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Day 22 of the 25 Days of Giving brings us a quality innerspring at an amazing price, the Aviya mattress!

Aviya has the well-crafted innerspring feel that so many people love, but comes in at a significantly lower price than their closest competitors. You get both value and quality with Aviya! Scroll down to enter today’s Aviya mattress giveaway!

Aviya Mattress Giveaway

In my Aviya mattress review you’ll notice that Aviya performs very well on the Sleepopolis standard tests. For example, the pressure relief on the mattress is great, no matter your sleeping position. Check out the results below:

Aviya Pressure Map Test

Pressure map results for the Aviya mattress

Not to mention the motion transfer. Innerspring mattresses are known to be on the bad side for motion isolation – but Aviya performs tremendously, I would guess it’s a memory foam mattress from these results! Definitely a great innerspring option for couples.

Aviya Motion Transfer

Motion transfer results for ball dropped from 4 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches

Test results are great and all, but how does it feel? Aviya doesn’t disappoint, it has a great mix of comfort and support.

Aviya Mattress Hand Press

Pressing into the Aviya mattress

Thanks for entering the Aviya giveaway! Now head over to our 25 Days of Giving and enter some more contests!

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Logan Block

Logan Block

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