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Brentwood Oceano Mattress Review

The Brentwood Oceano is a hybrid mattress featuring a sturdy coil-on-coil construction. It’s made by Brentwood Home, an eco-friendly brand that uses organic materials to craft high-quality, luxury products. So how does the Oceano itself feel? Let’s find out!

I’ve tested several other mattresses from Brentwood Home, including the natural latex Cedar mattress. So I was excited to put together this Brentwood Oceano Review, and I’m equally excited to share the results of my tests with you here!

Will the Oceano help you drift into a deep sleep, or will it keep you treading water on your way to dreamland? Read on for my comprehensive review to find out! Or swim down to my review summary if you’re short on time!

Up to $200 Off
Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress
Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress
Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress

With great support and pressure relief the Brentwood Oceano is a great pillow top bed for the couples out there! Click here to check current pricing and get the latest deals!

Brand Snapshot

The Brentwood Oceano is made by Brentwood Home, a California-based retailer that sells luxury mattresses and other home goods. The company has been around for over 30 years and began selling directly to consumers in 2012. Its bed-in-a-box mattresses are made with an eye toward using non-toxic and eco-friendly materials.

Brentwood Home makes several memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses, including the Cedar. But for this review, I’m going to devote all my attention to the Oceano. Let’s dive in!

Brentwood Oceano
The Oceano from Brentwood Home in the Sleepopolis bedroom

What is the Brentwood Oceano Made Of?

The Oceano is a hybrid mattress with a really sturdy feel and a fairly complex construction. It features a tall pillow top made of memory foam and micro coils, which is layered atop additional layers of foam and pocketed coils. All in all, this mattress offers a lot of support without skimping on the pressure relief.

It’s worth noting that the Oceano is GREENGUARD Gold certified, so it’s free of certain harmful chemicals. Plus, the foams are all CertiPUR-US certified, which means they’ve been third-party tested and found to be free of various harmful chemicals including formaldehyde, heavy metals, and phthalates.

Ready to learn more? Let’s take a swim through the Oceano’s layers!

Cover – First up, you’ll find a cover made from a Tencel blend that’s quilted with wool. Both Tencel and wool are natural materials, and Tencel is known for its breathability.

Pillow Top – Like the cover, the Euro pillow top blends several materials together: namely wool, gel-infused memory foam, and micro pocketed coils. The relatively thick layer of memory foam sits on top of the micro coils, giving the pillow top a slow response to pressure, and providing the sleeper with some pressure relief and body-contouring. Meanwhile, the gel infusion in the foam helps draw heat away from the sleeper. The micro pocketed coils at the bottom of the pillow top provide additional pressure relief along with a little bounce to prevent that stuck-in-the-bed feeling.

Brentwood Oceano Test
Getting a hands on look at the Brentwood Oceano

Transition Layer – Below the pillow top, you’ll find a thin layer of poly foam. This layer rests between the micro coils above it and the support coils below it so the coils aren’t right on top of each other. It helps transition the sleeper from the comfort of the pillow top to the support of the larger pocketed coils.

Pocketed Coils – The support layer of the mattress is made up of 5-Zone pocketed coils, which offer strong support to keep the sleeper’s spine aligned. The coils are zoned, which means they offer firmer support at the hips and a little more softness at the shoulders to supply both spinal support and pressure relief. The coils also lend some bounce to the bed.

Base Layer – Beneath the support layer, there’s a base layer of high-density poly foam. This layer provides a firm base for the pocketed coils above it.

Brentwood Oceano Materials
Taking a look at the materials used in the Brentwood Oceano mattress

How Firm is the Brentwood Oceano?

Now that you know what’s inside the Brentwood Oceano, let’s find out what it’s like to sleep on top of it! First up: Let’s take a look at the bed’s firmness.

As always, it’s important to remember that firmness is somewhat subjective. Your body weight, shape, size, and personal preferences when it comes to feel will all affect how firm a mattress feels to you — and same for me! So keep that in mind as you read through my reflections.

Personally, I assessed the Brentwood Oceano at a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The industry standard for medium firmness is 6.5, so I’d say this mattress is just a hair firmer than medium firm.

Brentwood Oceano Firmness
The Brentwood Oceano has a nice balance of support and pressure relief

Because we know what’s inside the Oceano, we can understand why it lands where it does on the firmness scale. The coil-on-coil structure provide loads of support and helps prevent you from sinking too far into the mattress. At the same time, the memory foam in the pillow top allows for some sinkage and keeps the bed from becoming extra-firm. Due to the balance of comfort and support, I think the mattress could be a nice fit for back sleepers or combo sleepers who need both support and pressure relief in multiple positions.

Up to $200 Off
Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress
Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress
Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress

With great support and pressure relief the Brentwood Oceano is a great pillow top bed for the couples out there! Click here to check current pricing and get the latest deals!

Testing the Brentwood Oceano

Holy smokes, you’re cruising through this review! You know what’s inside of the Brentwood Oceano and that it’s a touch firmer than medium firm. But you’re not ready yet to decide whether this is the mattress for you, because we still need to consider Pressure Relief and Motion Transfer!

Pressure Relief

If you’ve ever spent a night side sleeping with your shoulder wedged into your throat, then you know how important Pressure Relief can be! This term refers to a mattress’s ability to alleviate tension at sensitive areas such as the hips, lower back, and shoulders. As the name implies, it lets you know if a mattress will ease pressure on parts of your body so you can sleep comfortably in your preferred position(s).

To assess the Pressure Relief on the Brentwood Oceano, I whipped out my handy dandy pressure map. I lay this device on top of the mattress, climb on top, and let the map track my body’s force as I try out different positions. Low-pressure areas are highlighted in blue, and the highest pressure areas show up as red.

Brentwood Oceano Pressure
The Brentwood Oceano provides great pressure relief

Back – When I’m on my back, I feel really supported. My weight is evenly distributed, and my hips and spine feel aligned. I sink into the pillow top’s memory foam just a bit to enjoy a touch of body-contouring, but I don’t feel stuck. I think back sleepers might really like this mattress.

Side – I’m impressed with the pressure relief that I feel in this position, as I sink in just a little bit to get some body-contouring. The pressure map shows a little green around the shoulder, which makes sense given how supportive this mattress is, but I think that’s still an acceptable range for most side sleepers. Combo back/side sleepers might be especially fond of the combination of support and pressure relief.

Stomach – As a general rule, pillow top mattresses can be too soft for stomach sleepers. But I’m happy with the level of support I feel from the Oceano in this position, because I don’t feel like my hips are bowing into the mattress. Still, strict stomach sleepers who spend all night in this position might want something firmer. But if you’re a combo sleeper who only spends part of the night here, I think this mattress could work well.

Brentwood Oceano Side
Testing out the Brentwood Oceano for side sleepers

Motion Transfer

Like Pressure Relief, Motion Transfer is one of those things that’s most easily noticed when a mattress isn’t doing a good job. If you share a bed with a partner and you wake up every time they shift positions because those movements are jostling your side of the bed, then you know what it’s like when a mattress doesn’t isolate motion! Motion transfer assesses whether you’ll feel a sleeping partner’s movements if they shift around during the night.

To test out motion transfer on the Oceano, I dropped a 10 lb. steel ball from 4 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches. These heights mimic various movements, from tossing and turning to getting out of bed or jumping into it. I measured the disturbance caused by each of these drops: The bigger the lines, the bigger the disturbance!

Brentwood Oceano Motion Transfer
I was really impressed with the motion isolation on the Brentwood Oceano

I was curious to see how the Oceano performed, because hybrids can go either way with motion transfer. Sometimes the foam does a great job of isolating motion, while other times the coils create so much bounce that movement spreads across the mattress. So I was really impressed by how well the Oceano performed: There were only low levels of motion transfer with each drop. This tells me the mattress could be a good choice for couples.

Is the Brentwood Oceano Right for You?

We’re nearly at the end of our review! Just one question remains: Is the Brentwood Oceano the right mattress for your needs? While I can’t make that decision for you, I can help you out with a summary of my review.

Up to $200 Off
Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress
Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress
Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress

With great support and pressure relief the Brentwood Oceano is a great pillow top bed for the couples out there! Click here to check current pricing and get the latest deals!


  • The Oceano offers really strong support thanks to its coil-on-coil structure. It does a great job supporting the hips and keeping the spine aligned in multiple positions.
  • I think this mattress could be a good option for couples. It does an impressive job of isolating motion, and it has strong edge support so partners can utilize the full surface of the mattress.
  • This is also a nice choice if you’re looking for a bed-in-a-box mattress with a pillow top — a rare find. The pillow top offers nice pressure relief and helps promote comfortable sleep in multiple positions.


  • The Oceano might sleep a little warm. The memory foam in the pillow top can trap some heat (in spite of the gel infusion), so this might not be a good option if you’re worried about sleeping hot.
  • If you don’t like the contouring feel of memory foam, then you might want to look elsewhere. You could consider a latex mattress option like the Brentwood Cedar.


  • Trial: 1 Year
  • Shipping: Free and Compressed in a Box
  • Warranty: 25 Year Warranty

How Much Does the Brentwood Oceano Cost?

Up to $200 Off
Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress
Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress
Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress

With great support and pressure relief the Brentwood Oceano is a great pillow top bed for the couples out there! Click here to check current pricing and get the latest deals!

Twin39" x 75" x 14"$995
Twin XL39" x 80" x 14"$1,195
Full54" x 75" x 14"$1,295
Queen60" x 80" x 14"$1,495
King76" x 80" x 14"$1,995
Cali King72" x 84" x 14"$1,995
Split King39" x 80" x 14" (x2)$2,390


What is Greenguard Gold Ceritfied?

GREENGUARD Gold certification means that a mattress (or the materials in a mattress) has been tested to ensure that it meets strict standards when it comes to emissions and chemical exposure. A mattress that is GREENGUARD Gold certified should be free of certain harmful chemicals including formaldehyde and phthalates. It should also have low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions.

Is memory foam good for side sleepers?

The short answer? “It depends.” But as a general rule, memory foam can be a good option for side sleepers. That’s because memory foam typically offers some pressure relief and body contouring, which can help protect against the “jammed up” feeling around the shoulder or hip that is a common problem among side sleepers. That said, other factors are also at play, including a mattress’s firmness, a sleeper’s body type, and so on. But if you’re a side sleeper who’s not sure where to begin your mattress search, memory foam options might serve as a good starting point.

What is CertiPUR-US certified?

CertiPUR-US certification applies to the foams used in a variety of consumer products, including foams found in mattresses. If a mattress has CertiPUR-US certified foams, that means those foams have been tested to meet strict standards for chemical exposure and emissions. CertiPUR-US foams are made without ozone depleters, flame retardants, formaldehyde, heavy metals, and phthalates, and they have low VOC emissions.

Brentwood Oceano Mattress
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