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Haven Hybrid LUX Bed Review

The 14” Haven Hybrid LUX is the Haven Mattress company’s luxury product. The company produces two versions with different firmness levels. Double trouble! But having two bedding options that focus on a particular type of sleeper should mean a higher chance you’ll find something you really love. It’s certainly helpful to understand your options in precise detail from top to bottom, and that’s what I’m here for.

So, I’m going to put both versions of the Haven Hybrid LUX under the microscope to figure out their differences and see which sleeper might like them best.

The detailed version of the LUX review starts immediately below. Short on time? Click here for the summarized version, and feel free to bookmark the page and come back for more.

Save $50
Haven LUX Mattress
Haven LUX Mattress
Haven LUX Mattress

The Haven LUX is a hybrid that comes in both soft and firm support levels, so sleepers will be able to find the comfort they need for their sleep position. Use code SLEEPOPOLIS to save $50 on your purchase.

The Haven Mattress Company

The Haven Hybrid LUX is a product of the Canadia mattress company Haven. Haven has a full selection of sheets, frames, and mattresses, all focused on sustainable design. They do some good for the world around them as well through a sales-based give-back program, and helps its clients around Canada after a purchase with free shipping to all ten Canadian provinces. They also ship to the company’s territories on a case-by-case basis.

The LUX is the thickest mattress that Haven makes. At an impressive 14” tall, the company certainly has the room to fit the right technologies in the LUX for a luxury experience. Its price point puts it in competition with some of the more high performing mattresses out there. I expect to see a good range of features going in, and I’m excited to see what the LUX feels like.

Haven Hybrid
The Haven LUX in the Sleepopolis bedroom

What is the Haven LUX Made of?

The LUX is a hybrid mattress, combining foam and spring coil layers together to create its firmness and feel. Both versions of the LUX I reviewed have similar materials in their layers, featuring Talalay latex as well as high-density foams and coils. The LUX also uses a cover of bamboo and Celliant, prioritizing natural and sustainable materials with low levels of chemicals.

Below, I’ll take apart the Haven’s layers to see if the LUX really puts the lux- in luxury!

Cover – Bamboo and Celliant work together to provide a breathable layer that draws heat away from the sleeper. The LUX is intended to sleep cooler because of this characteristic, even though the cover is quilted to provide a more comfortable feel on first contact. In keeping with the sustainable, organic nature of the brand, some research on Celliant has shown that it improves blood flow and recycles the body’s energy for a better sleep.

Pillow top – After the quilted bamboo and Celliant, the LUX places a thin layer of aerated latex to help with sleeping cool. Latex is known for its gentle feel and quick response to pressure, creating an even softer experience when combined with the cover. Next, a layer of microcoils and memory foam balance bounciness with a slow response to pressure. Together, the elements in this interestingly designed pillow top layer lets the sleeper sink into the bed without feeling stuck in the mattress.

Haven Hybrid Mattress
Close up look at the Haven LUX’s pillow top

Support – Pocketed coils provide a good level of bounce and durability to the LUX, giving the bed its shape while stopping any undue sinkage into the mattress. They also provide balance to the softer layer of memory foam directly above, compensating for its slower response to pressure without interfering with its contouring qualities.

Edge Support – Coming outside of the coils, I find a firm layer of HD poly foam that is specifically meant to support the edges of the LUX. With this durable foam layer holding up the perimeter, couples can move to the edge of the mattress without feeling as though they’re going to fall off the bed.

Thoughts: Overall, this is a uniquely constructed mattress with a balance of qualities that widen its appeal. There is a balance between pressure relief and support in both LUXes, and below, I’ll talk more about how the bed makes this happen.

Now that you know what’s under the covers, let’s take a look at how all this uniquely constructed stuff actually feels.

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Haven Hybrid Materials
Checking out the materials used in the construction of the Haven

How the Haven Hybrid LUX Mattress Feels

The firmness test I run for both mattresses involves testing for different body types. The LUX version that Haven calls “soft” is objectively softer than the “firm” version. However, different body types, sizes, and shapes will feel firmness in different ways. To simulate this, the firmness score you see below is the average of the scores that I and my colleagues gave the mattresses. The scale ranges from 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest. 6.5 is the industry standard for medium firmness.

Haven Hybrid Firmness
Support levels of the different Haven LUX models

I gave the softer LUX a 6/10, so it’s certainly softer than medium firm. Strict side and combo sleepers will likely find a good night’s sleep here. The softer LUX gave me pressure relief in the side position at the shoulder area.

The firm Haven got a composite score of 7.5/10. This score puts the firmer LUX at a fairly significant difference in feel from the industry standard or the soft LUX.

The firmer LUX prioritizes body support over pressure relief, which is usually better for strict back and stomach sleepers. It seems to work better in positions where hip alignment is important for spinal alignment—namely, the back and stomach sleeping positions. The softer LUX helps side sleepers who may feel jammed up in the shoulder area (and sometimes the hips as well) in that position. The Pressure Relief test below will go over more details of how pressure works in the body/mattress interaction.

Save $50
Haven LUX Mattress
Haven LUX Mattress
Haven LUX Mattress

The Haven LUX is a hybrid that comes in both soft and firm support levels, so sleepers will be able to find the comfort they need for their sleep position. Use code SLEEPOPOLIS to save $50 on your purchase.

More Tests for the Haven Hybrid!

Pressure Relief, Bounce, and Motion Transfer are three important characteristics of a mattress, and I have a test for each one. This profile will give us more insight as to how the LUX feels in the back, side, and stomach positions and simulate many common sleeping circumstances (e.g. a restless partner getting out of bed or a combo sleeper constantly switching positions).

Pressure Relief

The pressure test I run puts a color-coded pressure map right on top of the bamboo and Celliant LUX cover. The colors on this map represent how my body is responding to the LUX in real time and also helps me figure out how I’ll react to the LUX over time.

The color codes are as follows: blue for no/low pressure, green and yellow for medium or possibly rising pressure, and red for high pressure areas/places for immediate concern.

Both LUX mattresses got the pressure test.

Haven Hybrid Pressure
Pressure map results for the Haven LUX

Back – Both mattresses performed fairly evenly when on my back. My body weight was balanced with good spinal alignment on first contact, so I expected to see all blue. This is what I saw, so, for the most part, strict back sleepers can choose the softer or firmer LUX based on personal preference. People who want to sleep more on top of the mattress will probably enjoy the firmer version. The soft version doesn’t necessarily let the sleeper sink into it past the pillow top layer, but it does give the sleeper slightly more body-contouring.

Side – Strict side sleepers may need to pay special attention to the yellow pressure I found in my shoulder on the firmer LUX. The softer version saw only a bit of green, which is much better for feeling good alignment and avoiding a “joint jam” in the shoulder after what should be a good night’s sleep!

Stomach – The soft and the firm version of the LUX gave me all blue again, which is good, but not 100% of the story. When on my stomach, I must check for support in the hips to create optimal spinal alignment. I must say that on the softer version of the LUX, I felt my hips sink a bit more into the pillow top layer. This may cause the back to bow over the night, causing aches and pains upon waking. Strict stomach sleepers may want to go for the firmer version of this mattress.

Haven Hybrid Relax
Testing out the Haven LUX mattress


After pressure relief, we test for bounce. A mattress that’s appropriately bouncy allows for greater mobility when switching positions and keeps a sleeper from feeling stuck in the mattress. The test consists of dropping a 10 lbs. ball straight down onto the LUX, watching for the behaviors I just mentioned. Does the ball get stuck in the mattress, or does it seem mobile on the bounce back?

The two layers of springs in the firmer LUX and its unique construction make for a very bouncy mattress. This is usually a good thing if you are a combo sleeper switching positions a lot during the night. The softer version has slightly less bounce, especially in the soft zone partitions of the foam layering. However, it still provides an impressive amount of give-back that adds to the mobility of the bed and ease of movement.

Save $50
Haven LUX Mattress
Haven LUX Mattress
Haven LUX Mattress

The Haven LUX is a hybrid that comes in both soft and firm support levels, so sleepers will be able to find the comfort they need for their sleep position. Use code SLEEPOPOLIS to save $50 on your purchase.

Motion Transfer

The same 10 lb. ball for my Bounce test bounces yet again for my Motion Transfer test. This time, I drop the ball from heights of 4”, 8”, and 12”. I place a seismometer across the mattress to measure how much the motion transfers across it. This test simulates what you might feel with a partner as they get out of bed. What we want to see is motion isolation during this test, because that means you get a quieter sleep if your partner is restless (or vice versa).

Haven Hybrid Motion Transfer
Motion transfer test results for the Haven LUX

Even though the LUX is a bouncy mattress, it actually performs quite well in my Motion Transfer test. There is not a great deal of motion being transferred across the mattress as I drop the balls—great news for couples. I got good motion isolation in both versions of the LUX, so couples can “rest easy” on this point.

Should You Buy the Haven LUX Mattress?

I have gone through the most important features of both the soft and firm LUX mattresses. Here, I sum them all up for you. After that, I will briefly mention the most important logistics details, and then close out!

Save $50
Haven LUX Mattress
Haven LUX Mattress
Haven LUX Mattress

The Haven LUX is a hybrid that comes in both soft and firm support levels, so sleepers will be able to find the comfort they need for their sleep position. Use code SLEEPOPOLIS to save $50 on your purchase.

LUX Mattress Recommendations

  • The pocketed coils provide great support for spinal alignment in all positions. Many sleepers may actually choose between the softer and firmer versions based on personal preference only, which is a testament to the quality of both selections.
  • The LUX has a lot of “spring in its step,” but this bounciness balances well with motion isolation. Combo sleepers should find this advantageous, because the mobility the LUX provides makes switching sleeping positions easy.
  • Couples should have a good experience with both versions of the LUX, because both versions come with good edge support.

LUX Mattress Complaints

  • The LUX tends to sleep hot. If you commonly overheat during the night, you may want to take this into consideration.
  • In both versions, the LUX does not really have the ability to contour to your body. The support in the coils that helps to keep good spinal alignment also keeps you from sinking into the mattress. If you prefer that sinking feeling, then there may be a better mattress for you.
Haven Hybrid Side
Side sleeping on the Haven LUX


  • Trial – 100 Nights
  • Warranty – 10 Years
  • Shipping – Free and Compressed
  • Pricing – $799—$1,449 CAD

How Much Does the Haven Hybrid Cost?

Save $50
Haven LUX Mattress
Haven LUX Mattress
Haven LUX Mattress

The Haven LUX is a hybrid that comes in both soft and firm support levels, so sleepers will be able to find the comfort they need for their sleep position. Use code SLEEPOPOLIS to save $50 on your purchase.

Twin38" x 74.5" x 14"$849.99
Twin XL38" x 79.5" x 14"$999.99
Full53" x 74.5" x 14"$1,149.99
Queen60" x 79.5" x 14"$1,349.99
King76" x 79.5" x 14"$1,499.99
California King72" x 83.5" x 14"$1,499.99
Haven Hybrid LUX
  • Materials
  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Value
  • Cooling
  • Edge Support
  • Trial
  • Warranty
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