This Duvet Splits In Two So You Can Hog The Covers

Meet ervét, a two-duvet bedding system that’s built for couples who fight over the covers.

The duvet launched on Kickstarter this month and was created by a real-life married couple who struggled with sharing their bed linens. Here, two individual duvets are attached by a magnet, giving off the effect that it’s one piece of material while granting each person the freedom to hog the blanket to their heart’s content.

“This gives the bed that perfectly-made look,” co-founder Melissa Covington explained to me over email. “Plus, it’s easy (and fun) to make in the morning and it’s even easier to pull apart at night without waking up your partner.”

The duvet also comes with two inserts — a lightweight option suited for warm sleepers who prefer cooler temps, and an all-season style for cool snoozers who prefer a warmer blanket. “We’ve engineered the inserts to make sure that they are identical in size, feel, and volume to ensure that your bed always has an even look when both duvets are made together,” Covington added.

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SOS: Save our Sleep

Being compatible with your partner doesn’t always translate to the bedroom (no, we’re not talking about that). Maybe you’ve been there: You’re freezing under the covers while your SO is sweating. Or perhaps you’re known to toss and turn in the night, taking every last sheet, blanket, and comforter with you. The end result? You wake up sleepier than you were when you first hit the hay.

In fact, these fights between the sheets (or over them) have become so common in recent years that they’ve led to a new trendsleep divorce. This is where couples amicably sleep in separate rooms in order to save their sleep — and relationship. While there are benefits to sleeping next door to your loved one, some experts say there are more effective ways to sleep well with your bedmate without parting ways. This is what Covington, and her husband Reid, are trying to solve.

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Since the ervét hasn’t hit the market yet, we can’t be sure the duvet fulfills all its promises. Until then, Covington provided some personal tips for couples when it comes to sharing a bed.

“Given our busy and somewhat irregular schedules, my husband and I try to take a few minutes before bed to communicate our schedule for the next day — mainly, what time we are setting our alarms for and expect to wake up.” They also turn their phones to Do-Not-Disturb mode, a sleep hack everyone should try.

The duvet isn’t available for purchase yet. The founders expect to start shipping the ervét system in May, which will come in five colors and two patterns.

Photo credit: Ervet Kickstarter page

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