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Bear Pillow Giveaway

We’re keeping the good times rolling with another giveaway inspired by our recent deep-dive into the best pillows for side sleepers. We’ve got contests going for pillows from Nest Bedding, SpineAlign, and Pillow Guy and are ready to throw a pillow from BEAR into the mix!

Bear Pillow Giveaway

Built with a special phase change material that’s literally cool to the touch, the Bear pillow is an especially good option for side sleepers who tend to overheat in the night. Plus, it also comes with two breathable mesh panels on the sides, which helps to double down on its temperature regulating properties.

Bear Pillow Side Sleeper

We’ll be choosing three lucky winners for this giveaway, so enter now! And don’t forget to throw your hat into all our other exciting contests:

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123 thoughts on “Bear Pillow Giveaway”

  1. Would love to try this pillow for my daughter she’s pregnant with her first child and she needs a new pillow to get her comfortable..

  2. Thank you for the chance at a free pillow. This sounds like a pillow made for me…side sleeper and waking up feeling a bit too warm. Thanks for sharing information about it.

  3. I don’t know about a favorite pillow but I’m a side sleeper and they all look great I would love to try the bear pillow and mine are very old and need to be replaced very badly thank you for the great information and for the opportunity

  4. Oh gosh would I love this pillow. I’m always frustrated that my pillows never stay cool for very long and I have back issues so its SUPER hard to find a good sleeping position. I’ve tried many different types of pillows that cost me an arm and a leg and still didn’t have the results I wanted.

  5. This is very nice I’m hopeful I can’t use regular pillows, only airplane pillows due to neck issues it would be nice to see if I can use this one or not, thank you for the opportunity

  6. The Bear Pillow gets my all-time vote on my favorite side-sleeper pillow. I love the cooling component to it, as well as the firmness. I am a side sleeper and sleep hot – so this is perfect for my needs.

  7. Don’t know which side sleeper pillow, is my favorite, because I’ve never tried any of them. The Bear pillow looks pretty good.

  8. My dream pillow would be the Spine Align, definitely has my issues all over it! But I’d honestly like to try any of these great pillows, sick of buying tons of cheaper ones that just don’t seem to help at all.

  9. A cool pillow for a side sleeper sounds like the best match for me. I seriously need a new pillow, my current one is ready to retire.

    • I’ve been dealing with neck and back issues since my days in the military. I would definitely love to win this. It’s hard to find that “perfect” pillow.

  10. Would love to try the bear pillow. I sleep on my side and have neck and spine pain so I am always looking for a pillow that can provide some relief and keep me cool.

  11. I love the Latex for Less mattress. I’ve never experienced a bed with latex.

    Thanks to your blog, I’m trying to save up for a new mattress set. Mine is older than I care to admit and half chewed up, thanks to a bad puppy stage. I’m currently sleeping on my couch for to medical reasons, as it’s just more comfy than the bed! Awful, right? :(
    Who knows–maybe the mattress I go for will be latex?!

  12. My favorite pillow is the spine align because I suffer from severe neck pain and I always fall asleep on my side but wake up on my back so this pillow is perfect for me.

  13. The Avocado and the Allswell sound wonderful but so do the other hybrid latex ones. Your reviews are good with how you show the pressure points and how they hold heavier people or the motion transfer. I haven’t really seen it this informative on other sites.

  14. My favorite is the all-latex Zenhaven mattress from Saatva! It looks the most comfortable to me!! Great line of mattresses!

  15. What I love about this pillow is that it helps keep you cool when sleeping. I’m always hot when I sleep so I think this would be a big benefit for me! :)

  16. I can’t ever find a pillow I like. I’m always purchasing pillows. After just a few days the pillow isn’t comfy! Could this pillow be the one?


  18. My favorite latex mattress is the zenhaven. It’s suited for side sleepers, sleeps cool and can be flipped for two different firmness levels

  19. Thank you for this offer to win! I am a side sleeper and can’t get comfortable at night. Also I get so hot at night with menopause, I sure would like to have my head cool, as it seems, it is always hot enough for me to perspire.

    • First off thanks for the chance to win. I really need a new sleeping behaviour. I suffer from extremely bad back pain. I also have a small bed for my husband and I. I’m sleeping in a bad bed. I love this product and would love to have in my home so I can stop sleepless nights and get the rest I need every day!

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