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Allswell Mattress Spring Giveaway!

Hold on to your PJs, folks! It’s time for another epic giveaway!

One lucky, unsuspecting sleeper will soon be catching zzz’s on a new mattress from Allswell. Pretty rad, right? Well, that’s not all! The winner will get to choose between the Luxe Classic mattress and the Luxe Classic Firmer mattress! It’s all about what best suits your sleepy needs. Scroll down to enter!

Allswell Mattress Giveaway

Not sure which mattress to choose? Well it all depends — do you prefer foam or hybrid? The Luxe Classic is made of all foam, while the Luxe Classic Firmer is a hybrid construction. Oh, but don’t worry…they both sleep cool. Winner chooses the size!

The Allswell Luxe Classic Firmer Mattress
The Luxe Classic Firmer Mattress

Not too familiar with foam? Learn more in our best memory foam mattress or best foam mattress lists to get the find some great options.

Walmart Allswell Soft Mattress
The Luxe Classic mattress

All that’s left to do now is submit your entry, cross your fingers, and dream of better sleep. Good luck, everybody!

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338 thoughts on “Allswell Mattress Spring Giveaway!”

  1. I’ve always thought a firm mattress was the best one for me but I’ve changed my sleeping style and the review tells me I need the softer version. I’d love to be able to sleep on an Allswell mattress.

  2. Love to own a motion control mattress. Looks amazing and comfortable. I’m disabled and have had my bed for at least 15 years. It would be nice to wake up painless.

  3. I think this mattress sounds wonderful! My husband and I desperately need a new mattress and this one sounds amazing!

  4. I would have to say look like a well made mattress . It seems to be comfortable mattress to sleep on I bet

  5. I think the Allswell mattress would be the perfect mattress for my family. It has all the features we are looking for!

  6. I think that this mattress sounds amazing. It is definitely much better than the mattress that I’m currently using. I love the hybrid option too.

  7. I think it looks Great! I especially thought the hybrid would be a good choice for us. Our mattress is old and gets really hot. A cooler mattress would be awesome! Thanks for the sweepstakes!

  8. i have had my mattress for about 10 years. and i have been looking for a new one. would love to win this, it looks so comfortable.

  9. I think that the Allswell mattress is awesome. I could really use a new mattress and would love one of these..

  10. Would love to win to see If I can get some relief and a good night sleep tired of buying mattress after mattress and different types of #mattress toppers with No relief and comfortbility. Thanks for the chance

  11. I believe would prefer the Luxe Mattress. The firmness will help mine and my husbands back.I could even get in and out of the bed without waking him.

  12. This looks perfect we have been trying to get a new mattress for about 6 months now and every time we are told that someone has one for us something happens and it falls through the one we have now leaves our backs hurting and makes my hops hurt daily it would be a god send to win this

  13. Wow, thanks for the opportunity to win this mattress! Winning this would be such a blessing, I have a really bad back and this looks like it would help alot!

  14. The Luxe Classic Firmer really sounds like the best of both worlds. It seems like it would be an excellent mattress.

  15. Bought a new mattress 5 years ago Since then we have had kids get sick in it and my husband sweat in it. Definitely time for a new one

  16. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I don’t like that if the customer has the white glove delivery remove your old mattress, it voids the trial period. No other company does this, but there’s little to complain about if you win it for free.

  17. This mattress sounds amazing. I suffer from severe lower back pain and our current mattress is almost 15 years old. Winning this would be an absolute blessing. It would change my quality of life drastically.

  18. My wife and I are sleeping on a borrowed mattress from her brother. One of these would certainly help. They look soo comfy.

  19. This mattress looks nice and thick! I’m a memory foam fan, I’d love to try this mattress a try! Thanks for the constructive and comprehensive review!

  20. We bought a new mattress in January and I absolutely hate it! It’s as hard as sleeping on a board, moves on the box spring and cost a small fortune. I’d love to move it to the guest room and try an Allswell!

  21. Be a dream to own a high quality mattress. Sometimes other bills comes first, then work cuts hours… Yes I need rest and my back to feel better with a comfortable nights sleep soon.

  22. It’s been a good year since I’ve had a full night of sleep (pregnant and new baby). This would be a godsend!

  23. I could uses a new mattress since I recently left behind one in Maryland when we moved to UTAH. I would enjoy the coolness factor mentioned for this mattress. I sleep in multiple positions and have shoulder problems. This mattress sounds ideal for such. It would benefit both my husband and me.

    • I am a breast cancer survivor but suffer severe night sweats that has ruined my matress from chemotherapy and hysterectomy and cant take harmones

  24. Would love to win this for our 50th Anniversary on June 29th, ad really need it as our’s is 25 years old, LOL, and this one seems so comfy and would probably help with my health issues GERD, heart, etc.!!

  25. I think the soft Allswell mattress would be a perfect fit for me as a side sleeper.I am constantly in pain from my mattress in the pressure points.I never get a good night sleep ever because I wake in pain all the time.

  26. After reading the review I believe the Hybrid will be the best for me. Thank you Allswell and Sleepopolis for the review and the possibility to win this mattress.

  27. I am in need of a new mattress so badly; with progressive MS, the one I have, which is 16 years old, is hell to sleep on. Keeping my fingers and tootsies crossed!

  28. Looks like a great mattress. Why do they call it a Supreme Queen instead of a King? Also, I didn’t see the choice between the firm and the soft on their website? Maybe I missed it, but was checking prices and couldn’t find the choice between those two. Thanks!

  29. Nice that there are choices in firmness with this line. I would give it a try for several weeks before deciding.

  30. I would love to have the Luxe Classic mattress. From reading the review and reviews from bloggers this sounds like a great mattress.

  31. Having Fibromyalgia,sleep is the best thing that I can do to be able to function better the next day.So this would be perfect,Thanks.

  32. I am looking for a mattress for our spare bedroom, and this looks very comfortable. Might be exactly what Im looking for.

  33. Sleeping on an air mattress on the floor. The second one! The first only lasted 3 months. Really need new mattress. Thanks for the opportunity!

  34. Our old mattress is so uncomfortable I havent slept with my husband in 2 years. I would live to win a new mattress for us!

  35. I’ve never tried a hybrid but from the sounds of it, I would really like one. I would definitely give the firm version of the Allswell a try!

  36. Mattress looks comfortable and sounds like a great one too. Would love to win this awesome giveaway to be able to try it out! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  37. oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!!! I’d love to win in order to rid myself of my 20+ year-old mattress. My back will thank me! It would be so cool to wake up refreshed instead of dead!

  38. I thought your review on the Allswell Luxe mattresses was really helpful! Even though I’m a side sleeper (= creating pressure points), I hate the sinking-in feel of 100% memory foam and like medium firmness. The Luxe Classic, Firmer sounds like the best of both worlds for me!

  39. I would love a motion control mattress that is one firmness.
    You do the best mattress reviews!
    I follow you everywhere but don’t have the linkedin.
    I would really be thrilled to suprise husband with this mattress on our 28th anniversary this year.. he hates our mattress and wakes up in pain daily. He would love me for this! <3 your the best.

  40. I love that they give you a choice of regular of firm …the Luxe Classic Firmer mattress would be my choice

  41. It looks like a great mattress. I would like to get the all foam mattress because I can only sleep on one side of my body due to multiple back, knee and shoulder surgeries. Hopefully buying this or winning this will allow me more nights in the bed and less on the recliner.
    Thanks for all of your giveaways!

  42. These mattresses he looks so comfortable I have a bad back and I’ve tried all kinds of things but nothing works thanks for the opportunity

  43. This seems like a mattress I could like. With the softness of the foam layers and the bounce and support of the coils, it has the best of both worlds. Thanks!

  44. I am a side sleeper and something I read was very helpful about what your body experiences depending on which side you sleep on. My mattress is rather old and needs replaced. Thank you for the giveaways.

  45. Can’t imagine sleeping on a nice new firm Allswell mattress but whomever wins…….congratulations on getting an amazing sleep! I slept on my friend’s and have wanted one ever since!

  46. The soft version sounds amazing! I’m a side sleeper and my current twin sizemattress kills my shoulder. My husband and I currently sleep separately in twin beds and I miss laying next to him. He would love this mattress!

  47. I am a side sleeper and because I have chronic pain I’m thinking the classic Soft would be the right mattress for me. After the review I was excited about this contest and the opportunity to win one of these beds. Currently I am sleeping on a firm mattress and it is very uncomfortable for me. Again, the classic soft sounds just right for me

  48. I’m sure to have sweet dreams on this mattress! I watched the video in it’s entirety, and all I can say is “wow, what a good mattress” this would be to own.

  49. I could seriously put this to well needed use..would be a spectacular win ..comfort and relief…my mattress needs replacing….thanks for the giveaway…

  50. I enjoyed the comparison of the 2 from the same brand. I think i’d rather sleep on top instead sunk in. Firmer

  51. I like that the memory foam mattresses are being more available, in more stores! The firm mattress would definitely be too firm for us, I’d go with the soft mattress! It looks, and sounds comfy! Thank you!!!

  52. I would love to find out what it feels like to sleep on a premium mattress. Mine is a $200 half price bedding special that is going on 6 yrs old now. Thanks for the chance. Best of luck to all who enter. God bless everyone at Allwell Mattress and the Other sponsor’s businesses.

  53. I need a new mattress so badly! My back hurts all the time from my old one! Thank you for your generosity 💖

  54. Daughter and husband in dire need of mattress.No funds available to purchase.Thank you for this opportunity.

  55. I love that the mattress keeps you cool. I get hot flashes at night from having gone through medically induced menopause.

  56. This would be a dream come true! I would love to win this amazing mattress! I really need a new one, but it’s hard to buy a new one with so many family expenses. Thanks so much for the chance!

  57. Love that it’s a hybrid. I want the benefits of memory foam yet need additional support, so this seems like a perfect combo.

  58. I don’t sleep well at all. I have a very stressful career helping families of Addicts and helping Addicts too. It can be rewarding and heartbreaking work. I just wish I could sleep better, I wake up every morning achey and tired. My attitude would be so much better if I felt rested. This mattress sounds like a dream to me becuase j can’t afford it but I bet it would be a pleasure to own. Good luck to all who enter!

  59. I think the Allswell mattress looks and sounds awesome. My husband and I have bought a few mattresses and they have all been bad to say the least.

  60. Definitely hoping I win this, not only for myself, but for my significant other as well. We both have bad backs and have been sleeping on the same mattress for over 10 years now. We both sink into the middle and wake up with our backs hurting. Every night I go to bed wondering if I am going to toss and turn the whole night, or if in going to wake up with a sore hip. We cant afford a new mattress due to medical expenses. This would be a huge blessing. Good luck everyone!!!

  61. I had no idea that the Allswell mattress was “powered by Walmart” as you said in your review of the Allswell mattress. That’s interesting to know and as you said that suggests that it’s likely to be around awhile and deliver on their warranty promises. I like that the Twin size is under five hundred dollars and only weighs forty-four or sixty-two pounds depending on firmness. Not being so heavy to move and lift is a big a big plus for me, in addition, to the price.

  62. I’d love to win a Soft Allswell mattress as I’m a side sleeper. I’ve had back and knee surgery and I really need a new mattress. Thanks for the opportunity !! :)

  63. Our mattress is 17 years old… We are both nurses and on our feet for 13 hours straight a day and our current mattress sure doesn’t help our backs or to get a decent nights sleep, lol!!

  64. I like the the Luxe Classic, which is Firmer and is built with with a hybrid design, meant to create an all-encompassing sleeping experience that’s as pressure-relieving as it is supportive. To do this, it’s outfitted with both soft foam and a pocketed coil system. I think this one is the one for me

  65. The Allswell Mattress sounds awesome!!! I would be so grateful to win it! Thank you for the amazing chance!!

  66. I would love to win a queen mattress. We are sleeping on an old Full size and neither one of us are not sleeping. We both have back and neck problems. This would help us get a good nights sleep.

  67. I let my sister throw out a water bed that I had slept on for 20 years. Only replaced mattress once, and it was about a year prior to her thinking i needed”a normal” bed!! Haven’t had a good night’s sleep since!! Please prove to me it’s still possible!!

  68. My mattress is old and getting uncomfortable. I have a lot of pain in my hips and my arms get numb. I like that you can buy everything at once

  69. The Allswell bed sounds like it offers some great pressure relief for back and side sleepers. I like that they have 2 options.

  70. My partner and i do not have a bed this mattress would be the ultimate gift to us it would enhance our lives tremendously..thank you

  71. Thanks for another great giveaway!! It’s nice that there is a choice of firmness levels with the Allswell mattress.

    • I toss and turn but mostly sleep on my side, so the softer classic seems best. I am 51 and disabled and am currently sleeping on a used, old twin bed. At this point any new mattress would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been entering all of your giveaways and cross my fingers every time. Maybe I need to quit crossing my fingers…lol. Thanks for this opportunity.

  72. I prefer the foam one it looks so comfortable love everything about it! It definitely my Favorite one

  73. What I really like about Allswell is that you don’t need to commit. You can buy the mattress separate or the bedding separate. You can buy everything at once and still have the option to return for a full refund, 100 days on the mattress and 30 days on the bedding. Allswell is the only brand that can deliver you a beautiful bedroom to your door.

  74. I am going to need the firmer model when you deliver my winning prize. Thank you so much. I just bought a new bed, it is not even assembled yet because of my bad back. BUT….a newly assembled bed with a NEW FIRM MATTRESS should make a world of difference for me!

  75. I am so excited about this All well Mattress Giveaway! This mattress looks so comfortable and inviting for a great night’s sleep.

  76. STILL searching for my perfect mattress! I’m very intrigued by the soft foam version of this one, I’m stuck being a side sleeper due to my back & it’s been one of the best you’ve tested on the awful shoulder/hip pressure points. I’d sure love to try this one and say goodbye to sleeping on my couch!

  77. I need pressure relief and like to sleep cool so this mattress meets those needs. My concern is that foam mattresses don’t last long before body impressions form and it needs to be replaced

    • my mattress have a huge hole where I sleep and its very very uncomfortable. I have to put a large cushion so I don’t sink in.

  78. The most important aspect of your day is a good night sleep on a quality mattress. Would love the opportunity to own one.

  79. Hello my name is Brenda and this mattress looks very comfortable. I also like the fact that it is a cooling sleep.

  80. This is amazing!!! I could really benefit from this. O have recently found out I have a bulging disc and a herniated disc and my bed and pillows are Bout 10 yrs old. I would absolutely love to have new, would most deff help my back, neck and shoulder pain.

  81. I think this mattress wants to come to my home and give me a good nite’s sleep. I would welcome it.

  82. We could really use a new mattress and these sound wonderful. Our current mattress makes my back hurt every morning.

  83. Would love to have an Allswell mattress. I have a 30 year old mattress and get hot at night so need a cool mattress.

  84. I think the Allswell (love the name) mattress is fantastic. It looks and sounds comfortable and is ideal. Thanks, Sleepopolis, for the chance to win.

  85. Oh God we NEED this bed! Sleeping on a cheap blow up on the floor. Have fibromyalgia and it’s killing me!!

  86. I would love to have one of these mattresses as I have fibromyalgia and am in pain all the time and have difficulty sleeping.

  87. I love this mattress because it gives you an option for either foam or hybrid. This seems like a mattress that would be perfect for me.

  88. Can’t wait to enter just celebrated my 62 nd birthday Saturday and would love to spend these years left on a comfortable mattress and sleep better .the foam one looks out of this world comfy.thank you for the chance

  89. Man I can feel my back hurting through the screen. The guy did not sink down at all when laying down on the the mattress at any point. On the edge it took forever to pop back up. That is not a great mattress and will cause you a lot of back pain. I spend a lot of time in bed with chronic illness and this is a pass for me. I would put this in my guest room, for those that like a firm bed or when I have PT which is daily and year round.

  90. I really appreciate the video review. For me personally, the firm would be the best, and it is nice that there are 2 choices. The weighted ball testing was great as well as the human testing, so one can see how the mattress may perform for their individual needs. I need a more comfortable sleep than a 30 year old mattress and the “couch”.

  91. I’m in need of a quality mattress. And this Allswell mattress looks like the kind of mattress that will give me comfort and relaxation.

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