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IDLE Sleep Latex Bed Review

The Idle Latex mattress is a double-sided model made with latex foam and pocketed coils for a springy feel with tons of mobility. It’s one of four mattresses made by Idle Sleep, and this review will go through what you need to know about this specific model.

Below, I’ll detail what’s inside the mattress and how it performs in my specialized tests for pressure relief, motion transfer, and edge support. I also share what kind of sleeper I recommend it for — plus, some pros and cons to help guide you in your decision!

Read on for everything you need to know about the Idle Latex mattress or skip to the summary!

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Idle Sleep Latex Mattress
Idle Sleep Latex Mattress
Idle Sleep Latex Mattress

The Idle Sleep mattress is not only constructed with bouncy latex, but is also totally flippable. Use code SLEEPOPOLIS25 to save $25 on top of the deal on the site!

Brand Snapshot

Before I kick off a review, I like to offer a bit of context about the company itself. Idle Sleep is a Colorado-based company that sells direct-to-consumer mattresses, bed bases, sheets, and pillows. Idle says that its latex mattresses, made with 100% organic cotton and latex, are hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and resistant to dust mites. Plus, Idle mattresses are double-sided, meaning you can flip them to get twice the use!

There are currently four mattresses available from Idle: The Idle Gel Foam, Idle Gel Plush, the Idle Hybrid, and the Idle Latex. This review goes deep into the Idle Latex specifically, which comes in two possible firmness levels: The medium firm Dunlop or the extra firm Talalay. Because the mattress is flippable, you can even get a model that is Dunlop on one side, and Talalay on the other!

Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid Mattress
Idle Sleep Hybrid Latex mattress in the Sleepopolis bedroom for review

What is the Idle Latex Mattress Made Of?

Now that we know a little bit about the brand, let’s dive into this specific mattress. The Idle Latex is made with an eco-friendly organic cotton cover, a layer of Dunlop latex foam or Talalay latex foam, and a core of individually pocketed coils.

Cover – The cover is made of organic cotton, and it feels really nice and durable to the touch. It’s even quilted with wool for added comfort! The cotton fabric allows for great airflow, keeping the bed cool at night.

Comfort – Next up comes the comfort layer, made of latex foam. And with this mattress, there are actually two different foam options to pick from—or you can select a mattress with both foams, one on each side! There’s the Dunlop Latex, which offers medium support, or the Talalay latex, which is denser and offers firmer support. I find that latex foams have a really quick response to pressure, making you feel like you are on top of the mattress rather than sinking into it. Another plus? Latex is usually known to dissipate heat, offering a much cooler sleeping experience than many heat-trapping memory foams. And last but not least, I found latex foams to be really durable — they don’t sag as quickly and therefore might last you a little longer.

Core – At the core of the mattress, you’ll find pocketed support coils. These offer a nice bounce and lift to the model. Because they are individually wrapped, the coils don’t transfer motion across the bed as quickly as a traditional coil mattress might, which is a bonus for couples!

Base – Because the Idle Latex is a flippable mattress, it doesn’t have your typical base! Instead, after the core layer, you’ll find another layer of latex foam, then the organic cotton cover. The model is entirely flippable, and I would suggest that you rotate it every six months or so.

Idle Sleep Latex Materials
The Idle Sleep Hybrid Latex has a flippable design

How Does the Idle Latex Mattress Feel?

So, now we know everything that’s inside the Idle Latex model! But how does it actually feel to rest on at night?

Firmness is a major consideration when you’re picking out a mattress. This can be a tough thing to gauge without actually testing a model yourself, because it varies so much from person to person. How firm a mattress feels depends on your body weight, sleep position, and more, so what’s firm for me might feel pretty soft for you. For reference, I’m around 5’10” and 190lbs.

Idle Sleep Latex Firmness
I found the Idle Sleep Hybrid Latex to have a medium firmness

On a firmness scale of 1-10, 1 meaning the most plush and 10 being the most firm, I give the Idle Latex with the medium-firm Dunlop foam a 6.5/10 firmness rating — right in line with the industry standard for a medium-firm mattress.

It was also super easy for me to roll around and switch positions on this mattress! The latex material offers a lot of mobility, so I didn’t get “stuck” in the mattress at all. Overall, I felt like I was lying on top of the mattress rather than in it. I’d recommend this model for strict back sleepers and combo back and stomach sleepers.

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Idle Sleep Latex Mattress
Idle Sleep Latex Mattress
Idle Sleep Latex Mattress

The Idle Sleep mattress is not only constructed with bouncy latex, but is also totally flippable. Use code SLEEPOPOLIS25 to save $25 on top of the deal on the site!

Testing the Idle Latex Mattress

As I mentioned, firmness is subjective; therefore, I like to run some tests on every mattress I review to provide readers with as much info as possible.

I use specialized equipment to see how a model performs for pressure relief and motion transfer. This can help better inform your decision as to whether the bed is the right one for you.

Pressure Relief

First up, let’s talk about pressure relief. Basically, will this mattress put a lot of pressure on your joints or other parts of your body, making it uncomfortable? Or will you generally wake up each morning without any mattress-induced aches and pains?

To get a sense of this, I use a pressure map. This is basically a mat I roll out on top of a bed and lie down on my back, side, and stomach. The device creates a handy color-coded pressure map, showing areas of low pressure (blue) all the way up high pressure (red).

Idle Sleep Latex Pressure Map
I found the Idle Latex Hybrid did a pretty good job at relieving pressure

Back – As you can see, the pressure map was blue across the board here! For that reason, I like this mattress for back sleepers. I found it comfortable to lie on my back, and while there was a slight sinking sensation, my hips still stayed in line with my shoulders.

Side – On this pressure map, you can see how we get into green and even a bit of yellow territory around the shoulders, suggesting a lot of pressure in the shoulder area. This would probably be ok if you only sleep on your side for a portion of the night. That said, if you are a strict side sleeper who needs a more plush feel, this bed may not be the best selection for you.

Stomach – This map is blue across the board here, meaning my weight is evenly distributed and pretty well supported! The medium-firm Dunlop foam version of this model is okay for combo stomach sleepers who only spend part of the night on their stomachs. For strict stomach sleepers, I’d recommend the firmer Talalay foam model—just to ensure the hips stay level with the shoulders to prevent back pain.

Idle Sleep Latex Back Sleepers
I like the Idle Sleep Hybrid Latex for back sleepers

Motion Transfer

Next, I ran some tests to evaluate motion transfer. That’s something really important to consider if you sleep with a partner — if they are rolling around at night, or getting in and out of bed, will that movement travel across the mattress to wake you?

To test this, I drop a 10lbs steel ball from three different heights onto the mattress, and use a seismometer to measure what disturbance this causes on the opposite side of the bed where you might be sleeping.

Idle Sleep Latex Motion Transfer
Motion transfer results for the Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid

Overall, I found that the Idle Latex did a pretty good job of isolating movement — which was actually a little bit surprising! Latex foam is basically the opposite of memory foam, meaning that it offers a lot more mobility and bounce compared to the feeling of being “stuck” in memory foam. But this bounciness often means latex mattresses perform poorly in motion transfer tests. Not really the case here — motion transfer was average.

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Idle Sleep Latex Mattress
Idle Sleep Latex Mattress
Idle Sleep Latex Mattress

The Idle Sleep mattress is not only constructed with bouncy latex, but is also totally flippable. Use code SLEEPOPOLIS25 to save $25 on top of the deal on the site!

Edge Support

I also make sure to test every bed for edge support. Can you roll all the way to the edge of the mattress without it buckling or collapsing, prompting you to slide right off?

I was really impressed with the edge support on this model. The Idle Latex supported my weight right at the very edge of the mattress, which means you can use the whole surface area of the mattress.

The great edge support could make this model a nice pick for couples. You really can use the whole bed, right up the edges, making it comfortable to share this mattress with someone else.

Idle Sleep Latex Side Sleeper
I think side sleepers will like the Idle Sleep Hybrid Latex

Should You Buy the Idle Latex Mattress?

The Idle Latex Hybrid uses durable organic materials to provide a medium firm feel. It’s flippable design helps it last a bit longer than other bed in a box mattresses and the medium version is great for back and side combination sleepers.

Idle Latex Mattress Pros

  • This model could be good for a lot of combination sleepers! The latex foam layers offer a great lift and bounce, making it easy for you to switch positions or roll around at night. You don’t have to worry about getting “stuck” inside this mattress, or struggling to move around in the bed.
  • I was also really impressed by the organic materials in this model. The cover is made with organic cotton, the latex used in the foam is organic, and Idle says that the mattress is hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and resistant to dust-mites.
  • I would also say that this mattress is very durable. The bed is flippable, meaning you can use both sides of the mattress to really extend your usage. Plus, in my experience, latex foams are a little more durable than memory foam — they don’t break down as easily.
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Idle Sleep Latex Mattress
Idle Sleep Latex Mattress
Idle Sleep Latex Mattress

The Idle Sleep mattress is not only constructed with bouncy latex, but is also totally flippable. Use code SLEEPOPOLIS25 to save $25 on top of the deal on the site!

Idle Latex Mattress Cons

  • Based on my review process, I think this mattress is probably not the best selection for strict side sleepers. There’s just a little too much pressure exerted on the shoulder area, likely due to the dense latex foam, which could make for an uncomfortable sleeping experience.
  • I would also say, this mattress is not right for people who love memory foam. While memory foam provides a sinking, contouring feeling, latex foam has a lot more bounce and mobility. With memory foam you often feel more “in” the mattress — with this bed, you’ll likely feel “on top” of it. If you like the feel and movement of memory foam, definitely check out our best memory foam mattress list.
Idle Sleep Latex Motion Transfer
Getting an up close look at the Idle Sleep Latex Hybrid

Idle Sleep Policies

  • Trial – 18 Months
  • Warranty – Lifetime
  • Shipping – Free

How Much Does The Idle Sleep Hybrid Latex Cost?

Memorial Day Sale: Up to 50% Off Store-Wide!
Idle Sleep Latex Mattress
Idle Sleep Latex Mattress
Idle Sleep Latex Mattress

The Idle Sleep mattress is not only constructed with bouncy latex, but is also totally flippable. Use code SLEEPOPOLIS25 to save $25 on top of the deal on the site!

Twin38" x 75" x 14"$929
Twin XL38" x 80" x 14"$959
Full54" x 75" x 14"$1,399
Queen60" x 80" x 14"$1,599
King76" x 80" x 14"$1,899
Cali King72" x 84" x 14"$1,899


I also wanted to cover some common questions that don’t fall into my typical review process.

Are latex mattresses better?

Well, that depends what you mean by “better!” Generally speaking, I find that a latex mattress is different from memory foam or polyurethane foam in a few ways. It has a quicker response to pressure, which gives it a bit more bounce. It can help dissipate your body heat, offering a cooler sleeping experience. And, generally, latex foam is a little bit more durable than other types of foam, meaning you can expect a latex foam model to last longer than a bed made with memory foam.

Can you sleep on a latex mattress if you are allergic to latex?

This one is a great question. If you have a latex allergy, you’ll want to consult a medical professional before buying a latex mattress! That said, generally, the processes used to create a latex mattress wash away many of the proteins that cause allergic reactions in the first place, meaning that some people with a latex allergy might be able to safely sleep on a latex foam mattress.

Can you flip a latex mattress?

Not all latex mattresses are flippable, but the Idle Latex model is an exception to that rule! This bed is designed so you can flip it.

IDLE Sleep Latex Mattress
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