What is the “Pillow Manifestation Method” for Improving Sleep? An Expert Weighs In

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Manifestation is a hot topic all over social media because you can pretty much practice it for any aspect of your life — whether you’re trying to get a good grade on a test or to picture your future self in the job of your dreams.

But instead of doing it while you’re awake by using common manifestation methods (such as writing the same sentence multiple times or using crystal stones and essential oils), you might be able to do the practice while you’re sleeping. 

We are here to help you determine if this method is worth your time or not, and give some guidance if you want to introduce manifestation into your existing nightly rituals. 

The “Pillow Manifestation Method”

After wellness and lifestyle TikTok creator Valeria Romero posted this new method to her series “Manifesting Methods,” there was no turning back for her fans. 

Users posted thankful messages from “IT WORKED,” to “This worked so fast, my crush randomly started talking to me,” blowing up the comment section. 

So what is this method that got users so excited? In her video, Romero highlighted the essential steps to take to succeed in this method. 

First, she highlights that you have to be really relaxed — this can be done by either mediating beforehand to feel more connected to what you desire to come out of the process. 

She said you would need a piece of paper and then write what you want on the paper. Romero said to make sure that what you’re writing down is in the present tense as an indication of what you want for the future. 

After, it is important to write what you want three or six times in the paper and then repeat the phrases affirmatively. The final step is to put the piece of paper under your pillow, go to sleep and wait for the magic to happen. 

However, this doesn’t just work after doing it once. Valero said she practiced this routine every night for a full week to manifest an A in one of her courses. 

What was the outcome? Valero professed that she got an A. But how reliable is this method, are there any negative effects, and does it work the same with everyone? We have the answers.  

A Manifestation Expert Provides Some Insight

Sleepopolis spoke with Angela Christian, CFO of Manifestation & Mindset, coach, and author, to see if this addition to a bedtime routine is really worth the shot. 

Christian said the “pillow method” might aid in making your dream come to life when done correctly. 

“By having a manifestation ritual right before bed, it’ll help reprogram your subconscious beliefs, if done at the right time, in the right way,” Christian said. 

She also said that the visualization aspect is the key to this method because it can create changes in your mind and body. 

Christian said that when you fall asleep, your subconscious state goes through Alta and Theta brain waves before reaching Delta, which is also known as deep sleep

Once you hit Theta while sleeping, the manifestation technique will be even stronger, allowing it to penetrate deeper into your subconscious mind. 

Along with Valero’s advice, Christian said it’s critical to prevent anxiety and worried thoughts before sleep since this could cause fears to fill your mind before you go to bed. 

Christian said that if you really want to make this technique work, it’s important to not just stay calm before bed, but also as you move throughout your day. 

“True manifestation success comes when you’re able to make this a new way of life,” Christian said. “It takes time and effort upfront to break many of the limited beliefs we pick up in childhood, but once you do, you’re able to replace them with beliefs that’ll help you succeed.”

Are you still doubtful about the power of manifestation? If so, give it a shot. There’s no risk in trying it out! 

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