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Vaya Mattress Review

If you’ve been searching for a new mattress recently, you’ve undoubtedly come across a ton of different brands and their offerings. One relatively new offering is from Vaya, a mattress-in-a-box brand that sells one foam model targeted to all types of sleepers.

I tested out how the mattress feels, and investigated what it’s made of. I also ran some tests to see how it performs for things like pressure relief and motion isolation. So, dive in to learn a little more about this bed and who it’s a good fit for or click here to skip to the summary.

Save $300
Vaya Mattress
Vaya Mattress
Vaya Mattress

The Vaya is an affordable all-foam mattress. I think the soft feel makes it a good choice for side sleepers. Click this link to save $300 with our Vaya mattress coupon!

Brand Snapshot

Vaya is an Arizona-based company with the aim of creating a budget-friendly foam mattress that doesn’t overheat as much as some memory foam models do. The brand keeps it simple, and currently sells just two products: the Vaya Mattress and the Vaya Pillow.

All Vaya products are made in the USA, and the mattress is certified through CertiPUR-US®. That means that the foam used in the Vaya mattress is made without ozone depleters and free of harmful flame-retardant chemicals, formaldehydes, heavy metals, and certain phthalates.

Vaya Mattress
The Vaya mattress in the Sleepopolis bedroom

What is the Vaya Mattress Mattress Made Of?

The Vaya model is less complicated than other beds will multiple layers. The construction is simple: A cover and two layers of foam. That’s it!

Here are the details of what’s inside:

Cover – The cover of this mattress is a polyester blend. It’s quite thin, so you can still feel the comfortable foams below it. The cover feels quite breathable to me, which means it will help you sleep cooler at night—a good option for people prone to overheating.

Comfort – Next up is a layer of “Vaya Foam,” which is a polyurethane foam. This foam feels super soft, meaning you’ll sink right into it for some really nice pressure relief. This foam reacts quickly to pressure, making it easy to roll around on the bed or get in and out of it—it doesn’t “suck you in” like some foams can.

Base – right below the initial foam is the base layer, made of a high-density polyurethane foam called “Vaya Base Foam.” I’ve seen this foam in a lot of bed-in-a-box models, and it offers added support and structure for your body to rest on.

Vaya Mattress Materials
The Vaya has a straightforward design

How Does the Vaya Mattress Feel?

When I’m evaluating a mattress, I always like to report on how a bed feels. In my opinion, the Vaya mattress felt pretty soft. When I sat on it I felt like I was sinking into the bed quite significantly, but that might not be the case for you! Just FYI, I’m about 5’10” and 190lbs, and I sleep on my stomach.

Vaya Support
I found the Vaya mattress to be pretty soft

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being extremely plush and 10 being super firm, I gave this mattress a firmness rating of 5-5.5/10. I think this mattress will be too soft for people with a heavier body weight, and it won’t suit those looking for really solid support.

When I lay down on my back, I felt myself start sinking into the mattress pretty quickly. That said, I was able to roll around and switch positions without too much trouble! It has a nice buoyant feel to it. I also like this mattress for side sleepers, because it was soft enough to relieve pressure at the shoulders and hips.

Save $300
Vaya Mattress
Vaya Mattress
Vaya Mattress

The Vaya is an affordable all-foam mattress. I think the soft feel makes it a good choice for side sleepers. Click this link to save $300 with our Vaya mattress coupon!

Testing the Vaya Mattress

Firmness isn’t the only thing you need to think about when you’re selecting a new mattress. All sorts of factors come into play, like whether the mattress will put too much pressure on parts of your body, or if you can feel every single move your partner (or pet) makes during the night.

Pressure Relief

For this test, I use a simple pressure mat that I roll out on top of the mattress. I can lie down on it in different positions, and the mat will create a color-coded chart showing areas of low pressure (blue) and high pressure (red).

Vaya Mattress Pressure Relief
I found the Vaya was good at relieving pressure

Back – The Vaya model does a nice job with pressure relief when I’m lying on my back. As you can see, the chart is blue across the board! I think most back sleepers would feel comfortable on this mattress, especially those who like a softer feel.

Side – When lying on my side, the pressure map showed some areas of increased pressure around the shoulders, which got into the green range. This is a level of pressure I think is just fine for strict side sleepers .

Stomach – The map here is blue across the board as well, but I don’t think that tells us the full story here! Yes, the bed is really soft when you are lying on your stomach, but I felt my hips starting to sink down into the mattress. For that reason, I think this is too soft for strict stomach sleepers.

Vaya Mattress Side Sleepers
I like the Vaya for side sleepers

Motion Transfer

I also like to see how each mattress performs in terms of motion isolation. Basically, if you’re lying on one side of the bed, how much will it disturb you if a partner on the other side of the bed rolls over or gets up?

In order to test motion isolation, I drop a 10lb steel ball onto the mattress from three different heights (four, eight, and 12 inches), and use a seismometer to measure the level of disturbance made by each drop.

Vaya Mattress Motion Transfer
I thought the Vaya did an OK job at isolating disturbance transfer

I found that the Vaya model gave a pretty average response to this test. Because the mattress has that bouncy feel, it doesn’t isolate motion particularly well. So, this wouldn’t be my first choice for light sleepers or those sharing a bed with a partner.

Save $300
Vaya Mattress
Vaya Mattress
Vaya Mattress

The Vaya is an affordable all-foam mattress. I think the soft feel makes it a good choice for side sleepers. Click this link to save $300 with our Vaya mattress coupon!

Edge Support

Another test I like to perform is checking out what a mattress offers in terms of edge support. Basically, can you roll up to the very edge of the bed without worrying about slipping off?

In my experience, the Vaya mattress has pretty weak edge support. That means you can’t comfortably use the full surface area of the mattress, and it might be tricky to do things like sitting on the edge of the bed to lace up your shoes in the morning.

Summary: Vaya Mattress Review

The Vaya mattress is a soft mattress-in-a-box model with an interesting kind of buoyant feel to it. The mattress is made entirely of foam, with no wire coils, but it’s still really bouncy and easy to move positions in. It’s also mega affordable, with models starting at $349 for a twin size model.

Vaya Mattress Pros

  • Back sleepers who love a soft, all-foam feel could do well with the Vaya mattress. It definitely cushions your body nicely, and you feel as though you are sinking into the mattress a bit—but it’s still easy to roll over and switch positions.
  • I also really like this mattress for side sleepers. It felt soft and comfortable on my shoulders especially, relieving pressure for a great feel.
  • The Vaya mattress is really affordable, making it a great pick for shoppers on a budget. It starts at $349 for a Twin bed.
Save $300
Vaya Mattress
Vaya Mattress
Vaya Mattress

The Vaya is an affordable all-foam mattress. I think the soft feel makes it a good choice for side sleepers. Click this link to save $300 with our Vaya mattress coupon!

Vaya Mattress Cons

  • I would not recommend the Vaya model for people who have a heavier body weight, around 200lbs or more. This mattress won’t be supportive enough, and it could be pretty uncomfortable to sleep on, especially for a side sleeper who might feel extra pressure on their joints.
  • I think this mattress is a little too soft for stomach sleepers as well. I would recommend that strict stomach sleepers look for a firmer, more supportive model that can support their spine properly at night and will prevent their hips from sinking down into the mattress.
Vaya Mattress Back Sleepers
Some back sleepers may like the soft feel of the Vaya

Vaya Company Policies

  • Trial – 100 Night
  • Warranty – 10 Year
  • Shipping – Free

How Much Does the Vaya Mattress Cost?

Save $300
Vaya Mattress
Vaya Mattress
Vaya Mattress

The Vaya is an affordable all-foam mattress. I think the soft feel makes it a good choice for side sleepers. Click this link to save $300 with our Vaya mattress coupon!

Twin38" x 74" x 12"$349
Twin XL38" x 80" x 12"$449
Full54" x 75" x 12"$499
Queen60" x 80" x 12"$599
King76" x 80" x 12"$799
California King72" x 80" x 12"$799


I wanted to cover a few more things that you might want to know about this mattress.

How long will the Vaya last?

This depends on things like your sleep style and how much you weigh, but I don’t think that the Vaya model is particularly durable. In my opinion, the Vaya mattress will last you about 3-5 years.

How long will Vaya off-gassing last?

Off-gassing is what happens with some brand-new mattresses: The materials emit some unpleasant-smelling chemicals when you first open the box. If you leave the windows open after setting up your new mattress, the off-gassing process shouldn’t last more than about 24-48 hours. But if the room is not well-ventilated, the odor could take a bit longer to dissipate.

Does the Vaya model need a box spring?

Nope, you don’t need a box spring to use this mattress. It’s designed to work on a slatted bedframe!

Vaya Mattress
  • Materials
  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Value
  • Cooling
  • Edge Support
  • Trial
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