Wright Bedding American Cotton Sheet Set Giveaway!

Sick of mattress giveaways? No problem, we’ll upgrade your bedroom another way – with a sheet set giveaway from Wright Bedding!

We just reviewed these lovely percale sheets here at Sleepopolis – and let me tell you, the soft American cotton feel is absolutely fantastic. Scroll down and enter to win!
Wright Bedding Sheets Giveaway

Wright Bedding gets all the materials and manufactures the bedding here in the USA. That means going Wright is great for supporting local businesses, and results in some epic farm shots.

Wright Bedding Cotton
Wright Bedding Dan Hauber (right) in cotton field where Wright Bedding sheets cotton is sourced

The sheets are made in America (from American cotton), and are a great addition to any bedroom that loves that soft and crisp feeling when getting into bed (think high-end hotel feel).

Wright Bedding Giveaway
Make sure to check out our full Wright Bedding sheets written review after you’ve entered the giveaway. Good luck!

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177 thoughts on “Wright Bedding American Cotton Sheet Set Giveaway!”

  1. They look great. I would never want white. I like the slate or any other dark ones. The pillow cases should be sized to fit any pillow but since they aren’t I would use two of them going the opposite direction.

  2. I love that they are percale and soften after the first couple washes. It’s nice that the flat sheet can be tucked under the mattress with plenty of sheet to do that.

  3. I love percale sheets but the description of them getting softer over time does not match my perception of percale. I like sheets that stay crispy and don’t get soft. Soft sheets cling and I like my body to “breathe” and have space when I’m in bed. I do want to know more about the pillows now.

  4. The sheets look amazing. She makes them sound comfortable and scrumptious to sleep in. Thanks for the opportunity to win a set.

  5. As someone who is stuck in bed due to illness a lot of the time these would be absolutely heavenly!! I’ll have to put them on my Christmas wish list!

  6. I really like that the bedding sheets are 100% American Supima Cotton, the cotton is American grown, it is also American manufactured. A good quality sheet set

  7. Love the made in America schtick…however much of the cotton in America is GMO, and for what its worth, I would not want to sleep on Round Up Ready sheets.. are these made with Organic Cotton by chance?

  8. I like that the sheets are long enough to tuck in on the sides like the hotel sheets. I always have a problem with my sheets sliding because they’re not long enough. These look very comfortable and well made.

  9. Definitely something to brag about–the first sheets to be 100% American made. That’s fantastic. I love that they work for “hot sleepers” too. My husband and I both need that. These sound like the ideal sheets for us!

  10. What a great giveaway. Thanks for giving me the chance to win. They sound wonderful. Would love to try them and brag to my family and friends

  11. They look amazing ! There is nothing like a wonderful high quality snug fitting soft sheets on your bed to help you to get a good nights sleep!

  12. I have purchased expensive bed sheets with high thread count that have not lasted a year. I want sheets that are comfy and will hold up in the wash. No matter what the cost.

  13. They sound like high quality sheets and that makes them wonderful to me! You did a great review especially with the detailed video.

  14. I have never owned any yet, but from the videos and this post. I’d love to try them out! I have been on the hunt for new sets for our bedroom and guest bedroom.

  15. I REALLY like the fact that these sheets are 100% American made, designed & manufactured. I would much rather spend my money supporting Americans especially for such a great product!

  16. Beautiful cotton sheets! I love that it’s the small businesses who do the “Wright” thing in terms of sourcing and production.

  17. There is nothing better than crawling in bed right after you have just put new sheets on, but I have never had sheets of this quality so I’ll just have to imagine for now!!

  18. These are everything I love in my bedsheets! I’m so particular about my sheets and the fabric, very happy to see all of the best qualities. Would definitely love a set for the my new mattress!

  19. the sheet set looks amazing ! and so comfy it looks like it will last for a very long time .. and its made in America supporting our on business is amazing !

  20. I like that the cotton was from the good old USA. Outside of that, they look great and comforting. Thanks for giving back. Good Luck Everyone!!!!!

  21. I would have splendid relaxing dreams sleeping on this soft cotton fabric. Years ago my mom hung cotton sheets on the clothesline for sun drying. The freshness of that sunny breeze is true comfort.

  22. What a great review. I love that these are made in the USA, are so soft after washing and are cut generously! I am always struggling with the flat sheet because I am the one that ends up cold! lol

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