Saatva Plush Soft. I was sleeping okay on my innerspring before I got the T&N, it was just old and needed replaced. Maybe the Plush Soft will be the solution!

    • I’m sorry to hear about your experience on the Tuft & Needle. That said, I do believe you would be much happier with the Saatva plush soft model. This mattress will help relieve those pressure points and provide you with a much higher level of support overall.

    • Good news, Sleepopolis! Goldilocks is satisfied at last. Saatva convinced me to give it two more weeks, and they were right! It relaxed and I am SUPER pleased with my choice now. Thanks so much for the info you provide, it was really helpful in choosing my purchase.

    • That’s wonderful news! Thank you so much for sharing :) So glad to hear it turned the corner in the last two weeks and made all the difference.

  69. Hey Sleepopolis! I purchased a brand new Tuft & Needle mattress and after nearly two weeks, I feel that it doesn’t provide enough support for my lower back. I’ve been waking up with aches and pains this entire week, and it appears that the mattress is likely the problem. I’m thinking of returning it and purchasing a mattress like Saatva’s firm model, but I wanted to ask what you would recommend for someone who would like something firmer than the T&N. Thanks!

    • Hi Holly,

      I’m sorry to hear the Tuft & Needle is not working out. That said, I do believe there are better options out there for you.

      Saatva’s firm mattress could definitely be a good fit. I would also suggest looking into the firm Brooklyn Bedding mattress as well as the Helix. This gives you a variety of options and materials to choose from, all of which will have the type of feel you’re after.

  70. I’m ready to purchase a new mattress and initially thought T&N was way to go, now considering Yogabed, Leesa, and GhostBed. I definitely prefer a cooler sleep and to “sleep on” – not “in” a mattress. Given recent changes to T&N is it still a contender? Would you recommend any of these options over the others given my preferences?

    • Based on the information you have shared, I would recommend the Leesa mattress. The others are not bad mattresses by any means, but the Leesa will allow you to sleep more on top of the foams versus enveloped by them.

  71. Any chance you know anything about the purple mattress? I think I am down to the ghost bed or purple. I just wanted any suggestions or experiences with the purple mattress. Thanks in advance.

    • That 4.1 out of 5 is my updated rating for the T&N based on my most recent test from a couple of months ago. Over the course of the last 2 years their rating has declined gradually, partly due to the waning support (resulting from softening of the mattress, but not maintaining the support) and partly due to my increased experience and exposure with a broader selection of mattresses, making the T&N comparatively weaker.

      When I first tested the T&N it was higher rated because there was really only 1 other competitor on the market. Now, there are many mattresses who are making better mattresses for an equivalent or smaller price point.

      I’m a little dissappointed that T&N hasn’t made more of an effort to keep pace with the innovations that many of their competitors are rolling out.

  72. HI purchased my T&M back in December 2015 (not sure if this is the old/new model y’all are referring to up there) and it’s just way too firm for me as a side sleeper, even with a topper. I’m finally getting grumpy enough to look for an alternative and I was wondering how you would compare the Leaf & Loom softer model to the T&N model. Is it about the same firmness? If so, do you have another suggestion (other than TempurPedic, just too darn expensive) that might be softer without being too, too hot? Thanks!

    • Hi Catherine,

      I’m sorry to hear the T&N is not working out for you. That said, you’re on the right track with the L&L. This mattress is actually going to feel a good bit softer than the T&N. Additionally, it has much better pressure relief, support, and overall comfort, in my opinion. The L&L is more of a luxurious mattress and could be a very good fit. They also use cooling gel in their mattress, therefore you can expect a cooler sleeping surface in general.

      Regarding the firmness. Tuft and Needle has changed the feel and firmness of their mattress a number of times in the last 2 years. The older T&N mattresses are quite firm, in the 7-8 firmness range, this is probably what you have. The newer T&N is more of a medium, but lacks support.

      Overall, L&L is just a much higher performance mattress than T&N, in my opinion. Based on your needs, desires, and experience with T&N it sounds like the Loom & Leaf would be a great choice for you.

      Please let me know if there’s any other questions I can help with. Thanks!

  73. Tuft & Needle makes a big deal about how cooling their mattresses are. However, I live in a cold climate where it often gets well before zero on winter nights. Do buyers from cold climates like that the mattresses feel cooler?

    • It depends. I wouldn’t say the mattress is going to make you feel any cooler than the temperature of your room. In other words, when the online mattress companies talk about the cooling features of their mattress they are trying to explain that the mattress does not sleep warm or cause night sweats. I have not heard of too many experiences where sleepers have actually felt cold due to the cooling properties a mattress possesses.

  74. Just make sure you get everything sorted yourself, their staff is the most useless bunch I’ve dealt with. Prior to buying a mattress, I messaged them asking if they offered old mattress disposal service, the Live Chat rep said they did in my area. Great! So I placed an order. Upon the mattress being shipped, I found out that there is NO removal service. I then notified them of my surprise and dissatisfaction – they offered to schedule a mattress removal service as an apology for the confusion. I guess I was mistaken, just a small error. Forward a few days and the removal crew shows up, and the work order was for a Tuft and Needle Mattress, NOT my old one. I had to pay out of pocket to get the mattress removed as I won’t have enough space for two mattresses(it is a Cal. King). Tuft and Needle’s support response generally has a 24 – 48 turn around response time also, so don’t expect any immediate assistance either.
    Great product, horrible customer service/ inadequate support. Buy from them if you don’t plan on ever reaching out to them with anything. Should have gone with a Casper – a bit more, but their support was very honest and quick to respond.

    • Hi Kai

      I’m sorry to hear about your experience with Tuft & Needle. It’s shocking to me that they handled the situation in this manner. That said, I hope you’re happy with your new mattress overall. In the end, the most key to better sleep is finding the right mattress for you.

      Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help, thanks!

  75. Looking for some help here. I have tried some all foam mattresses and didn’t find them all that comfortable. Definitely more comfortable on hybrids. I also tend to sleep hot. I really liked the tempur-flex supreme breeze, but not the price ;) Looking for advice on the alternatives without the hassle of potentially going through multiple mattresses… thoughts?

  76. My wife and I loved the tempur pedic flex supreme breeze in medium firm and the sterns and foster Almandine in Medium Firm pillow top. We are both over 200lbs.
    Recommendations on a mail order memory foam?

    • The Voila in the medium firmness is very similar to the Tempur-pedic Flex Supreme.

      The Saatva, Winkbed, and Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid are all very similar to the S&F Almandine mattress.

      I think you’d do well with any of these 4 mattresses.

      Please let me know if there are any other questions I can help with. Thanks!

  77. Hey Brian! We’ve had the older version of T&N, and prefer the firmness that it provided, we didn’t realize T&N changed their formula recently and ordered one and it’s just too soft for us, do you have any recommendations for mattresses that would match the level of firmness of the old T&N mattresses?

    • Hi Mel,

      The Endy is a mattress that closely resembles the firmness of the old T&N. For sleepers under 200 pounds, the Endy will feel like a 7-7.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale (10 being the most firm). As sleepers get over that 200 pound mark the mattress will feel a good bit softer. Therefore, this mattress could be a good fit, pending your body weights. If you feel as if it just isn’t the right one, the Helix mattress is your best choice in getting a feel closer to the old T&N.

  78. Hi, Certainly reading all the feedback, it is a challenge to select just one mattress. Sounds like i might need to try a few options. I been considering T&N and Ghostbed. My wife and I are side sleepers, and it seems that these two are the better options. Do you recommend other mattresses for side sleepers?

    During my search found another company, Ameena (ameenamattress.com). How is this brand when compared to your current top choices?


    • Hi Paul,

      Between the T&N and GhostBed I would suggest going with the GhostBed. The comfort layers and overall support of this mattress tend to perform higher than the T&N. Additionally, I have not had any experience with the Ameena mattress so I cannot offer much of an opinion on this company. Without trying it, I cannot say whether or not the mattress offers the level of comfort and support that the Ghostbed and other mattresses on Sleepopolis do. Therefore, I would have to stick with my recommendation of giving the Ghostbed a shot.

  79. I am in the market for a new mattress. I bought tuft and needle and have found it to be way too firm. They did send me a Topper and refunded me $100 so that I could try different toppers. I love the company but I’m just not comfortable.

    Went to a furniture store, and placed an order for Sealy Posturepedic Optimum Radiance gold but that is a lot of money and I am going to cancel the order after I found this site.

    I really liked how the optimum gold felt. I waver between the firm in the medium. I am willing to try leesa or Loom and leaf but have not been too impressed with their customer service as I have been investigating.

    Wondering what your thoughts are? What would be your recommendation comma should I just go ahead and buy the Sealy or give leesa a try?

    • Hi Laura,

      I would most definitely recommend giving the Leesa mattress a shot before spending a large amount of money on the Sealy. I do believe you will find the Leesa to be softer than the Tuft & Needle mattress. All in all, I’m a firm believer in the online industry over the bigger store name brands. Just like you saw from Tuft & Needle, these companies want to do everything they can to make the mattress work for you. On the other hand, these store name brands will sell you the mattress and often times that’s the last time you will hear from them. So for now, I would say give the Leesa a shot and if you are still unhappy, we can look into some other mattresses or you could move forward with your Sealy purchase.

      Worst case scenario…you buy Leesa, don’t like it, get a refund, and then try the Sealy. If you start with the Sealy and don’t like it it’s much harder to get a refund / exchange. I’d start with Leesa and go from there.

  80. So I wanted to say; either it’s Friday and I am drunk or all your links and your blog are off T&N is still the cheapest as I can see, I have a super firm Temperpedic with their base that acts like a damn hospital bed and it’s wireless love my bed, but am looking for something for my 17 year old son. So I landed here researching I hear on the radio about TN all day; and wanted to see the truth but since I do live in Phoenix and thier showroom is here I’ll prob. Just take my son down there. Your blog days $82 cheaper for example and it’s a couple hundred off!

    • Hi Brian,

      I apologize for the confusion surrounding Tuft & Needle and other company’s pricing. Just to clarify, Tuft & Needle is more expensive than some other companies due to the coupons / promo codes these other companies offer. For example, eLuxurySupply’s Queen size mattress costs $518 after the 15% discount code. This is where the $82 difference comes into play. With that said, if Tuft & Needle is the best mattress for you, by all means I say go for it.

    • No, unfortunately they do not. Very few online mattress companies do this. Saatva and Loom & Leaf are the only ones that do as far as I’m aware.

  81. I am very sensitive to smells and therefore have been steering clear of memory foam. Would you say that the T&N and the Purple have little to no odor? I also don’t like too much of a hug, as it feels hot. Thank you.

    • No, I would not say that. T&N has a strong odor. Purple has less of an odor than T&N, but it still has a smell for the first several days (by about a week it’s gone). T&N takes a little bit longer, few weeks for mine to stop smelling.

  82. My hubby and I are trying all 3, the Casper, T&N and Leesa. We are on the heavier side and we started out with the T&N in the last month. It is firm and there is not much hugging imo. The edge of the mattress seems flimsy. The T&N still needs some improving imo and they need to soften it a bit more. I have neck and back issues with it, I work out quite a bit and don’t seem to get the relieving type of sleep. Hubby sleeps better on the T&N vs the Casper. The Casper is a bit softer but like soft on top and then firm on the bottom but no in between if that makes sense. The edge is better and not as flimsy on the Casper. We lasted 3 days on the Casper as too many neck and back issues with that one. The Leesa is on the way and I am hoping that one is a bit better than the other 2. We still have the other 2 mattresses at home and we called Casper to try and set up a return but they said we need to try it out for another week. We are just waiting for the week to be done and then will call them back to return.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your experiences with the T&N and Casper mattresses. With that said, I do believe the Leesa will be a great fit for the two of you. The edges are stronger and the balance between support and comfort is much more enjoyable. Keep me updated on how the Leesa works out, as I am excited to hear the comparison.

  83. Sleepopolis – If I purchase a King mattress from Leesa, do I still need the two box springs that I now have under my mattress? And, does Leesa sell them?

    • You don’t necessarily need a boxspring, but you will want some type of foundation. Be it a boxspring, platform, slats, or adjustable base.

      Unfortunate, Leesa does not yet sell boxspring (nor will they ever, I imagine).

      Check out my bed frame / foundation reviews here: https://sleepopolis.com/bed-reviews/

  84. Hi Sleepopolis,

    Thanks for all the great reviews. I was wondering if you saw consumer report’s recent mattress reviews. They rated the Novaform 14″ Serafina Pearl Gel (Costco) higher than the Leesa mattress. Their claim was that the leesa only had “ok” support and the novaform support was “very good.”

    The prices for both beds are abou the same. Have you had a chance to try the novaform?


    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your email.

      I did see that on Consumer Reports. I suppose I should be more shocked, but I’m not. Overall, I’m a big fan of CR. I think in many industries they do a great job of testing and creating good recommendations. However, I disagree with many of their mattress recommendations and scoring system.

      For example, they rate Tuft & Needle and Casper at a 64 and Leesa at a 65. That just makes zero sense to me. The notion that the margin between those mattresses is only a single point is embarrassing for CR in my opinion. Lastly, Tempur-pedic’s Cloud Supreme at a 32?! That’s just absurd. Believe me, I’m not a fan of Tempur-pedic. They are unnecessarily expensive and offer almost nothing in terms of transparency, but the idea the they are scoring 50% of what these others score is just crazy. It really invalidates their entire scoring and rating system in my opinion.

      All that said, I have not tried the newest Novaform. I’ve done lie tests on several other models and found them to be okay. They feel like pretty standard memory foam mattresses to me. It’s one that I”m going to try and get later this summer for testing.

      Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you.

  85. Sleepopolis,
    Would you mind reccomending mattresses to look at for my wife and I. WE liked these mattressesss from the local furnature store.
    TEMPUR-Cloud: Luxe and Luxe Breeze models
    Serta iComfort: Savant® III Plush and Prodigy® III

    What are your thoughts on adjustable bases? We seemed to like the slight incline on head and feet option at the store.

    I am not sure I will be comfortable paying 500-1500 dollars for something I don’t get to test out before hand. Who has the best return process in your opinion.

    • Hi Chris,

      Sure thing. The mattress comparable to the Luxe and Luxe Supreme are the Novosbed – https://sleepopolis.com/mattress-reviews/novosbed-mattress-review/ – and Loom & Leaf – https://sleepopolis.com/mattress-reviews/loom-and-leaf-mattress-review/. These two mattresses have very similar feels to the Tempurpedics and contain high quality materials.

      With regards to the adjustable bases, I recommend them if they help you sleep or if they are medically recommended. If you are hesitant to spend the money, I would say hold off for now (unless absolutely needed). There’s one company in particular that’s working on developing a new adjustable specifically for online shoppers. It’s going to be a very nice price once it launches. Wait for that one if you can.

  86. We have been on a select comfort for many years & it’s time for a new mattress. We both have back issues, sleep mainly on our backs & sides. After trying many different levels on the firmness, we are both at about a 30-35 on the select comfort. I assume this means we need to have a soft bed? What do you recommend?

    • Soft is probably going to be best for you. Probably something in the 3-4 out of 10 range on the firmness scale.

      I would recommend taking a look at the Alexander Signature in the soft, Helix, and Saatva in the soft. Those would all meet your criteria and firmness specifications.

      Please let me know if there are any other questions I can help with. Thanks!


  87. Why does the diagram show heat going DOWN in the mattress? Heat rises. Surely they are not claiming that their foam magically sucks heat down and defies the laws of nature?

  88. You mentioned Leesa is your personal favorite, but now that The Purple Mattress is on the market, I am wondering if Leesa is still your favorite.
    I have a Tempurpedic which is comfy yet too hot. Then purchased the Tuft and Needle which was too hard for me (caused pressure points) yet it was cooler. I am still on the hunt for a comfy mattress – to include both comfortable temperature and comfy feel. What would you recommend I try next? Would like to purchase soon :)

    • Leesa is still my #1 choice for the best overall value of any mattress I’ve tested and Leesa is still within my top tier performers list. Purple didn’t dethrone Leesa as the best value, but it has certainly joined Leesa as one of the very best performers. I’d also list the Nest Alexander Hybrid and Loom & Leaf on that list. With honorable mentions going to Saatva, Brooklyn Bedding, Ghostbed, & Helix.

  89. I am stuck and need your help – reading so many of yours and website reviews I’m hopelessly confused – but you seem to really know your stuff. I’m a side sleeper, suffer from neck and lower back pain – always wake up more tired than when I went to sleep. Hubby snores and is a back sleeper. I am 5’2, 135 pounds and husband 5’7″ 160 pounds, but in our old, old (did I say old?) mattress I still roll towards him. I need great suport, don’t want to feel like I’m being smothered, must stay cool!, but honestly can’t tell whether the Leesa would be too firm, the Next Alexander soft too soft, or medium too firm. And then there is the Leaf and Loam or Purple. HELP!!! I’m desperate

    • Sounds like what you need is a trip down to the mattress store. Go try a handful of different Tempur-pedic mattresses. Make note of the models and what you like / don’t like about them. If you can bring me this information I can make sure we align your feel / firmness preferences with an online mattress choice that’ll offer you a much better value than what you’d get in store.

  90. Interesting that Tuft & Needle only posts 5 star reviews but yet their customer satisfaction rate is 77%, they claim to save you money because other companies spend so much on advertising but they are on all the major radio stations, billboards and newspapers thus they have to be spending well over 30% on advertising. Since they are a new company, only 4 years old, how do they claim to have foam different from anyone else’s beds?

    • Valid points, David. All of them.

      When I first came across Tuft and Needle 18 months ago I was fairly impressed. They seemed unique and like they were really making a positive change. However, the more mattresses I test and the more I learn about Tuft & Needle the more I question the genuineness of their marketing, their message, and the quality of their product. I need to make some updates to this post soon, as many of opinions on T&N have changed.

      They definitely spend a lot of money on advertising. Even extending to their domain. Last year they bought TN.com for an estimated $1,000,000-$3,000,000.

      Their foam seems to be a similar story. While they are designing their own foam to a certain degree, it’s still a polyfoam. And an average density polyfoam at only 2.9 PCF at that. Compared to the their online competitors Tuft and Needle simply has a thinner comfort foam layer than many others on the market and that layer is also a lower density (less materials).

  91. How would you rate Leesa vs. Ghost Bed? Any other suggestions for lower back concerns? 6’1″/205 lbs. Wife 5’6″ and “a lot lighter”. King. Need support and enough conforming/cushion for partial side sleepers. A little sink is ok…lean towards more firm than less. Dislike a real “mushy” feel. Thaks.

    • Leesa ranks a little higher than GhostBed. There are 4″ of comfort foams offered in the Leesa while the GhostBed has 3.5″. Granted, this does not sounds like a major difference but there is indeed a notable difference in the feel. Nonetheless, both mattresses offer very good levels of comfort and support.

      Additionally, Leesa comes in at a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale (10 being the most firm) whereas GhostBed sits between a 6.5-7 out of 10. As you lie on the GhostBed, you will initially notice am slightly firmer feel. As more time passes, the mattress begins to soften up an lands closer to that 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. So with all of that said, it really boils down to your preference in firmness and the added comfort foams. Both are a great value and should suit you very well.

  92. I’m almost ready to pull the trigger on a Yogabed mattress and then I see this… Hmm. T&N is significantly cheaper than Yogabed, but I do really like the free pillows and the washable cover… But I also like that T&N has really developed their own unique foam, where Yogabed is just slapping a bunch of different foam together. Would you stand by your original comparison, or would you recommend T&N over Yogabed at this point?

    • Since I originally wrote this post my opinion on both the Yogabed & Tuft and Needle has changed. I wrote this a little over a year ago…since then I have I have tested ~50 different mattresses. While T&N and Yogabed are still above average choices, I do think there are significantly better options available now.

      Leesa, Brooklyn Bedding, and Ghostbed are 3 in a similar price range, but all of which offer dramatically better quality and performance in my opinion. I would highly recommend taking a look at those 3.

    • Thanks for responding. I don’t know what it is, but I’m not attracted to the Leesa. I think it just seems too similar to warrant an extra $100+ when I could be spending that cash on some killer sheets or pillows. Speaking of which.. I think I’m going to give up on the free pillows, as attractive as they seemed with Yogabed. Now I’m battling in my head between GhostBed and Brooklyn Bedding.. I like both, and I’m probably leaning a little more toward Brooklyn Bedding because it just looks and sounds more cozy. GhostBed sounds comfortable, and the price point is excellent, but I’m a little wary about bounce and the way it breaks in through the night. I’m not a fan of the “quicksand” feel. I enjoy your head-to-head videos although it’s probably a pain to move and store all these beds.. Any advice is appreciated!!

    • It really comes down to two distinct feels for BB and GhostBed.

      For Brooklyn Bedding you are getting 4″ of latex comfort layers. This creates more of a rounded shallow hug with a balanced level of sinkage. It’s response is faster than BB and it also has greater bounce. The firmness is 6 out of 10, where 10 is the most firm.

      For GhostBed you are getting 3.5″ of latex + memory foam. You get a slightly more pronounced hug. The response is slightly slower, though not to the point that you’re ever “stuck”. Bounce is similar, but slightly less. The most critical choice is simply the firmness. GB is a 6.5 out of 10, where 10 is the most firm.

      I would say your decision is really going to come down to that firmness. The other qualities are very similar. If you want a true medium, go BB. If you want slightly firmer, go GB.

  93. Joe Schmo, I’m with you – the T&N mattress we bought about a year ago was MUCH too firm. It seemed OK initially, but about 6 weeks in, my back started to hurt. We got a 3″ memory foam topper and that makes it workable, but I wouldn’t buy T&N again unless it was significantly softer.

  94. I had a great experience with this company. Very open, very responsive. But have to tell you, this mattress is brutally firm. It will hurt you. I was blown away, but not surprised, when the Salvation Army people told me they pick up 2-3 per DAY for donation. That is ONE truck. It is just much too firm. Maybe we got a bad batch or something, but I’m telling you there is no way all the positive reviews I’ve seen can be true based on my experience (and my wifes, she was on the couch in 3 days) and what I heard from the SA guys. And we prefer mattresses on the firm side. I’m not complaining about my experience with the company at all, just the product.

    • Hey Joe,

      Thanks for your feedback and experience with T&N. Your views mirror my own. Great company and very good customer service. But you really do need to like a firmer mattress. I know T&N has slowly softened their mattress over time…I have tested 2 different T&N (one that was built summer 2014 and a second that was built early 2015).

      When did you purchase your T&N?

    • Just went on the T&N website and realized they will refund customer’s money if they donate their unwanted mattress to the Salvation Army within the 100 day window.. so that explains the claim and eliminates my skepticism. Still on the fence about trying one out.. but still leaning in that direction.

  95. They all have a fairly different feel.

    T&N – most buoyant and firmness at a 6.5 out of 10

    Casper – softest of the 3, 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, most unique characteristic is the sinkage and hug feeling

    Leesa – most balanced of the 3, 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. I feel like this falls between the Casper & T&N in terms of sinkage, hug, and overall feel. It is my personal favorite.

  96. How do you now compare the new T&N, Casper & Leesa mattresses? We actually have the new Leesa (about a month) and my wife has complained about neck/shoulder pain a bit. I was going to look at the Casper but also now the T&N since it’s been redesigned. What are your comparison thoughts on these 3 since you’ve slept on all of them?

    • +1. I’ve found my Leesa to be firmer than my friend’s new T&N. Would you still say the new T&N is the firmest of the 3?

    • Hi Todd. At this time I have not had the opportunity to lie on the new T&N. Throughout the past 18 months Leesa has been known to be consistently softer than T&N, so it’s a bit of a surprise to hear that this has changed.

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