SpineAlign Pillow Giveaway

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We’re keeping the giveaways going with another contest inspired by our recently published guide to the best pillows for side sleepers. That’s right, we’re giving three lucky sleepers the chance to walk away with a fabulous SPINE ALIGN PILLOW!

SpineAlign Pillow Giveaway

Created by a chiropractor to help back and side sleepers maintain healthy posture, the SpineAlign pillow employs a three-chamber design to support the sleeper’s shoulders and neck no matter the position. The pillow also does a great job of retaining its shape through the night!

SpineAlign Side Sleeper Pillow

Reminder, we’ll be choosing THREE lucky sleepers to win this fantastic pillow. And while you wait for the results, make sure to enter all of our ongoing giveaways:


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113 thoughts on “SpineAlign Pillow Giveaway

  1. I really need this pillow!
    The back of my neck
    has been burning in the mornings and I already see a Chiropractor every two weeks (and have for years)…. He suggested getting a new pillow and replacing it annually!

  2. I’d have to say zenhaven sounds the best and can a pillow really help align spine? My father has been telling me to stand straight my entire life

  3. My choice would be the zenhaven and that is not because my last name is Havens!! I am a senior and the zenhaven has the comfort and support that a senior needs. The pillow would be really nice because I have been getting ear infections and a sore jaw from grinding my teeth because of stress. GLTA

  4. This looks like a better version of the pillows we are using right now…maybe I’ll be nice and give it to my boyfriend since his pillow should have been retired years ago!

  5. All the mattress sound super comfortable and each have different traits that make them unique. I think I would be most interested in the Zenhaven bed. Thank you for the chance to win a Spine Align Pillow!

  6. One of these pillows would be awesome to win after having back surgery a few years ago that failed so I’m still in pain. I think it would help so much! good luck everyone!!

  7. SpineAlign may be the pillow for me because of my terrible neck and trapezius pain. All your other products sound wonderful too!

  8. I’m a belly sleeper who holds her pillow (feather) and props her leg up like a kick/stand. My husband of 38 years is a side sleeper. I’d like to win this for him. Awwww!❤️

  9. I totally need this spine align pillow I suffer from such extreme neck pain plus I fall asleep on my side and always wake up on my back so its perfect. As for my favorite Latex Mattress that would be the Latex for Less.

  10. Zen haven sounds like a good mattress to meet my needs. I have spinal issues and chronic pain and really need some relief

  11. I could really use this pillow. I am a side sleeper who has recently developed a knot on my left shoulder that I manage to get rid of during the day, only to have it return over night.

  12. interesting concept about the pillow with two different levels of support . We forget and under appreciate the value of sleep for its brain recharging capability , it`s importance to health and the medical problems that arise from a lack of sleep . The pillow looks comfortable and it`s great that you can customize the pillow to your body habitus

  13. This pillow was created by a chiropractor to help back and side sleepers maintain healthy posture, the SpineAlign pillow employs a three-chamber design to support the sleeper’s shoulders and neck no matter the position. I would be happy to win this pillow, my chiropractor would be happy if I won it.

  14. I’m definitely going to watch videos on this pillow. I have the worst pillow and my back and neck always hurt me so much. I’m happy to have discovered this pillow from your website. Thank you for the chance to win.

  15. The mattress you’ve reviewed that interests me the most is the Zenhaven. It sleeps cool and can be flipped for 2 different firmness levels

  16. I am curious , they have a queen and a standard size, does the standard have the same adjustment options as the queen which has zippers to access all the chambers?

  17. I would luv to win any of them to be honest, in need of a new mattress. my favorite so far would be the sleep easy SWEEPSTAKES

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