Nest Pillow Giveaway

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Side sleepers rejoice! We recently compiled a list of the absolute best pillows for side sleepers and thought we’d keep the party going by launching a special giveaway of the oh-so-lovely NEST BEDDING EASY BREATHER SIDE SLEEPER PILLOW.

Nest Pillow Giveaway

The Nest Easy Breather Side Sleeper is a memory foam pillow that conforms snuggly to the head and neck, offering even pressure relief and good spine alignment. With thick sides and a thinner middle, it’s shaped kind of like a boomerang, which allows side sleepers to roll back and forth with ease.

Nest Side Sleeper Pillow

And while this giveaway is meant to highlight the Easy Breather Side Sleeper pillow, winners are welcome to select any pillow from the Nest Bedding collection, including the Easy Breather, the Easy Breather Natural, the Easy Breather contour, the Easy Breather Jr., or the Cool Pillow.

This isn’t your only chance to win a new mattress, be sure to enter all of our ongoing giveaways:



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109 thoughts on “Nest Pillow Giveaway

  1. my favorite review of latex mattresses is the one for Zenhaven.
    this pillow would be heaven for me because it would mean SLEEP.

  2. I hate flipping my pillow over at night just because it’s too hot. I would sleep so much better with this! I would really enjoy this with the Zenhaven mattress. Thanks for the chance to win it and enjoy a full nights sleep.

  3. I’d like to come visit you and try out all of your mattresses and pillows. That would take care of all of my OCD desires to have only the best sleeping equipment!!!

  4. I am a side sleep and constantly wake up during the night to adjust my pillow and move to my other side. I know this would help me to have comfort.

  5. I love the Layla Pillow and Layla Mattress. How cool would it be to have each of them. I really like how they both can keep you cool while you sleep.

  6. I’ve always wanted a cool pillow like this even though I sleep on my stomach. I’m curious as to how one feels when waking up. If it’ll help support my neck.

  7. I absolutely love ALL your mattresses but the one i am excited about is the Latex for Less and the Nest Pillow. I am a side/stomach sleeper so i noticed you have something for everyone including me when it comes to sleep. This is very good to know!!

  8. You have a lot of great reviews, I do like the Avocado review a lot and it sticks in my memory. This time I went to refresh my memory on the others, and got side tracked, saw your link to Best Mattresses for Sex lol, had to check that one out just for curiosity. I actually had always skipped over it and not really seen that section listed before.

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