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Allswell was recently announced as one of the new online-only bedding brands that are taking over the mattress industry. With a design-conscious aesthetic, the offshoot is all about helping customers find their “Instagram-worthy dream bed.” And now that the digital line is officially up and running, it’s time for me to take a look at its flagship mattress.

Or, really it’s flagship mattresses as Allswell has released two beds: the Luxe Classic and the Luxe Classic, Firmer. These beds employ totally different constructions (an all-foam one for the Soft and a hybrid for the Firm), so I’m going to review them separately of one another.

Could one of these mattresses be the perfect match for you? Join me as I put each of them through a series of rigorous tests to figure out just that.

Continue reading below for my full review of the Allswell Home mattresses. Don’t have time to read it all? Click here to skip to the bottom and check out my review summary.

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  • Use code SLEEPOPOLIS15 to save 15% on your purchase of an Allswell mattress!
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While these Allswell sisters share a few similarities (they both sleep cool, share the same plush topper and feature a 12” profile), they really do have unique builds, so I’m going to break down each of their constructions below.

Walmart Allswell Firm MattressReview
Queen size Allswell mattress (firm)

As I mentioned up top, the Luxe Classic, Firmer is built with with a hybrid design, meant to create an all-encompassing sleeping experience that’s as pressure-relieving as it is supportive. To do this, it’s outfitted with both soft foam and a pocketed coil system.

The Luxe Classic, Firmer

Cover – The cover here is the same one used in the Luxe Classic, and is quilted with 3” of both memory and super soft foam. This combination of foams provides the sleeper with immediate pressure relief as well as some nice cooling.

Comfort Layer – Beneath the plush cover, you’ll find an inch of Airflow Foam, which is similar to memory foam in that it has a slow response to pressure, producing both pleasant sinkage and contouring. However, unlike memory foam, this material is breathable and excellent at dispersing body heat.

Transition Layer – Next up, we’ve got 2.5” of a soft polyfoam material. This section is firmer than the one above it, functioning as a transition between the soft layer up top and the pocketed coil system below. Here, you’ll start to really feel the buoyant support of the mattress.

Support Layer – This layer is comprised of 7.5” of pocketed coils, which gives the bed most of its bounce and support. Given that these coils are individually wrapped, they’re also going to encourage airflow and excellent motion isolation.

Unlike the firmer version, the Luxe Classic is built exclusively with foam. The aim here is to create a gentle bed that’s going to bring the sleeper fantastic pressure relief and a classic memory foam feel.

Allswell Firm Mattress Construction
Construction of the Allswell Firm – including pocketed coils

The Luxe Classic

Cover – As we discussed above, the cover is quilted with three inches of super soft foam, allowing the sleeper to sink into the bed straightaway. The material is also breathable and provides some great cooling to the mattress.

Comfort Layer – The comfort layer is comprised of 1.5” of memory foam. When combined with the quilted cover, that makes for 2.5” of memory foam, which results in an incredibly plush, pressure-relieving feel.

Contour Layer – Below the comfort layer, you’ll find an inch of the brand’s Airflow Foam. It’s soft to the touch and has a slow response to pressure, so it’ll help extend the body contouring of the comfort layer deeper into the mattress.

Transition Layer – Next up we’ve got 3” of SuperSoft foam, which has a quicker response to pressure than the foam layers up top. The main function of this section is to transition the sleeper into the firmer base below and provide some lift so you won’t feel too stuck in the structure.

Foundation Layer – The base is comprised of 5.5” of high-density polyfoam. This layer gives the bed its shape, as well as some nice deep compression support.

Allswell Soft Mattress Construction
Construction of the Allswell soft – all foam


After taking a look at the constructions of these Allswell beds, let’s chat about their different firmness levels and feels.

The Luxe Classic, Firmer

As I applied light force to the Firm Allswell, I found that I was immediately interacting with the soft foams quilted into the cover. My hand sank snuggly into this layer and I felt some quality pressure relief. Pushing in further, I began to experience the bounce of the mattress as I encountered both the polyfoam transition layer and the pocketed coil support system.

Pressing Into Allswell Firm Mattress
Pressing Into the Allswell Firm Mattress

The Luxe Classic

Pressing into this bed with a little hand pressure, the first thing I felt was the contouring of the memory foam in the cover and comfort layer. As I placed both hands on the mattress and added more force, I noticed just how deeply you’re going to sink into the Allswell Soft. Hint: it’s a lot.

Pressing Into Allswell Soft Mattress
Pressing Into the Allswell Soft Mattress

Since folks of different sizes and body types are going to feel firmness differently, I decided to invite three other testers to help me suss out the firmnesses of these Allswell Home beds. We each stretched out on the Luxe Classic, Firmer and the Luxe Classic, decided on our individual firmness ratings, averaged them together and then compiled them on the graph below.

Allswell Mattress Firmness Test
Firmness rating for Allswell Soft and Allswell Firm (average of 4 testers)

While feel is always going to be a personal thing, this will hopefully give you a better sense of the firmness you can expect from these beds!

The Luxe Classic, Firmer

As you can see on the graph above, my testers gave the Allswell Firm an average firmness rating of 6.9. When compared to the industry standard of 6.5 for medium firmness, it’s clear that this bed is just a touch above medium firm.

I personally gave the bed a 6.5 as I found its pocketed coil system positioned me on top of the mattress and provided me with plenty of buoyant support. I should note that heavier sleepers may interact with this system differently as they’re likely to sink straight straight through to the coils and feel it as a firmer structure overall. Regardless, the soft foam layers will still produce nice body contouring for immediate pressure relief.

The Luxe Classic

As the Luxe Classic, Firmer is just a hair above medium firm, the Luxe Classic appears to be just a smidge below it, with my testers giving it an average rating of 6.1.

I rated the mattress a 5.5, finding that the thick layers of memory foam in the top sections of the bed created a soothing, plush vibe. You’re going sink in through these layers for pressure relief and while you will get some support from the high-density polyfoam in the foundation, you’re most likely going to feel like you’re sleeping “in” this mattress.


Rather than just describing the feel of these Allswell beds to you, I wanted to give a visual representation of where someone may feel pressure points form while lying on them.

To do this, I placed a pressure map on top of each mattress and rested on my back, side, and stomach. You can see the results on the images below where pressure is represented from blue (low pressure) to red (high pressure).

Allswell Mattress Pressure Map
Pressure map laying on my back, side, and stomach

The Luxe Classic, Firmer

  • Back – Lying on my back, I felt some great relief from the bed. The foam layers up top worked to contour to the curves of my body and fill in the space at my lumbar region, which is great for back sleepers. While I did sink into the bed a bit, I never felt stuck in the mattress and was able to change positions easily.
  • Side – Rolling onto my side, I felt the formation of pressure at my hips and shoulders, which you can see in the graphic above. Side sleepers tend to prefer a softer mattress as it will help to alleviate tension at these sensitive areas, so I’d recommend that strict side sleepers check out the softer version of the Allswell.
  • Stomach – A firmer mattress like this one is going to be especially great for stomach sleepers, as the strong support will keep their shoulders in line with their hips for an even spinal alignment. I didn’t experience too much pressure in this position, but would note that stomach sleepers who are a bit heavier than me (for reference, I’m 5’10”, 190 lbs.) may feel this differently.

The Luxe Classic

  • Back – As with the Luxe Classic, Firmer, my weight was pretty evenly distributed in this position. Lying on my back, I could really tell just how much memory foam is incorporated into this mattress as I sank snuggly through the top layers. This provided fantastic pressure relief, but did leave me feeling a bit stuck as the bed embraced me in its cozy hug.
  • Side – This softness translated beautifully to my side, where I detected the alleviation of pressure at both my hips and shoulders. As you’ll note in the graphic, hardly any tension formed at these side sleeper problem zones, which tells me this would make an awesome bed for those who doze primarily on their sides.
  • Stomach – Once I got onto my stomach, I did notice that my hips were sinking into the structure, which isn’t great for stomach sleepers. While the graphic may not make this clear, this sinkage resulted in the formation of pressure at my chest as my back went out of its straight alignment.

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Next up, let’s talk a bit about motion transfer, or the amount of movement you’re likely to detect from one side of the bed to the other. This test will be especially important for those of you who plan on sharing your bed with a partner, as it’ll let you know if their midnight stumbles to the bathroom are going to disturb your sleep.

To illustrate this motion transfer, I dropped a 10 lb. steel ball from heights of 4 inches, 8 inches and 12 inches and measured the disturbance it caused: the bigger the lines, the bigger the disturbance.

Allswell Mattress Motion Transfer
Motion transfer when a ball is dropped from 4 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches above the bed

The Luxe Classic, Firmer

In my opinion, these are high motion transfer results. While the individually wrapped coils do an alright job of isolating motion, the bounce of the firmer foams up top don’t really do much to dissipate the disturbance. That being said, you are likely to feel your partner moving around at night, which is an important thing to keep in mind if you’re a particularly light sleeper.

The Luxe Classic

Given that the Softer Allswell has considerably less bounce than the Firmer version, it’s no surprise that it also has better motion transfer results. The thick layers of memory foam work to absorb and disperse movement throughout the entire structure, so you’re not likely to be too disturbed by your bed mate’s movements. With that in mind, I’d say this could make a great mattress for couples, as long as you’re both down for a memory foam feel.


When buying a new bed, most people want to know whether they’ll feel like they’re sinking “into” the mattress or laying “on top” of it.

To visualize this sinkage, I placed four balls of varying sizes and densities (a 6 lb medicine ball, a 10 lb steel ball, a 50 lb medicine ball, and a 100 lb medicine ball) on the Allswell mattresses and measured how much they compressed the surface.

I’m anticipating that these Allswell Home beds will have pretty different amounts of sinkage, but let’s run the test just to make sure.

Allswell Mattress Sinkage SoftFirm
Allswell mattress sinkage

The Luxe Classic, Firmer

  • 6 lb medicine ball: 1 inch of sinkage.
  • 10 lb steel ball: 1.5 inches of sinkage.
  • 50 lb medicine ball: 3.5 inches of sinkage.
  • 100 lb medicine ball: 5 inches of sinkage.

When comparing these rates of sinkage to other mattress reviews I’ve done, I can say these results are below average across the board. The pocketed coil system and the bouncy transition layer do a good job of lifting the sleeper up and out of the bed, so you’re not likely to feel stuck in the Allswell Firm. This is especially good news for stomach sleepers who, as I mentioned in the Pressure section, benefit most from this kind of firm support.

The Luxe Classic

  • 6 lb medicine ball: 1.5 inch of sinkage.
  • 10 lb steel ball: 2 inches of sinkage.
  • 50 lb medicine ball: 4 inches of sinkage.
  • 100 lb medicine ball: 6 inches of sinkage.

These results are consistent with other all-foam mattresses I’ve tested and tell me that you’re going to experience plenty of sinkage from the Softer Allswell. The thick memory foam layers produce an intense amount of body contouring, so you’re more likely to feel as though you’re sleeping “in” the bed as opposed to “on top” of it.


And finally, edge support, which will matter to you If you’re going to share your bed with a partner and need to use the entire surface area of the mattress.

The Luxe Classic, Firmer

Allswell Firm Back
Laying on my back near the edge of the Allswell Firm

Lying on my back near the side of the bed, I felt as secure as I did in the center. My weight was evenly distributed and the support layer did a fantastic job of keeping me on top of the bed. As I scooted closer to the edge, I noticed some slight compression through the top foam layers, but still felt solid solid.

Allswell Firm Side
Laying on my side near the edge of the Allswell Firm

Rolling onto my side, I continued to feel well supported at the edge. You’ll notice some compression in the photograph above, but the pocketed coil system worked to lift me up and out of the structure so I never felt stuck or as if I’d roll out of bed.

Allswell Firm Edge Support
Sitting on the edge of the Allswell Firm

In this position, I wanted to simulate what it would feel like to be sitting on the bed in the morning when you’re lacing up your shoes and getting ready for the day. A lot of mattresses experience severe compression in this position, but the Allswell Firm actually held up super well.

The Luxe Classic

Allswell Soft Back
Laying on my back near the edge of the Allswell soft

As with the Firm version of the Allswell, I had a pretty similar feeling at the edge as I did in the center. Moving closer to the side, you’ll notice that my body did sink through those softer top layers, but not in a way that made me feel like I’d fall out of the bed.

Allswell Soft Side
Laying on my side near the edge of the Allswell soft

Here, you can really see how deeply the foam sections of the Allswell Soft contour to the curves of the body. While this cushiony support does appear to affect the bed’s edge support, the firmer foam in the base of the mattress actually helps to maintain its shape even as I pressed in further to the side.

Allswell Soft Edge
Sitting near the edge of the Allswell soft

Again, in this position, I wanted to demonstrate what it would feel like to sit on the bed when you’re putting on your socks in the morning or getting ready for bed at night. While the Soft demonstrated decent edge support in this position, it couldn’t really stand up to the fantastic support of the Luxe Classic, Firmer.


  • Sleep Trial: 100 days.
  • Warranty: 10 years.
  • Shipping: Shipped directly to your door, compressed in a box. Costs include $25 ground shipping for all mattresses and $99 for white glove service. I should note that Allswell Home beds are not available to try in retail locations (such as Walmart) just yet, hence the 100 night trial period.

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sl-table__image Allswell Allswell Allswell Mattress Coupon
  • Use code SLEEPOPOLIS15 to save 15% on your purchase of an Allswell mattress!
  • Use code SLEEPOPOLIS15 to save 15% on your purchase of an Allswell mattress!
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Allswell Mattress Cover

If you’re convinced one of these Allswells is the right mattress for you, the size and pricing information for the beds are below. Please note that these prices reflect standard pricing, but you can save %15 on your purchase of an Allswell mattress with the code SLEEPOPOLIS15!

SizeDimensionsWeight (soft)Weight (firm)Price
Twin39” x 75 x 12"44 lbs.62 lbs.$345
Full54” x 75” x 12”61 lbs.79 lbs.$485
Queen60” x 80” x 12”71 lbs.90 lbs.$585
King76” x 80” x 12”89 lbs.113 lbs.$745

*The Allswell Supreme Queen is the same size as a standard King.


Walmart Allswell Soft or Firm
How to decide between the Allswell soft and firm (and competing mattress brands)

Now that we’ve looked at these two Allswells side by side, let’s take a moment to compare and contrast them so you can figure out which one is right for you. Below, I’ve highlighted the different sleepers for whom I’d recommend each bed:

The Luxe Classic, Firmer

  • Stomach sleepers – As we discussed throughout the review, this is a firm mattress and would make a welcome addition to any stomach sleeper’s bedroom. The pocketed coil system will keep your hips lifted up and out of the bed resulting in a nice spinal alignment.
  • Don’t want to feel stuck – If you’re a sleeper who doesn’t want to feel stuck in your bed, the Luxe Classic, Firmer could be a great option for you. The transition layer coupled with the individually wrapped coils will leave you feeling like you’re sleeping “on top” of the mattress as opposed to “in” it.
  • Heavier sleepers – For heavier sleepers in search of quality support, the Luxe Classic, Firmer might be the mattress for you. It features a lot of bounce as well as some strong lift, so could be excellent for those sleepers who tend to feel stuck in other beds.

The Luxe Classic

  • Side sleepers – The Allswell Soft would make a fantastic bed for strict side sleepers. The all-foam construction lends itself to some excellent pressure relief while the thick layers of memory foam produce plenty of cushy support for your hips and shoulders.
  • Want a memory foam feel – Speaking of memory foam, this bed would also be ideal for anyone with a strong preference for the material. Since there’s so much of the stuff in this mattress, the entire structure embodies the best aspects of the classic foam, namely its body contouring and sinkage properties.
  • Couples – If both you and your bed mate like memory foam, the Luxe Classic could be a nice model for you. The excellent motion transfer results tell me that you’re not likely to be too disturbed by your partner’s movements.


  • Want a luxury feel at a value price – Regardless of the Allswell you choose, you’re going to get a lot of bang for your buck. Each model’s Queen size costs just $855, which is pretty excellent for the quality of the materials used.
  • Need pressure relief – Both Allswell models feature solid pressure relief because of the soft foams used in their respective top layers. While the amount differs between the beds, you’re sure to experience immediate comfort when lying on either mattress.
  • Ties to national brand – Though Allswell Home is a new voice on the scene, it is powered by Walmart, which suggests that it’s likely to stick around for awhile. This sets it apart from other bed-in-a-box startups and tells me that it’s especially well poised to deliver on warranty promises and product availability.

For more information on the Allswell mattresses, check them out here!

Allswell Luxe Classic
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Allswell’s hybrid mattress featured a quilted cover with 3 inches of memory and super soft foam for immediate pressure relief. Even with this plush-feeling cover, I found this mattress to trend a bit toward the firmer side. The Allswell’s hybrid mattress also has good bounce, and I would recommend it for stomach sleepers.

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