Easy Ways to Cool Down Your Bedroom for Great Sleep

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Have you, as many have, attempted to sleep in a hot room?  If you are anything like me, fewer things disrupt my slumber more than an overly heated space. Give me a cold room, cool sheets and a heavy down comforter to snuggle up in any day. The sleep science backs up my preference; studies show that the ideal temperature range for sound, uninterrupted slumber is 60-67 degrees.

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With that in mind, we’ve researched a few ways too cool down your bedroom and set yourself up for an optimal night’s rest. Read on for simple ideas you can easily integrate into your own space.

Reversible Air-Flow Fans

A reversible air-flow fan is perfect for removing stale, warm air in a room and recirculating the cool outdoor breeze. I prefer a window insert that is easy to install and remove when seasons change.

Ceiling Fans

For a year-round solution, you may want to consider a ceiling fan. The blades of ceiling fans move counter-clockwise, which creates a cool breeze and can make a room feel 8 degrees colder without adjusting the actual temperature. Though not an inexpensive option, ceiling fans are perfect for those who run warm regardless of outdoor temperatures.

Cooling Pillows

Cooling pillows offer an option to both cool body temperature, while working through any aches and pains you may have in your neck and shoulder area. Many are reversible in that one side includes the cooling gel for warm nights and the other side consists of Memory Foam for cooler nights, both offer optimal positioning for head, neck and shoulders.

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Limiting screen time at night promotes better sleep habits for myriad of reasons. In addition to keep your brain over stimulated, the heat from electronics can increase the temperature of your room. My tip is to remove phones from your bedroom altogether, invest in a battery-operated alarm clock and in the summer months unplug all sources of electricity. Except for the reversible air-flow fan, of course.

Blackout Shades

Blackout shades can work wonders at keeping out light (i.e. heat) sources during the day. The hope is that by making your bedroom buttoned up and dark by daylight, you will not be entering a stuffy, warm space come bedtime.

Portable Air Conditioner

When all else fails, a portable air condition can cool a room down quickly and effectively. I opted to purchase one a few years ago and would recommend the stand-up version to the window insert based on movability. Cool your living room during the day and your bedroom by nigh, adjust the temperature for each room according to your desired living and sleep temperatures.

Hopefully one of the above helps to quell the discomfort and interrupted sleep that can accompany a hot night. For best results I recommend combining a few of the suggestions like unplugging each night + blackout shades + reversible air-flow fans, to see which combination suits you best.

Amanda Gomes

Amanda Gomes

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