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Introducing the new Honest Beds mattress! The Honest Bed is a hand-made pocketed coil-on-coil mattress. It’s flippable and is is designed with two sides, each with a different firmness level (one medium and one hard). Sleepers have the option of selecting gel memory foam or latex foam as the comfort top layer, depending on their material preference. For my sleep test I went with the gel memory foam. Totaling 13″ in height, the Honest Beds mattress is the first flippable luxury coil-on-coil mattress to join the major e-commerce mattress market.

Check out my full unboxing of the Honest Beds mattress below!

Initial Thoughts

Below are my initial thoughts after my first night on the Honest Bed (memory foam version) mattress:

  • Two sides with two feels – the medium side of the mattress falls between a 6-6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the most firm. While the firm side of the mattress rates between 8-8.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. After lying on the firm side of the Honest Beds mattress I knew right away that it was too firm to suit my needs. The medium side provides a nice balance that will be appropriate to the needs of most sleepers.
  • Very Good Support – both sides of the Honest Beds mattress offered very good support. The pocketed coil design, memory foam comfort layer, and impressive edge support work together to great effect. Every position I slept in resulted in balanced and equal support across the mattress.
  • Exceptional Edge Support – simply put, the best edge support I have seen in any mattress I’ve tested to date (including both foam and other coil-on-coils). The edges are reinforced with an advanced coil system developed by Leggett and Platte. For lying positions, the sinkage level is exactly the same as any other position on the mattress. For sitting, there is a 3″ sinkage, but it remains largely a constant 3″ whether I am sitting with a light even weight or putting my entire body weight on the edge. Very impressive.
  • Good Bounce – both sides of the mattress had good bounce. Although I slept on the medium side of the Honest Bed mattress, the firm side felt like it had a bit more more bounce. This was to be expected, as you have less memory foam between you and the coil-on-coil system. That said, the medium side is not short on bounce. For sleepers who enjoy a little more bounce for sleeping or amorous activities it’s hard to go wrong with the coil-on-coil design.
  • Organic cotton cover – the cover has a luxury look and feel. It has a nice softness and smooth finish. Stitching is tight across the entire length. The side panels are quite sturdy as well and include handles so moving and flipping the mattress is easier. The cover it a blend of 50% organic cotton and 50% polyester.
  • No off-gassing / smell – virtually zero discernible smell or off-gassing. Even from the very first moment out of the box, there was no significant odor.

Per usual, if you have any questions about the Honest Beds mattress feel free to drop me a comment down below. I would love to help!

If the Honest Beds mattress is one you would like to try right away be sure to snag our promo code. You can use promo code “HONESTSLEEPOPOLIS” to save $100 on your order!

Be sure to check back later this week for my full review of the Honest Beds mattress.

Happy Sleeping!

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