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Nectar Lush Mattress Review

The Nectar Lush is the second mattress from Nectar. It’s an all-foam, bed-in-a-box mattress with a classic memory foam feel. Could the Nectar Lush be the new hit mattress from the Nectar brand?

Because the Nectar Lush is brand-spanking-new, I was excited to take this mattress on a test run. I put it through my full range of tests so I could give you a comprehensive review, and I’m excited to share my findings!

Ready to learn more about the new mattress on the block? Read on for my full review! Or skip down to my review summary if you’re short on time.

$399 in Free Gifts
Nectar Lush Mattress
Nectar Lush Mattress
Nectar Lush Mattress

The Nectar Lush uses thick memory foam for a gentle feel that side sleepers will love. Use this link to check the current discount offer!

Brand Snapshot

Since its 2017 launch, Nectar has become one of the most popular online mattress brands. The company made its first splash with its original Nectar mattress, a pressure-relieving bed built with thick layers of memory foam. Since then, the company has added several products to its line-up, including adjustable bases, pillows, sheets, weighted blankets, and, of course, the Nectar Lush!

We won’t review all those products today, but we will take a moment later in this review to see how the original Nectar and Nectar Lush stack up. But before we do that, let’s get to know the Nectar Lush.

The Nectar Lush
The Nectar Lush mattress in the Sleepopolis bedroom

What Is the Nectar Lush Made Of?

The Nectar Lush is a 12-inch tall, all-foam mattress that uses several types of foam in its layers (namely, memory foam, Energex foam, and high-density poly foam). All that foam creates a bed that’s soft and pressure-relieving. The mattress also has a couple features that should keep it sleeping cool.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside of the Nectar Lush!

Cover – The cover is thin, breathable, and cool to the touch. This helps the entire bed sleep cooler.

Comfort Layer – Beneath the cover, you’ll find 3” of gel memory foam. This layer has a classic memory foam feel, including body-contouring, a slow response to pressure, and great pressure relief. These qualities might appeal to side sleepers, who need to sink into a mattress to avoid tension around the shoulder and hip. Meanwhile, the gel helps draw heat away from the sleeper so you won’t overheat while sinking into the bed.

Trying the Nectar Lush
Trying out the Nectar Lush

Transition Layer – Next up is a 2” transitional layer of Energex foam. This material offers some of the same pressure relief as the comfort layer above, but it has a quicker response to pressure. This eases the sleeper from the comfort layer to the more supportive layer below.

Base Layer – Finally, you’ll find a base layer made from 7” of high-density poly foam. This is a firm material that has a quick response to pressure and offers plenty of support. Thanks to this layer, the mattress should work for back sleepers, who need a mattress that’s both pressure-relieving and supportive enough to keep their hips elevated and aligned with the spine.

Nectar Lush Materials
The materials used in the layers of the Nectar Lush

How Firm is the Nectar Lush Mattress?

Now that we know what’s inside the Nectar Lush, we can begin to understand what it feels like to lie on this bed. Let’s kick things off by looking at the mattress’s firmness!

First, a quick reminder: Firmness is fairly subjective. Your personal preferences and your body weight, shape, and size will all affect how firm a mattress feels to you — and the same goes for me! So keep in mind that my firmness assessment isn’t the be-all and end-all here.

Nectar Lush Firmness
I found the Nectar Lush to be on the softer side

Based on my personal experience with this mattress, I gave it around a 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The industry standard for medium firmness is 6.5, so this puts the mattress squarely in the “soft” category.

You know what’s inside the Nectar Lush, so you might be able to guess why it’s on the softer side! The thick memory foam comfort layer and the Energex transitional layer add up to 5” of pressure-relieving foam that let sleepers sink deeply into the mattress. These qualities should appeal to side sleepers, who need plenty of body-contouring and pressure relief to avoid feeling “jammed up” at the shoulder or hip. The bed could also appeal to back sleepers who like sinking into foam.

$399 in Free Gifts
Nectar Lush Mattress
Nectar Lush Mattress
Nectar Lush Mattress

The Nectar Lush uses thick memory foam for a gentle feel that side sleepers will love. Use this link to check the current discount offer!

Testing the Nectar Lush Mattress

Firmness can tell you a lot about a mattress, but it’s not the whole story. To really understand whether a mattress is a good match for you, it’s also important to consider Pressure Relief and Motion Transfer. So let’s do that now!

Pressure Relief

Pressure Relief refers to a bed’s ability to alleviate tension at sensitive areas such as the hips, lower back, and shoulders. It tells you whether a mattress will ease pressure on various parts of your body so you can sleep comfortably in your preferred sleep position.

To test the Pressure Relief on the Nectar Lush, I got an assist from my handy pressure map. I place this device on top of the mattress, climb aboard, and let the map track my body’s force as I try different positions. Low-pressure areas are highlighted in blue, and the highest pressure areas show up as red.

Nectar Lush Pressure
The Nectar Lush performed well on the pressure map test

Back – When I’m lying on my back, my weight feels evenly distributed. I sink into the memory foam comfort layer a bit and feel some body-contouring. This bed could appeal to back sleepers who love the feel of a memory foam bed.

Side – On my side, I’m finding the soft feel of the mattress to be a huge plus. I’m enjoying plenty of pressure relief at the shoulder and hip, and I feel really comfortable in this position. This mattress could be a great pick for side sleepers.

Stomach – When I’m on my stomach, I’m not feeling any pressure points — but I also don’t feel enough support from this soft mattress. My hips bow into the bed a bit, which throws my spine out of alignment. Strict stomach sleepers will probably need to look for a firmer mattress.

Nectar Lush Side Sleepers
The Nectar Lush is great for side sleepers

Motion Transfer

Like Pressure Relief, Motion Transfer plays a big role in determining whether a mattress fits your sleep needs. The concept is all about whether you’ll feel a sleeping partner’s movements if they shift around during the night. This assessment is especially relevant for folks who share a bed with a partner, child, or pet.

To test out motion transfer on the Nectar Lush, I dropped a 10 lb. steel ball from three heights: 4 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches. These heights mimic different movements, from tossing and turning to getting out of bed or jumping on top of it. Then I measured the disturbance caused by each of these drops. The bigger the lines, the bigger the disturbance!

Nectar Lush Motion Transfer
The Nectar Lush was incredible at isolating motion transfer

As you know, this is an all-foam mattress with a thick layer of memory foam. Memory foam usually does a good job of isolating motion, so I was curious to see how the Nectar Lush would perform. As I expected, the foam did a great job of reducing motion transfer across the mattress. In fact, when it comes to motion transfer, this is one of the best-performing mattresses I’ve ever reviewed!

$399 in Free Gifts
Nectar Lush Mattress
Nectar Lush Mattress
Nectar Lush Mattress

The Nectar Lush uses thick memory foam for a gentle feel that side sleepers will love. Use this link to check the current discount offer!

Nectar vs Nectar Lush

As I mentioned above, Nectar also sells the original Nectar, which is one of the most popular online mattresses around. So you’re probably wondering how the Nectar Lush compares to its older sibling! Here’s a quick overview of how these mattresses stack up.

Original Nectar

  • Like the Nectar Lush, the original Nectar is an all-foam, bed-in-a-box mattress that uses memory foam for comfort. You should enjoy body-contouring and pressure relief on both mattresses.
  • The original Nectar’s cover is quilted with foam, which makes it less breathable than the thin cover on the Nectar Lush. For this reason, the Nectar Lush feels cooler to the touch.
  • The original Nectar is a little firmer than the Lush. It should be suitable for back sleepers (who need support to keep their spine aligned) as well as side sleepers (who need plenty of pressure relief to avoid pressure at the shoulder or hip).
  • The original Nectar is significantly more affordable than the Nectar Lush.
  • Read my Nectar mattress review to learn more.

Is the Nectar Lush Mattress Right for You?

Huzzah, you’ve nearly made it to the end of this review! Before we part ways, just one question remains: Is the Nectar Lush right for you? I can’t answer that for you, but I can leave you with a summary of my pros and cons for this mattress!

$399 in Free Gifts
Nectar Lush Mattress
Nectar Lush Mattress
Nectar Lush Mattress

The Nectar Lush uses thick memory foam for a gentle feel that side sleepers will love. Use this link to check the current discount offer!


  • This could be a great mattress for side sleepers. It’s a soft mattress that lets sleepers sink deeply into the bed and enjoy plenty of pressure relief around the shoulder and hip.
  • The bed does a decent job of sleeping cool. It has a thin, breathable cover that’s cool to the touch, and the gel in the memory foam helps draw heat away from the sleeper.
  • The Nectar Lush does a fantastic job of minimizing motion transfer. This could be a great option for folks who share their bed with a partner or pet. A big benefit for a lot of the best memory foam mattresses out there.


  • This probably isn’t a great choice for strict stomach sleepers. The bed is on the softer side, so it likely won’t offer enough support to keep a stomach sleeper’s hips aligned with their spine.
  • Due to its thick memory foam layer, this bed has a slow response to pressure and lacks bounce. And because you sink into the mattress, some folks might feel kind of “stuck” in the bed. If you like bounce or you prefer to feel like you’re sleeping on top of a bed (instead of “in” it), you’ll probably want to look elsewhere.
Relaxing on the Nectar Lush
Relaxing on the Nectar Lush


  • Trial: 365 Nights
  • Shipping & Returns: Free
  • Warranty: Forever

How Much Does The Nectar Lush Cost?

Be sure to check our Nectar coupon page to see if there are any current discounts available for the Nectar Lush.

$399 in Free Gifts
Nectar Lush Mattress
Nectar Lush Mattress
Nectar Lush Mattress

The Nectar Lush uses thick memory foam for a gentle feel that side sleepers will love. Use this link to check the current discount offer!

Twin39” x 75” x 12”$1,099
Twin XL39” x 80” x 12”$1,149
Full54” x 75” x 12”$1,349
Queen60” x 80” x 12”$1,499
King76” x 80” x 12”$1,799
California King72” x 84” x 12”$1,799


Do Nectar mattresses get softer?

Yes. Over time, all mattresses will soften up. To slow down this process, aim to rotate your bed 180 degrees every 6 months. 

Are memory foam mattresses good?

It really depends on what you’re looking for in a mattress. If you’re a side sleeper in need of a lot of pressure relief, a thick memory foam comfort layer can help you sleep comfortably. The same goes for folks who like body contouring and the feeling of sinking into their bed.

Does a mattress in a box need a boxspring?

For the most part, no. Bed-in-a-box mattresses such as the Nectar Lush are generally designed to work with slotted bed frames (and without a boxspring).

Nectar Lush Mattress
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