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Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress Review

The Puffy Royal Hybrid is a luxury mattress that combines thick, soft memory foam layers with an adaptive coil base for a classic body-contouring feel with a little bit of bounce and mobility. Could it be a great selection for you? Keep reading to find out!

My review covers a ton of information, ranging from a breakdown of the construction and materials to tests assessing motion transfer, pressure relief, and edge support. I also end with some pros and cons as well as some frequently asked questions about the bed.

Check out my full, detailed review of the Puffy Royal Hybrid below — or skip to my summary for the quick version of everything you need to know.

$300 off + Free Pillow
Puffy Royal Hybrid
Puffy Royal Hybrid
Puffy Royal Hybrid

The Puffy Royal Hybrid uses think layers of soft foams to provide the pressure relief that side sleepers need to avoid shoulder pain. 

Brand Snapshot

Puffy founder Arthur Andreasyan says he wanted to design products that really make it feel like you are sleeping on a cloud! To that end, the company currently sells the Puffy Mattress, Puffy Lux Mattress, and Puffy Royal Mattress, as well as hybrid versions of those models — we will talk a little bit more about those later on in the review. Other Puffy products include bedding, bases, and even a dog bed.

The Puffy models are 100 percent made and assembled in America. The company also incentivizes customers using their Puffy Donation program: For every 10 social media posts from a customer about their Puffy item, the company will donate a mattress to an organization for children in need.

Puffy Royal Hybrid
The Puffy Royal Hybrid

What is the Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress Made Of?

Now, let’s dive into the mattress itself! The Puffy Royal Hybrid is a hybrid bed that contains a mixture of memory foam layers and coils for a cradling, supportive feel.

Cover – The thin, breathable cover doesn’t affect the feel of the mattress too much, but the polyester fabric will help provide a cooler sleeping experience.

Comfort – Right below the cover is a layer of gel-infused Cooling Cloud™ Foam. This foam provides a really deep sinking feeling, helping you relax into the mattress rather than on top of it. It’s also designed with cooling technology, which prevents too much heat from getting trapped in the structure — an issue we see quite often with memory foam-like materials!

Contour – Next up comes a layer of memory foam, which helps create a cushioning, contouring sensation. This memory foam layer is also soft with a slow response to pressure, which accentuates the “sinking” feeling established by the top layer of Cooling Cloud™ Foam.

Puffy Royal Hybrid Back Sleepers
Reviewing the Puffy Royal Hybrid

Pressure Relief – Below the memory foam layer you’ll find a section of the brand’s Climate Comfort™ Foam, which is firmer than the memory foam and has a quicker response to pressure. The Climate Comfort™ Foam is an interesting piece of technology — it’s resistant to temperature and humidity, helping you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Transition – Then we have the transition layer, made from Section Cloud Technology. Again, this is a firmer foam than memory foam with that quicker response to pressure, adding a bit more mobility so you don’t feel like you’re trapped in quicksand when you try to roll over or get up!

Support – Below the foam layers there are individually wrapped pocketed coils. These are super bouncy, providing some extra mobility to the mattress. Plus, individually wrapped coils help reduce motion transfer across the bed (more on that later!). Around the edge of the coil layer there’s a border of a firm poly foam, designed to provide edge support so you can roll all the way to the side of the bed without it “collapsing” beneath you.

Puffy Royal Hybrid Materials
The Puffy Royal Hybrid uses soft foams over coil support for a plush feel

How Does the Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress Feel?

Now that we’ve covered all the materials inside the mattress, it’s time to move on to how it actually feels. The first question: How firm is it?

Measuring mattress firmness is actually kind of tricky, because everyone perceives firmness differently. What feels firm to me might feel soft and plushy to you! How firm you find a mattress will depend on a bunch of things like how much you weigh and what position you sleep in. I’m a strict stomach sleeper, around 5’10” tall, and I weigh around 190lbs, all of which can help put my rating into context.

Puffy Royal Hybrid Firmness
The Puffy Royal Hybrid has a really soft feel

On a firmness scale of 1-10, where 1 is the softest mattress in the universe and 10 is hard as a rock, I give the Puffy Royal Hybrid a 5.5/10 firmness rating. There are multiple soft foam layers in the mattress, giving it that soft, cushiony feeling when you sit or lie down. The pocketed coils do provide some bounce, but that’s muted by the thick layers of foam on top of them.

Lying on my back, I got that classic memory foam feel of sinking down into the bed while the layers contoured my body — a comforting, hugging sensation. If you are a strict back sleeper who prefers a soft feel, this could be a nice pick for you.

I also think this model shines as an option for side sleepers: It has excellent pressure relief thanks to the foams, meaning you are much less likely to experience pressure-related pain in your shoulders, hips, or knees. If you spend the majority of your night sleeping on your side, definitely consider this mattress.

Puffy Royal Hybrid Side Sleepers
The Puffy Royal Hybrid is great for side sleepers

Because the Puffy Royal Hybrid is so soft and plush, I would not recommend it for most stomach sleepers. Strict stomach sleepers like myself generally need a firm mattress. That’s because, when you sleep on your stomach, you want to keep your hips and shoulders in line. But on super soft mattresses, many people find that their hips sink lower down into the mattress than their shoulders, bringing their spine out of alignment and potentially causing back pain later on.

$300 off + Free Pillow
Puffy Royal Hybrid
Puffy Royal Hybrid
Puffy Royal Hybrid

The Puffy Royal Hybrid uses think layers of soft foams to provide the pressure relief that side sleepers need to avoid shoulder pain. 

Testing the Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress

As I said, mattress firmness is subjective! So in my reviews, I always run a few tests on the mattress model to see what it offers in terms of pressure relief, motion transfer, and edge support. This gives me more information for my pros and cons list, as well as for whom I’d recommend the bed.

Pressure Relief

When you consider a mattress, you likely want to know if it relieves pressure on potentially sensitive areas like the lower back and joints.

I run a test for this using a pressure map. This looks like a black mat, which I roll out on top of the mattress and lie down on in different positions. The device creates a color-coded map that shows pressure, ranging from blue for areas of low pressure up to red for high pressure. Here’s what I found for the Puffy Royal Hybrid.

Puffy Royal Hybrid Pressure Map
The Puffy Royal Hybrid does a great job of relieving pressure at the shoulders

Back – Lying on my back, you can see that the map is blue across the board. I felt myself sinking into the mattress, and my weight was evenly distributed and supported. If you are a back sleeper who prefers a soft feel, this bed could be a nice option.

Side – The pressure map for lying on my side was almost entirely blue, and I was completely comfortable with no pain in my joints. It does move into a little bit of green around the hip area, showing an area of slightly higher pressure, but in my experience green is a completely acceptable pressure range for this test and shouldn’t pose a problem for the majority of side sleepers.

Stomach – Once again, the map is almost totally blue, and I’d say that’s due to the even weight distribution. When I lay on my stomach, I felt my hips sink down too far into the mattress for my liking. If you sleep on your stomach at all, I would definitely recommend a firmer model to keep your spine in a healthy alignment.

Puffy Royal Hybrid Sleep
The Puffy Royal Hybrid is a great choice if you like sinking into bed

Motion Transfer

Let’s move on to see how the model handles motion transfer! This is something to think hard about if you share your bed with a partner or a pet — how much will it disturb you if they move around during the night?

To measure motion transfer, I drop a 10lbs steel ball onto one side of the bed from three different heights. I have a seismometer placed on the other side of the bed, to measure how much motion is “transferred” across the mattress.

Puffy Royal Hybrid Motion Transfer
I was impressed with the motion isolation of the Puffy Royal Hybrid

The results here really impressed me, as I saw low levels of motion transfer. That’s because those thick memory foam layers do an excellent job of absorbing movement! I think the Puffy Royal Hybrid could be a good consideration for light sleepers, because you are much less likely to be disturbed at night by your bedmate moving around.

Edge Support

Last but not least, I evaluate edge support. Can you use the whole surface area of the bed — or does the bed start to collapse as you get closer to the edge, making you feel like you might slide out?

Unfortunately, the mattress didn’t shine here. I did feel like those tall foam layers started to collapse a bit the closer I got to the edge, which is something to bear in mind for couples or people with a heavier body weight. In my opinion, weak edge support is one of the major downsides of the Puffy Royal Hybrid.

$300 off + Free Pillow
Puffy Royal Hybrid
Puffy Royal Hybrid
Puffy Royal Hybrid

The Puffy Royal Hybrid uses think layers of soft foams to provide the pressure relief that side sleepers need to avoid shoulder pain. 

Puffy Royal Hybrid vs

Since Puffy sells a few different mattress options, I thought it would be helpful to offer some comparisons between the Puffy Royal Hybrid and other beds made by the same brand!

Puffy Mattress

  • This is an all-foam bed that uses gel memory foam for comfort. It doesn’t contain the pocketed coil layer you will find in the Puffy Royal Hybrid, so it may feel less bouncy or offer a bit less mobility.
  • I found it had a medium firm feel, compared to the super soft vibe of the Puffy Royal Hybrid.
  • The Puffy is a good choice for back sleepers that like the feel of memory foam. Similarly, I’d recommend the Puffy Royal Hybrid to back sleepers who like a soft feel.
  • Check out my full review of the Puffy Mattress here.

Puffy Lux Mattress

  • Next up, the Puffy Lux Mattress! This is another all-foam model, but it has a softer feel than the flagship Puffy.
  • I think the Puffy Lux offers really great pressure relief, and I recommend it for side sleepers! It’s similar to the Puffy Royal Hybrid on both those counts.
  • It helps you sleep cool thanks to a foam layer containing gel microbeads, which traps less heat than traditional foams. This is something to consider if you run hot at night!
  • My full review of the Puffy Lux Mattress contains everything you need to know.
  • There’s also a Puffy Lux Hybrid model with a similar soft feel. It contains the same top foam layers as the Puffy Lux, but also has pocketed coils that add a bit of bounce. That means you won’t feel “stuck” in the mattress when you are changing positions.
  • My full review of the Puffy Lux Hybrid goes into much more detail about this bed.

Puffy Royal

  • This luxury bed is the all-foam mattress version of the Puffy Royal Hybrid! It offers a deep, sinking feel.
  • I like this option for back sleepers and side sleepers, thanks to the layers of soft memory foam. Again, I think it’s just too soft for most stomach sleepers.
  • The taller profile of the Royal mattresses offer extra pressure relief thanks to the extra-thick cushioning foam layers.
  • Need more info? Head to my full Puffy Royal review.

Is The Puffy Royal Hybrid A Good Mattress?

The Puffy Royal Hybrid combines thick layers of slow-response memory foam with individually pocketed coils for a luxurious, contouring feel with just a little bit of bounce. It offers excellent pressure relief and extremely low motion transfer. One potential area of concern is the weak edge support. I definitely recommend this bed for side and back sleepers, but I find it simply too soft for the vast majority of stomach sleepers.

Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress Pros

  • If you love memory foam, this bed really provides that classic sinking, contouring feel thanks to the plush foam layers above the pocketed coils. You feel like you are really resting deep “in” the bed, rather than on top of it.
  • I also think this is an excellent choice for side sleepers. The soft foam layers offer superb pressure relief, helping prevent joint pain or back issues down the line that some people experience from sleeping on a firmer surface.
  • I was very impressed by the low motion transfer, which I attribute to the fact that memory foam layers often absorb movement. Because of this, I like this bed a lot for couples, especially if one person is a light sleeper!

Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress Cons

  • This isn’t the best match for most stomach sleepers, as it’s just too soft. I recommend that strict stomach sleepers look for a firmer model that will help keep their spine in a healthy, neutral alignment.
  • I also wasn’t super impressed by the weak edge support, which is likely a result of the soft foam layers collapsing at the sides of the bed. This means you can’t really use the full surface area of the model without worrying that you might roll off!
$300 off + Free Pillow
Puffy Royal Hybrid
Puffy Royal Hybrid
Puffy Royal Hybrid

The Puffy Royal Hybrid uses think layers of soft foams to provide the pressure relief that side sleepers need to avoid shoulder pain. 

Puffy Policies

  • Trial – 101 Night
  • Shipping – Free
  • Warranty – Lifetime

How Much Does The Puffy Royal Hybrid Cost?

Twin39" x 75" x 14"$1,645
Twin XL39" x 80" x 14"$1,745
Full54" x 75" x 14"$2,445
Queen60" x 80" x 14"$2,695
King76" x 80" x 14"$2,995
California King72" x 84" x 14"$2,995


Here, I wanted to answer a few common questions that don’t come up in my typical review format!

Is the Puffy Royal worth the money?

Given that this is the brand’s luxury model, it’s certainly more expensive than some of their other offerings! If you’re looking for a really plush feel, or you are looking for a luxury mattress to help alleviate joint pain, it could be worth it.

What is the difference between the Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal?

The two beds are similar, but Puffy Royal Hybrid contains a few more layers of foam and provides that superior pressure relief.

How long do Puffy Mattresses take to inflate?

When you buy a mattress-in-a-box model, it can take a little while for all the layers to fully inflate once you open up the bed. Generally, I would recommend giving a mattress overnight or 24 hours before sleeping on it, to make sure you’re really getting the most out of the inflated layers.

Puffy Royal Hybrid
  • Materials
  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Value
  • Cooling
  • Edge Support
  • Trial
  • Warranty
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