Should You Try Sleeping Naked? Here’s the Truth

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If you’ve ever tried sleeping naked, you may be hooked. Sliding into crisp sheets at the end of a long day offers a relaxing and pleasant experience for anyone, but some claim it feels that much better in the nude. Some experts have warned against sleeping without a stitch, but why? Let’s dig into some details and find the answers.

Long Story Short

  • Sleeping naked can keep you cool, ventilate sensitive areas, and bring you closer to a sleeping partner.
  • Naked sleepers may need to change their sheets more frequently, and be prepared to grab a quick cover in case of a nighttime emergency.
  • No need to feel pressure about sleeping naked, which is a very personal preference. You can try it out, and change your mind anytime.

The Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Some say the benefits of sleeping naked outweigh the cons. But is sleeping naked better for your health? Let’s take a look at some naked-sleeping perks.

Temperature Regulation

Sleep experts will often advise keeping your bedroom or sleeping space at a cool temperature (between 66 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit), and for good reason. Studies show it’s harder to fall asleep when your body’s hot —  a cool atmosphere is much more conducive to falling asleep quickly, and your body naturally works to keep your temperature cooler to catch more Zzzs.

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“Since warm heavy pajamas may make your body too hot during the night, wearing less or no clothing means your body will be cooler, making for a deeper, better sleep,” says June Seliber-Klein, MD, neurology and sleep board-certified physician based in Monterey, CA. 

Of course, your bedding can also play a role in your body temperature. And if you have notoriously cold feet, sleeping with or without socks can also contribute. Research shows wearing socks to bed can help adjust your body’s core temperature, making you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.

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Health Down South

Some experts suggest women sleep naked or without tight-fitting underwear in order to avoid yeast infections. If there’s no room for airflow down there, it can become a warm and welcoming environment for fungus growth — leading to infections and a possible visit to the doctor. The Mayo Clinic says as many as three out of four women are affected by yeast infections at some point in their life, so it could be good to take this precautionary measure.

The benefits are there for men, too. “Spending the night in a cooler environment wearing less or looser clothing, as opposed to wearing tight underwear or heavy pajamas, is better for sperm production,” says Seliber-Klein. A study published in 2018 found men sporting tight-fitting underwear led to a lower sperm count than men wearing boxers. The 650+ men involved in the findings were between 18 and 56 years old without a history of vasectomy. 

Those who reported wearing boxers or loose-fitted underwear over the majority of four years were found to have significantly higher sperm concentration and total sperm count than those who wore tight garments. So getting rid of underwear altogether when sleeping could help combat this issue.

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Physical And Mental Freedom

Sleeping naked means no constriction or getting your pajamas twisted or tugged throughout the night. It can also help those who may feel claustrophobic wearing clothes on top of being wrapped up in their bedding. Physically, this can mean fewer interruptions and waking up in the night. Experts also say this can be beneficial mentally, as sleepers feel in their natural state and free.

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Cons Of Sleeping Naked

While all of those benefits sound great, what are the cons of sleeping naked? Let’s dive in.

Bedroom Sanitation

In a video posted on social media, Doctor Tony Youn, a plastic surgeon based in Michigan, says the average person passes gas 15 to 25 per day, including when asleep. He then mentions a scientific study that revealed every time you pass gas, you’re releasing fecal matter — yes, as in poop particles — into your surrounding space. So when these particles leave your behind, if you’re not wearing any underwear or pants, they’re going straight to your bedding, mattress, or whatever’s near you.

Youn says in the video, “For the sake of your bed partner, please sleep with your underwear on.”

However, he does address an exception that I’ve covered above: He says women can sleep naked if their gynecologist advises they do. But men, he urges you to cover up.

One top commenter wrote, “I guess I’m just gonna have to wash my sheets more frequently then.”

Washing your sheets more frequently is a good idea in general, Seliber-Klein says. Sleeping with or without clothes can lead to the build-up of allergens and dust mites, which can lead to negative impacts on your skin.

Pro Tip: You should aim to wash your sheets once a week. Sleeping with or without clothes can lead to the build up of allergens and dust mites, which can lead to negative impacts on your skin.


Some people simply enjoy the coziness and coverings of pajamas or other sleepwear. Some people feel vulnerable when they’re not wearing nightclothes, which can lead to a bad night’s rest. It’s important to feel at ease with a clear mind in order to increase your chances of a healthy slumber.

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Surprise Situations

Dr. Youn’s video shaming naked sleeping brought a slew of people out in the comments, both on TikTok and on YouTube. Some pointed out that if you sleep naked, you need to be ready for any emergency to pop up and be ok with being naked in that moment. 

If a roommate or family member rushes into your room, a fire engulfs your home, or you engage in sleepwalking (which is more common than you may think), you may not want to be naked for those events. It could be worth considering keeping a robe or sweatpants nearby to throw on at any moment.

Things to Consider Before Making the Switch

If you want to try sleeping in the nude, the pros and cons above can help you decide. You can also ask yourself these questions and consider your answers.

  • Are you prone to yeast infections? Sleeping naked might help prevent them.
  • Do you have a sleep partner? Talk it over with them and make sure they’re on board.
  • Do you sleepwalk? You may want to consider how naked you get for your midnight stroll.
  • Would you be okay with running out of a burning house naked? If not, you can keep a robe nearby.

Remember, sleeping naked doesn’t require signing any sort of contract or commitment. You can give it a chance for a night or two and see how it goes. 

Tips for Sleeping Naked

Sleeping naked doesn’t come in an all-or-nothing package. You can sleep with underwear on, or just a light shirt. If you go full nude, we have some tips to make it work:

  • Buy comfy sheets.
  • Go at your own pace: Don’t feel pressure to sleep completely naked right away.
  • Have some clothes nearby you can throw on in an emergency.
  • Invest in a warm comforter.
  • Talk to your sleeping partner about your plan. They may want to join you!
  • Wash your bedding at least once a week.

You have full control over your clothing situation at bedtime. Do what feels good, and see how your sleep improves.

What if I Can’t Sleep Naked? 

If you find you just can’t sleep naked, that’s okay, too. If you wanted to attempt the practice for comfort or to stay cool, you can experiment with some lighter fabrics for sleepwear, like cotton or silk — one study even found that people slept better in wool. Check out a few different options, and you’ll find the pajamas that help you drift off and stay asleep.

You can also test different types of bedding. If you find yourself getting too warm at night, a lighter comforter, a light blanket, or a simple top sheet may do the trick. The key to comfortable sleeping often lies in trial and error.


What are the pros and cons of sleeping naked?

Sleeping naked can be comfortable, keep you cool, and help you sleep better. If you sleep fully nude, though, you may need to change your sheets a little more often. Naked sleeping can also make emergency situations awkward and cause you to feel more vulnerable.

Does sleeping naked increase testosterone?

Sleeping naked does not increase testosterone. Some older research found better sleep was linked with higher testosterone levels, but more current studies have called this into question. “Sleeping naked and keeping the testicles in a cooler environment will improve sperm quality and quantity,” explains Dr. Seliber-Klein. “However, whether this is also mediated through testosterone is unclear.”

Does sleeping naked help you lose weight?

Sleeping naked can help you lose weight, says Dr. Seliber-Klein. “When you have sleep deprivation or sleep disruption you have a higher incidence of carbohydrate cravings and metabolic changes that make you predisposed to weight gain.” 

Sleeping naked also keeps you cooler, and staying cool at night has been shown to produce more brown fat. Brown fat increases your metabolism, which can help you lose weight, along with healthy diet and exercise habits.

The Last Word From Sleepopolis

Evidence on both sides of the sleeping naked argument shows that as long as your pajamas or underwear aren’t too tight or too hot, you should be perfectly fine snoozing in them. And if you want to forego any clothing, it’s ok to do so — but please, wash your sheets.


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