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Winkbed Mattress Review

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Meet the WinkBeds mattress! WinkBeds is a new mattress start-up company looking to shake things up in the luxury hybrid mattress market. They are among a very small group of online mattress companies that’s designed and manufactured a high-end hybrid mattress.

Their online only business model has allowed WinkBeds to strip out overhead and the sea of middlemen, offering a high-quality mattress for a fraction of what you’d pay in a traditional retail mattress store. A mattress of this quality would easily go for $3K+ in a traditional retail store.

Continue reading for our full WinkBeds mattress review below or if you want the quick summary…click here to skip to the final conclusions at the bottom.


The WinkBeds mattress is a 15″ coil-on-coil hybrid mattress constructed from 5 different layers. Coil-on-coil is a high-quality construction technique for coil or other hybrid mattresses. It maximizes support, comfort, and long-term durability.

Winkbed layers - 2.0" pillow top, 2.5" foam encased coils, 7.5" high profile coils, 2.0" support foam

Winkbed layers – 2.0″ pillow top, 2.5″ foam encased coils, 7.5″ high profile coils, 2.0″ support foam

Top layer (euro-style pillow top) – WinkBeds sleep surface is effectively a euro-style pillow topper. Euro-style pillow toppers have a feel similar to traditional pillow tops, but are more durable over time and aesthetically more pleasing as they are sewn into the cover vs. sewn on top of the cover. The sleep surface is 2.0″ and contains a blend of HyperSoft foam and gel. This layer is designed to:

  • Contour to your body, while also remaining highly responsive to your movements throughout the night
  • Provide balanced sinkage to create a soft and comfortable feel, without feeling like you’re sleeping in quick sand
  • Promote breathability and cooling via gel
  • Maintain its shape over time

Second layer (foam-encased coils) – this is a 2.5″ layer of pocketed coils aka foam-encased spring coils. There are 1,358 coils in a Queen size. More coils generally means superior support. For reference sake, a comparable traditional retail mattress (~$3,000) has about 850 coils.  This layer is designed to:

  • Encourage airflow and breathability overall
  • Create flexible, pressure-relieving support
  • Naturally evaporate any moisture from sweat

Third layer (edge support system) – this layer is only present along the edges of the mattress. It’s a 4.0″ layer of high density support foam. This layer is designed to:

  • Allow you to sleep all the way on the edge of the bed without sagging or feeling like you’re going to sink off the side of the mattress
  • Sit on the edge without collapse

Fourth layer (steel coil support) – this is a layer of high-profile tempered steel coils. It’s constructed from 858 coils in the Queen size. This layer is designed to:

  • Provide consistent support
  • Help to evenly distribute weight and conform to body shape
  • Increase support when under heavier pressure (IE, great support for both small people and larger persons)
  • Silently work – coils are wrapped with a cotton mesh to reduce noise

Bottom layer (foam foundation) – the final bottom layer is a 2.0″ high density support foam that provides great shape and acts as a foundation for the mattress.


The cover is constructed from Tencel fibers. Tencel is an Eco-friendly fiber derived from the Eucalyptus tree.

The cover’s materials make it highly breathable and soft. Tencel is naturally absorbent, making it ideal for wicking moisture and sweat away from the sleeping surface, helping to keep sleepers cool. Tencel is OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class 1 certified, indicating it’s safe enough for babies and children.

Aesthetically, the cover strikes a balance of both the classic and modern. The lower side panel and top cover are all white, without significant adornment. Running along the top of the side panel is a smooth polka dot ribbon. The white polka dots on a blue background add a nice splash of color and really bring the Winkbed’s cover to life.

Winkbed mattress cover

Winkbed mattress cover

Firmness, Comfort, & Support

The WinkBed comes in at a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale (where 10 is the most firm). The most notable and unique attribute of the WinkBed is definitely their comfort top layer. It is very similar to euro-style pillow toppers. The comfort layer on top is packed with HyperSoft foam and gel foam. This layer provides most of the comfort and softness for the mattress.

Winkbed firmness - 6 out of 10, where 10 is the most firm

Winkbed firmness – 6 out of 10, where 10 is the most firm

This top layer also adds a slight degree of body contour / hug, however it’s not nearly as dramatic as you’d see with a 100% foam mattress. This makes it ideal for sleepers who want a slight degree of hug / contour, but don’t like the feel that foam mattresses can have. The top comfort layer feels similar to other traditional pillow tops I have tested in terms of softness, contour, hug, and overall feel.

Since the WinkBed uses coils and an edge support mattress it is able to deliver better edge support (for both sitting and sleeping) and better bounce. The bounce is great when you want it…namely, getting out of bed, preventing that “stuck feeling”, and sex, but relatively subdued when you don’t…IE, waking your partner up from moving around during the night. The comfort layer on top helps to dissipate some of the bounce here, eliminating some of the motion transfer.

The WinkBed mattress offers medium firm support. The 2 layers of coils provide consistent support in any sleeping position. Lastly, since the WinkBed is so thick (15″ total) it will provide great deep compression support, especially for larger sleepers.

Winkbed mattress, King size, platform bed

Winkbed mattress, King size, platform bed

Sinkage Tests & Motion Transfer

All mattresses reviews on Sleepopolis go through a series of sinkage tests. These tests are designed to help give you an idea of how the mattress will perform under various conditions.

  • Lying position on my back – In a normal lying position where my weight was evenly distributed across the mattress I saw 2″ of sinkage. Most of the sinkage results from the sleep surface comfort foams. As such, it’s a fairly soft feel.
  • Lying position on my side – in a normal lying position on my side I saw 2.25″ of sinkage.
  • Sitting position (conservative) – in a conservative sitting position where my weight is further back on the mattress I experienced 3.5″ of sinkage.
  • Sitting position (aggressive) – in a more aggressive sitting position where all my weight was directly on the edge there was 4″ of sinkage.
  • Standing position – standing directly in the middle of the mattress, with all of my weight focused on a single point, I saw 5″ of sinkage.

Overall, these sinkage results are fairly impressive. One of the major advantages of buying a coil-on-coil mattress simply comes down to the enhanced edge support. This is an area that foam mattresses tend to struggle with. WinkBed’s additional layer of edge support foam is definitely helping to provide a strong edge for both sleeping and sitting. Even sleeping very close to the edge I felt supported and stable on the mattress.

Motion transfer was a little bit more than I see in foam mattresses. However, it wasn’t bad at all. The top comfort sleep surface, which is mostly foam, does a good job of helping to minimize the motion.

Angled view of the Winkbed mattress

Angled view of the Winkbed mattress


Twin XL$799
California King$1,548

Other Information

Ultra close up shot of Winkbed's cover and side panel

Ultra close up shot of Winkbed’s cover and side panel

Should you buy a WinkBed mattress?

The WinkBed mattress is an interesting development in the online mattress industry. The vast majority of the online mattresses coming out are built from latex, memory foam, or other foams. WinkBed’s coil-on-coil hybrid construction combined with a foam topper makes it fairly unique for online mattresses (Saatva is really the only other one doing this).

I would recommend the WinkBed to anyone who falls into the following categories:

  • You want a a hybrid / coil mattress – WinkBed is a hybrid / coil mattress, this gives it a more traditional feel than memory foam on its own, along with improved bounce. If you don’t like how 100% foam mattresses sleep the WinkBed can offer a more classic feel.
  • You want medium firmness – WinkBeds is a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale (where 10 is the most).
  • You want a balanced pillow top – The Winkbed’s medium firmness and design specs give it a very classic and balanced feel. Once again, it’s a stark departure from 100% foam mattresses that create most of their pressure relief from contouring foams. Winkbed’s softness comes from the softness of the pillow topper.
  • You want white glove delivery service – Winkbeds are not compressed and not shipped in a box. They come fully decompressed and are delivered and setup buy a team of two. You don’t have to worry about setting the mattress up or unboxing at all.

For more information on WinkBeds visit If you decide to give the Winkbed a try don’t forget to use code “SLEEPOPOLIS50“! You can save $50 off any Winkbed mattress. 

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