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Pillow Guy Giveaway

We recently published our breakdown of the absolute best pillows for side sleepers and are celebrating with an entire week of giveaways. We’ve already announced contests from Nest Bedding and SpineAlign and are ready to add a third, this time from Pillow Guy!

Pillow Guy Giveaway

If you’re the kind of sleeper that likes to switch between your side and stomach through the night, the Pillow Guy pillow could be the one for you! Outfitted with a squishy blend of poly gel fiber, this bad boy conforms to the head with ease and provides some serious comfort no matter the position.

Pillow Guy Side Sleeper

We’ll be selecting three winners for this contest, but also encourage you to throw your name in for all of our other live giveaways:

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119 thoughts on “Pillow Guy Giveaway”

  1. My favorite latex mattress reviewed is the GhostBed mattress. It seems to be a perfect mixture of both latex and memory foams. I also like that the GhostBed “also takes advantage of latex’s cooling properties… defending against sleeping too hot – allowing air to flow through the mattress for temperature regulation and cooling.” I love to sleep cool and this this sturdy, yet soft mattress sounds perfect for me. :)

  2. I would love to win any of the pillows I am a side SLEEPER but I still would be grateful for any of them .THANK YOU FOR THE CHANGE .🐶👍🐶🎉🙏🙏

  3. i like the casper and zenhaven but in reality i love them all im a sidesleeper and not getting enuf sleep need these gl

  4. This pillow looks really comfortable! I’m a side sleeper and I like to cuddle a pillow while I sleep as well. This looks great for that too.

  5. It’s a tie between Casper and Xenhaven. I’m not picky. Just let me win. My waterbed has a leak and we haven’t the $$ to replace it. We can smoke in bed safely tho. 😳

  6. This Pillow Guy pillow, a down-alternative option that does wonders for sleepers who shift between their sides and stomachs through the night. So no matter home you move around in your sleep, it will be comfortable and restful. I would love to win it!

  7. In your comments above you mentioned “Which of the best latex mattresses we’ve reviewed is your favorite? In my husbands and myself’s case, the Best Mattress for Heavy People review’s are by far is the “BEST”!

  8. I love that this Pillow is very foldable! I think I’d be very compatible with this pillow so I’m interested in trying it out! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Oh I’d love to try this pillow guy pillow! I’m constantly buying down alternative filled pillows as I really like a softer feel, however I’m also worried I don’t choose ones with enough proper support. This could be my perfect pillow!

  10. Your pillows look wonderful this would be great for my spine and back pains and neck pains thank you for the opportunity.

  11. I did some more of these but it didn’t count for some reason. I watched the ling side sleeper pillows referrals video but it won’t say I did. Bless U and good luck to all who enter.

  12. Would love to win because I have been having a lot of jaw trouble and I think this pillow would really help.. It is an awesome prize!! GLTA

  13. I like the Zenhaven latex mattress because of its construction and that you can flip it and have two different firmness levels

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