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Latex For Less Mattress Summer Giveaway!

That’s right, folks! It’s time for another epic mattress giveaway… and this time it’s from Latex for Less. One lucky sleeper now has the chance to win a better (and cooler) night’s sleep on a brand new all-latex mattress in the size of their choosing, and all you have to do is enter and cross your fingers!

Latex For Less Mattress Giveaway

Most of us could enjoy the cooling comfort of an all-latex mattress like this one, especially now that summer is officially here. But a construction built from all-natural materials makes this mattress extra beloved by eco-friendly sleepers. Not to mention, Latex for Less sources its latex from a single origin which generally means a cleaner production process. Who doesn’t love a deep, green sleep?

Latex for Less Corner
The Latex for Less mattress

A nine inch layering of Talalay and Dunlop latex makes this a bouncy-soft place to slumber. Oh, and did I mention this is a flippable mattress? Yes, indeed! One side of the mattress offers a medium-firm feel while the other side is built to offer firmer support. So it’s pretty much like having two mattresses in one.

Latex for Less Queen
Queen size version of the Latex for Less

Don’t let this chance at cool, customizable sleep pass you by! Enter now for your chance to win, and check out the full written review of this mattress for all the fun details. Good luck, sleepers!


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204 thoughts on “Latex For Less Mattress Summer Giveaway!”

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to get familiar with such a awesome brand mattress with some great features.

  2. I’ve been wanting latex, and I absolutely love that the materials are eco-friendly. This one definitely ticks all the boxes on my list!!

  3. I have tried so many mattresses in my life, and still I am looking for one that will give me a good nights rest. I have such a bad back and my wish is to have a good nights sleep at least one night! This seems like the one for me. I would love to try it! I would be honored if you let me try it and if I WON it! I would dream in heaven if I have one!

  4. It sounds GREAT. I BURN UP with my present mattress and would LOVE a cooler mattress! Also, the fact that you can flip it is great!

  5. I love that you can flip it and also that it helps keep you cool! I wake up sweating every night and my current “King size” mattress is two twin size mattresses pushed together. Not exactly ideal but it was the best I could do on my limited budget. It would be so nice to have an actual King size mattress and one that would keep me cool so that I can actually get a good night’s sleep!

  6. I have had degenerative disc disease for over thirty years, which has resulted in spurs on my spine, broken cartilage and crushed discs. I have not discs or cartilage in the lower lumbar and sacrum. I am unable to sleep for more than thirty minutes comfortably. If I roll over on my back, I wake up “frozen” in place and require assistance to be pulled into a sitting position. I would love the opportunity to win a mattress in hopes of a better night’s rest.

  7. Looks comfortable, and I like that you say you don’t get stuck when trying to move around. I hate getting stuck in a mattress.

  8. I think this mattress looks very comfortable. I think that it would make a great mattress for my son that is in college.

  9. So nice to have a comfortable, affordable mattress that cools we over heated sleepers. :-) Thank you for a great opportunity!

  10. I’m a widow, so in the winter I could sleep on the warm side and the cool side in the summer. I always freeze in the winter and sweat in the summer. Ideal!

  11. I have never slept on all-latex construction mattress. This may be good for my husband who likes softer mattress. Thanks for the review!

  12. The Latex For Less Mattress looks and sounds great to me! I’m a believer! I’m all about the coolness and the comfort.

  13. Love that the mattress is made from all natural materials! ….but some people are allergic to latex….not me though!

  14. I love the cotton top and the cooling of the mattress. It sounds heavenly and would fit perfectly in our bedroom replacing our old mattress.

  15. I love that this mattress is flippable, is more on the softer side than hard and that it keeps you cool for people who sweat a lot at night. Sounds like an amazing mattress for arriving in a box! So convenient! Also has great trial and warranty time periods! Would love to try it! Thanks for the chance!

  16. Our mattress is going on 18 years old. The marianus trench runs down the middle for the adventure of both trying to sleep and basejumpng at the same time. We really need support. Would really like to win

  17. OMG ….I would love to have a new Queen size Mattress I bought a Seally. 4yrs ago .Where my rear is,I have 3pillows and Blanket convering up dent in mattress so big and there’s could sticking out ..Ill be 72in 14days and the mattress really hurts my back please help me!!!seriously Mary Harding

  18. I like that you can order the size you need. We have several antique beds that need 3/4 size mattresses.

  19. I like that has good edge support and is a flippable mattress with one side of the mattress a medium-firm and the other side firmer.

  20. Like that this is eco friendly and you can flip it over. I’ve been researching mattresses for awhile now and every time I have money saved up something else falls apart My central air was the last problem so the cooling factor with this mattress would be so wonderful.

  21. We’ve been using inflatable bed for a while now. Would be a great gift if ever my family will get the chance to get this. Looks very comfy :(

  22. Oh wow what i would give for a real mattress. My back needs something so badly. I cannot sleep and i need to sleep big time!! I gotta win this!>?!<

  23. That’s what I need is a firm mattress for my back! 2 Bulging discs at L5 and L4, just had a MRI and saw a Neurologist for a pinched nerve in my right hip, I have not been able to lay on my stomach for over 2 yrs now! A firm would allow that, it bites having to sleep on my back all the time, forgot what it is like to be able to sleep in any position!

  24. This sounds like a really good mattress. I like that it can be flipped depending on the firmness or lack of that you need. I also really like that it’s a cooling mattress. My only con is the pressure points aren’t relieved much and I could use that.

  25. I love that it’s made with latex, as i’m a very picky sleeper. I also like that it’s flippable and has a firm side because my husband needs firm because of his back and I have fibro. It seems like a perfect fit for us! Thank you for the chance!

  26. I have to admit I am most didn’t enter this contest because I thought that latex would be hot. I’m glad I read the reviews and was surprised to learn that it’s actually a cool material. I am a side sleeper and desperately need relief from my shoulder and hip pressure points. I am currently on a firm mattress and cannot get a decent nights sleep because of it.

  27. I would love to be the lucky and blessed winner of this wonderful mattress! I would love to finally get a good nights sleep! Thank you for the chance

  28. Built with organic cotton, this cover on Latex for Less is soft and breathable. This mattress sleeps cool, thanks to its all-latex construction! And last but certainly not least, the mattress is also flippable. It would be a great sleep for most sleepers

  29. Sorry I meant to say I am sleeping on a futon, not very comfortable because I have Arthritis, MS and restless leg syndrome ! I have been sleeping on the futon for 6 years !!

  30. This looks really cool, I’ll have to pass this along to boyfriend who’s interested in a latex mattress!

  31. I think my partner and I would enjoy this mattress for a good while. I like the fact that it’s made from all natural materials and the design is simple yet gets the job done! This mattress has it’s pros and cons like any other mattress, but the cons aren’t that bad enough to steer me away from liking it! I’ve only ever slept on firm spring mattresses and this would be a good change in my opinion. My significant other and I are complete opposite sleepers, but with being able to flip the mattress and use it differently to our sleeping needs, I don’t think we would have a problem. I also like the fact that the materials are cool and soft- although having different firmness options! I’m ready for a change! Crossing my fingers to win this beautiful mattress :)

  32. This mattress looks so comfy. The best part for me is that it is cool. I so need this since current mattress is hot hot I do not sleep well.

  33. You addressed the two most important issues for me… as a side sleeper, I need to watch my pressure points, and this mattress seems to work relatively well for that. And, keeping us cool at night! Great review!!!

  34. We bought our current mattress in 2009 before I had back surgery. We were told at that time the mattress would last over 20 years. Not! Here it is 2018 and it hasn’t even made it 10 years! You can see the hump in the middle and wear on both sides. Its important to us to get a good nigth sleep. We are on the look out for a new mattress Until I found your site I really didn’t know there were so many different types of beds available. I’d really like to try your Latex For Less Mattress. It could be a game changer for me! Please enter me!

  35. I’ve never tried a latex mattress before. I’m super intrigued and would love to try it, but none of the mattress stores in my area have them. Winning this would be so great.

    • I have never tried an all-latex mattress. Bet I could get used to it. Giveaways are so fun – thanks!

  36. Would really love to win a bed, I have been sleeping on a duvet with a big crease down the middle. My fingers are crossed !!

  37. I like the idea of sleeping cool.I’m still considering the advantage to having 2 separate mattress types to use..

  38. I think it would be a very cozy and comfortable bed! My husband and I each have back problems and this mattress looks perfect.

  39. I think this is an awesome mattress. Love that it is a flipping mattress and in flipping it I could change the firmness. Eco-friendly is a great too!

  40. I want to take the time to thank you so much for the opportunity to win a much needed new mattress. Have a wonderful week!

  41. this is the bed for me , I need a bed to stay cool in at night , I need to stay cool cause I get really hot and sweaty at night otherwise. plus I haven’t had a new bed in years. seems like a great bed to have . I pray I win it!

  42. I think the Latex For Less mattress looks like a good mattress for a good price. I need a new mattress badly, and this would be great!

  43. As a side sleeper I really like the softer rating on the bed’s soft side. I tend to sleep extremely hot, would love to try a cooler latex mattress!

  44. I l love that this mattress is cooling, eco friendly, and flippable! I always rotate my mattress so it doesn’t end up with indents.

  45. The Latex for Less mattress is phenomenal! I love that the cotton is organic and sourced Sri Lanka, its flexible and will keep you cool all night, and the fact that either side has a different comfort setting.. Its absolutely amazing! This is definitely a great product.

  46. This mattress looks so comfy love that it’s like 2 beds in one and I get so hot when I sleep and I love that this mattress stays cool it looks so comfy to

  47. I’ve honestly been wanting to get away from all-spring mattresses and really need a new one. One of the first things I noticed is that this mattress is fully FLIPPABLE! I was trying to flip my daughter’s mattress only to find it was one-sided. It would extend the life if I could have flipped it. That’s actually very important to me!

  48. I love that it’s built from allnatural materials, because I’m trying to buy more all natural and eco friendly products. I like that it has a medium-firm feel while the other side offers firmer support. This seems like the perfect mattress for me and my husband!

  49. Wow! This wpuld be an awesome anniversary gift for my husband and me!! But all that aside, we do look for all natural bedding because of my husband’s allergies and asthma. Currently on a very hard cotton futon mattress with a latex topper for some cushion. Would love an all latex bed. Thanks for the chance! Fingers crossed!!

  50. I wish I would have known about this company sooner! Great prices & they sell shredded/solid latex pillows, foundations etc.

  51. The “Latex for Less”, Mattress, Comfort will Be There ! But Worried About the Longevity and Breakdown of the Mattress ?

  52. I love the fact that this mattress will keep you cool. I always get so hot when I sleep, especially in the summer, it keeps me from sleeping well. I sleep on my side so this is a great mattress for me.

  53. I can REALLY use cooling mattress. As I have copd and sleep apnea. I use monitors for both. They give off so much heat. Thank you for the opportunity to win

  54. I seriously need this mattress. My hubby and I are not getting any younger, and we both have special needs. Please, we would be very happy and blessed to win this mattress. Thank you.

  55. This looks like a fabulous matress love that yoh can flip it for a different firmness if desired.. Would be a true blessing to win.

  56. As a side sleeper, I think this mattress would really work for me. I like the fact that the cover is organic cotton.

  57. The Latex For Less mattress is extremely nice. Our current mattress is over 12 years old and doesn’t even compare to this.

  58. We really need to try this mattress! We think it may help our back pain, since we are aging and have pain issues. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  59. Cooling and eco- friendly,from your review,this is a mattress to throw in the mix for consideration to purchase

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