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Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress Review

The Serta Perfect Sleeper is a hybrid mattress featuring cooling gel memory foam and pocketed coils. This durable, medium-firm mattress should be popular with most side, back, and combination sleepers, and is also a great choice for heavier folks.

This high quality mattress is a crowd-pleaser, but is it a good fit for you? Read my full Perfect Sleeper review to find out! I’ll discuss this bed’s construction and feel, and compare it to some other popular mattresses on the market.

If you’re in a hurry, you can skip down to my review summary below to get a quick overview of this mattress.

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Serta Perfect Sleeper
Serta Perfect Sleeper
Serta Perfect Sleeper

The Serta Perfect sleeper is a high-quality hybrid mattress with an optional pillow top.

Brand Snapshot

Serta Simmons is one of the most trusted mattress brands in the industry. Back in 2010, Serta teamed up with the National Sleep Foundation to redesign its Perfect Sleeper Mattress line. You can rest easy knowing Serta takes into account common sleep problems like lack of support and tossing and turning when it designs its mattresses.

After the Perfect Sleeper line, Serta introduced its iComfort sleep system. I’ll compare the Serta Perfect Sleeper to the Serta iComfort Blue and iComfort 100 later on in this review. I’ll also compare the Perfect Sleeper to another popular pillow top mattress, the Helix Luxe.

First, let’s take a look inside the Serta Perfect Sleeper.

What is the Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress Made Of?

This 16 inch pillow top mattress combines gel memory foam and an innerspring coil system for a soft but supportive feel. Serta makes a few different models of the Perfect Sleeper; I tested out the Renewed Night Firm Pillow Top model. You can get the Renewed Night model without a pillow top in extra firm, medium, and plush. You also have the option of adding up to two extra layers of memory foam to the Perfect Sleeper for an even plusher feel.

Depending on which model you decide on, there will be a few variations in the mattress’s construction. I’ll break down the Renewed Night model here to give you a general idea of what the Perfect Sleep line feels like.

Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress
The Serta Perfect Sleeper in the Sleepopolis studio for review.

Cover — The Perfect Sleeper’s CoolFeel™ cover is made of a breathable polyester blend. This fabric is made with HeiQ Vblock™ antimicrobial technology, and should help prevent harmful microorganisms from growing on your sleep surface. The cover is also quilted with polyurethane (poly) foam to give this mattress a pillow-soft feel.

Pillow Top — The Perfect Sleeper’s pillow top is made of responsive poly foam. This soft foam should make it easy to change positions on the mattress without feeling stuck, making this Serta a great fit for side and combination sleepers.

Transition Layer — Next up is a gel foam transition layer. The Perfect Sleeper includes a layer of memory foam infused with cooling gel to offer additional comfort. Because this memory foam layer is below the poly foam pillow top, you won’t feel as “stuck” in this mattress as you would in a traditional memory foam mattress. The cool twist gel memory foam in the Serta also sleeps cooler than traditional memory foam.

Support Layer — The Perfect Sleeper uses a pocketed coil support system. Its coils are individually wrapped in fabric, so they’ll move independently from each other. This will help the coils isolate motion and provide custom support to each sleeper. These coils extend all the way to the edge of the mattress and are surrounded by Serta’s “Best Edge Foam Encasement” to provide additional edge support to this bed.

Serta Perfect Sleeper layers
A look at the layers of the Serta Perfect Sleeper.

What Does the Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress Feel Like?

Let’s move on to how the Perfect Sleeper feels. Remember, feel is subjective, and a mattress can feel firmer or softer to different sleepers depending on their body weights and preferred sleeping positions. For reference, I’m 5’10”, about 190 lbs., and prefer to sleep on my stomach.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Firmness Graphic
The Serta Perfect Sleeper on the firmness scale.

The Renewed Night Perfect Sleeper I tested had a nice medium-firm feel. I’d rate it at about 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, which is the industry standard for medium firmness. Remember, Serta offers a few different Perfect Sleeper models, so you should be able to find the comfort level that works for you, even if you’re not looking for a medium-firm mattress.

The Renewed Night Perfect Sleeper’s combination of pillow top pressure relief and innerspring support makes it a great fit for side and back sleepers who like a plush feeling top layer, but can still benefit from a supportive core. Since I didn’t have trouble moving around on this bed, I think side and back combination sleepers could also find a lot to like about this Serta.

I also like the Perfect Sleeper for heavier sleepers who like medium-firm feel. The Serta’s innerspring coils should be able to properly support their weight without sagging in the middle.

This mattress is a little too soft for stomach sleepers; they need firmer support at their hips to prevent back pain. If you’re a stomach sleeper looking at the Serta Perfect Sleeper line, I’d recommend checking out the extra firm renewed night model without the optional pillow top. You can also check out our Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers roundup for more ideas.

Up to $400 Off!
Serta Perfect Sleeper
Serta Perfect Sleeper
Serta Perfect Sleeper

The Serta Perfect sleeper is a high-quality hybrid mattress with an optional pillow top.

Testing the Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress

To give you a more objective idea of what this mattress might feel like, I ran it through some tests in the Sleepopolis studio. I took a look at motion transfer, pressure relief, and edge support on the Perfect Sleeper to give you a complete picture of how this bed would perform in real life.

Pressure Relief

A bed’s ability to alleviate pressure at the shoulders and hips is an important factor for every sleeper to consider. It’s especially important if you’re a side sleeper, as you’ll want a bed that allows your shoulders and hips to sink into the mattress so they don’t get stiff and sore overnight.

To measure the pressure relief on the Perfect Sleeper, I used a pressure map. I laid the mat out on the mattress and then lay on top of the mat in different positions. You’ll see the pressure map range from red and yellow in high pressure areas to green and blue in low pressure areas as it measures how much pressure the Perfect Sleeper is putting on different parts of my body.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Pressure Map
The Serta Perfect Sleeper’s pressure map.

Back — This mattress is a great choice for back sleepers. As you can see, the pressure map is mostly blue, and I felt a lot of gentle back support. I could tell my hips and shoulders were level and my spine was in a straight line. A straight spine is important for avoiding back pain and stiffness, so I was pleased that the Perfect Sleeper felt nice and supportive across my back.

Back sleeping on the Serta Perfect Sleeper
Testing the Serta Perfect Sleeper on my back.

Side — The map showed a little bit of green around my shoulders when I was on my side, but I think that’s an acceptable level of pressure. I felt pressure relieving sinkage around my shoulders and hips on this mattress, so I think it’s a good fit for the side sleepers out there. If you’re a strict side sleeper who loves ultra plush feeling mattresses, you can consider adding additional memory foam layers to your Perfect Sleeper for even more cushion.

Side sleeping on Serta Perfect Sleeper
Testing the Serta Perfect Sleeper on my side.

Stomach — The pressure map doesn’t tell the whole story for stomach sleepers here. It’s blue across the board, but I did feel my hips sink into the pillow top of this mattress. Over time that bend will cause lower back pain and soreness, so I would not recommend this Perfect Sleeper to stomach sleepers. If you’re a stomach sleeper interested in a Serta Perfect Sleeper I’d recommend choosing a firmer option without a pillow top.

Stomach sleeping on the Serta Perfect Sleeper
Testing the Serta Perfect Sleeper on my stomach.

Motion Transfer

Next up I tested the motion transfer on the Serta Perfect Sleeper. Motion transfer is the measure of how much movement travels from one side of the mattress to the other. A bed with low motion transfer, or good motion isolation, is great for anyone who sleeps with a partner, child, or pet. The lower your bed’s motion transfer is, the less disturbed you’ll feel by movement.

To test the motion transfer on the Perfect Sleeper, I dropped a steel ball onto one side of the bed from varying heights and had a seismometer measure how much of that motion traveled to the other side of the bed. Take a look at my test results below.

Serta Perfect Sleeper motion transfer scores
The Serta Perfect Sleeper’s motion transfer scores.

The soft foams on top of the Serta Perfect Sleeper did a nice job isolating motion. You shouldn’t feel too disturbed by a restless partner or a pet jumping onto the bed on this mattress. I’d recommend this bed to couples for this reason. The popular medium firm feel of the mattress should also make it a good fit for partners who may have slightly different firmness preferences.

The Perfect Sleeper is also quite responsive. I didn’t feel stuck when I rolled around and changed positions on this bed. That’s a great sign for any combination sleepers interested in purchasing this mattress.

Edge Support

The last test I performed on the Perfect Sleeper was the edge support test. Edge support is a measure of how sturdy the sides of your mattress are. If a mattress has good edge support, it won’t collapse under your weight when you roll all the way to the side of the bed. The best mattress for couples will have strong edge support so that sleepers can use the whole surface area of their bed without feeling unstable.

I was really impressed with the Perfect Sleeper’s edge support. The extra firm foam around its edges did a great job supporting my weight. If you are planning to share this bed with a partner you should be able to spread out across the entire mattress without feeling like you’re going to fall off.

Up to $400 Off!
Serta Perfect Sleeper
Serta Perfect Sleeper
Serta Perfect Sleeper

The Serta Perfect sleeper is a high-quality hybrid mattress with an optional pillow top.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress Vs.

Let’s take a look at how the Perfect Sleeper stacks up against a few other mattresses on the market. We’ll compare the Perfect Sleeper to some of Serta’s iComfort models later on, but first let’s take a look at how it compares to the Helix Luxe Mattress.

Helix Luxe Mattress

  • The Helix Luxe is made with five layers of memory foam, and all that added pressure relief earned it a spot on our Best Mattress for Sciatica list. So sleepers who suffer from sciatica should definitely check out this mattress, which offers a little more sinkage than the Perfect Sleeper.
  • Like the Perfect Sleeper, the Helix Luxe sleeps cool. Hot sleepers looking for a memory-foam feel might like this mattress.
  • The Helix Luxe is not as bouncy as the Perfect Sleeper. Sleepers looking for a bouncy mattress might be happier on the Serta.
  • Interested in learning more about the Helix Luxe? Take a look at my Helix Luxe Mattress Review.

Other Serta Models

Next, I’ll compare the Serta Perfect Sleeper to two popular Serta Mattresses, the Serta iComfort Blue 100 mattress and the Serta iComfort Hybrid mattress.

Serta Perfect Sleeper vs Serta iComfort Blue 100

  • Unlike the Perfect Sleeper, the iComfort Blue is an all-foam mattress. The iComfort Blue offers super deep contouring, so sleepers who are looking for the classic memory foam feel might prefer it over the Perfect Sleeper.
  • The iComfort Blue is not as responsive as the Perfect Sleeper, so combination sleepers who don’t like to sink into their mattresses will probably prefer the bouncier Perfect Sleeper.
  • Unlike the Serta Perfect Sleeper, the iComfort Blue is compatible with Serta’s motion essentials adjustable base. If you’d like to use an adjustable base, you should consider one of the iComfort line beds.
  • Want to learn more about this mattress? Check out my full Serta iComfort Blue 100 Mattress Review.

Serta Perfect Sleeper vs Serta iComfort Hybrid

  • The iComfort Hybrid is offered in an extra firm and soft pillow top model. Both models include high-density poly foam edge support, so like the Perfect Sleeper, the iComfort Hybrid is a great fit for couples.
  • Stomach sleepers will prefer the iComfort Hybrid extra firm over both the pillow top iComfort and the Perfect Sleeper. Its firm support should prevent their hips from sinking into the mattress.
  • Like the Perfect Sleeper, the iComfort Hybrid has a classic innerspring feel. Combination sleepers looking for a new mattress with good bounce might want to check out both of these Serta lines.
  • Learn more about this bed in my Serta Mattress Review — iComfort Hybrid.

Should You Buy the Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress?

Here are some final thoughts to help you decide if the Serta Perfect Sleeper is right for you.

Serta Perfect Sleepers Pros

  • Side Sleepers should find a lot to love about the Perfect Sleeper. Its cushioning pillow top should offer enough pressure point relief to help them sleep comfortably throughout the night.
  • The Perfect Sleeper is also a good fit for back sleepers. The innerspring coils in this mattress will provide gentle support at the lower back to help these sleepers avoid pain.
  • This innerspring mattress should work well for heavier sleepers. It’s well-made with durable coils that should support their weight. And its strong edge support means these folks should be able to spread out on the entire mattress.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Cons

  • The Renewed Night Perfect Sleeper is a little too soft for stomach sleepers. These folks should look for a firmer mattress to make sure they have enough support at the hips.
  • Memory Foam Lovers will probably prefer a different mattress. You can check out other models of the Perfect Sleeper, like the Luminous Sleep, that include additional memory foam if you’re interested in a more body-contouring mattress.

How Much Does the Serta Perfect Sleeper Cost?

If you’re interested in purchasing the Serta Perfect Sleeper, you’re probably wondering how much it costs. You can use the pricing chart below to compare Serta prices and sizes. And be sure to check out our Sleepopolis Serta coupon page to score a great deal!

Price listed will be before discount or offer for each size.

Up to $400 Off!
Serta Perfect Sleeper
Serta Perfect Sleeper
Serta Perfect Sleeper

The Serta Perfect sleeper is a high-quality hybrid mattress with an optional pillow top.

Twin38" x 75" x 16"$999
Twin XL38" x 80" x 16"$1,029
Full54" x "75" x 16"$1,079
Queen60" x 80" x 16"$1,099
King76" x 80" x 16"$1,499
Cal King72" x 84" x 16"$1,499

Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress Policies

Shipping — Free
Trial Period — 120 Days
Warranty — 10 Years


Can you flip a Serta Perfect Sleeper?

No, you can’t flip the Serta Perfect Sleeper. This mattress is built from the top down, so if you flip it you’ll be sleeping on its hard base layer, which would not be comfortable. If you’re worried about wear, you can rotate your Serta 180 degrees every six months.

How long does a Serta Perfect Sleeper Last?

The Serta perfect sleeper should last you five to eight years. You should check any mattress for signs of wear or sagging after about five years. If you’re looking for an ultra-long-lasting mattress, consider one of our Best Latex Mattresses. Latex mattresses can last for ten to twelve years.

Does a Serta Perfect Sleeper need a box spring?

Serta recommends using the Serta Perfect Sleeper Foundation with this mattress to prevent wear. The Serta Perfect Sleeper Foundation is a regular profile box spring. If you choose not to use a box spring, you should place your mattress on a hard flat surface like a platform bed. Some Serta mattress warranties can be voided if you don’t use a box spring, so be sure to check your warranty when deciding whether or not to use a box spring.

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