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Casper Mattress Giveaway

Kick off 2018 right – by winning a Casper mattress!

Our 25 Days of Giving campaign was so popular we decided to continue the love by doing some giveaways throughout the year – so we’re starting off with perhaps the most popular mattress there is, the Casper!

Winner chooses the size of their Casper mattress, so scroll down and enter below.

Casper Mattress Giveaway

I highly recommend you check out my Casper mattress review for all the pertinent details on this beloved foam mattress, but things to know are:

  • Casper offers 3 mattresses, the Essential, the Casper, and the Wave
  • Each mattress comes in one firmness option, increasing in price and features as you go up the line
Casper Mattress Corner
Corner view of the Casper mattress

The Casper mattress is designed to accommodate all sleepers, with a number of layers of foam that provide pressure relief, cooling, and comfort in all sleeping positions.

Casper Mattress Construction
Showing the layers of the Casper mattress

We highly recommend the Casper here at Sleepopolis (in fact it holds a place on our best mattress page), so the winner is in for a real treat!

There can only be one winner unfortunately – but if you’re enticed by the Casper and looking to buy, note the Casper price is increasing next week. So if you’re in the market, I suggest you move quickly!

Plus – keep your eyes open, we may or may not be having a Casper Wave giveaway event in the coming weeks…

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362 thoughts on “Casper Mattress Giveaway”

  1. Would enjoy sleeping on the Casper mattress I have problems with my back and neck and the Casper seems to let your body adjust the bed, I use pillows to do that right now. Good Luck everyone. And Sleepopolis thanks for your great giveaways.

  2. Seems like a great mattress. Only question is, I noticed while he is sitting the opposite side of the mattress comes up. My husband is a large man. I don’t want him to sit on the side of the bed and have it launch up. lol

  3. Man, I have been sleeping on a couch for the last 2 years. I thought I needed a mattress, but I need this mattresse… This is AMAZING

  4. I stumbled across the sheet set give away and lo and behold there was a Casper mattress give away at the bottom of the page, what luck. I hear they are the front runner in box mattresses, and from all the reviews I just read a lot of people want to win, and so do I.

  5. This mattress seems so different from conventional mattresses. there are no springs to poke you or make you uncomfortable, so his seems like a win-win for whoever gets it.

  6. I am very impressed with this mattress. It isnt too big to take up a lot of room which is a good thing but it also looks very comfortable

  7. It is time for us to replace our mattress. We have been looking at several options and this looks like it would be a good option.

  8. We bought a new mattress approx 5 years ago, but have never been happy with it, despite its reputation for quality. Would love to try the Casper. I like the sound of the sleep-cool technology and the ergonomic spine alignment feature!

  9. Thank you the great giveaway. I would love to win this mattress. I like the idea that you can sleep on it for 100 days to see if you would really like it.

  10. This seems like an amazing mattress. I would love to lay in this bed right now! I have chronic widespread pain due to fibromyalgia and several spinal problems so I have a tough time getting comfortable and staying asleep is even harder because the pain wakes me up. I would truly be grateful to have this mattress it would be life changing to own a casper mattress and be able to sleep comfortably. I’d love to win this mattress and share my experience about how switching to a casper improves my sleep and life with the world. Thank you for the giveaway : ) and thanks for all the ways Casper supports people in need, it’s great that you donate mattresses and help others.

  11. I appreciate a product review that is understandable and thorough without boring meso thank you! In your video I was able to understand the benefits of the Casper Mattress and had a clear understanding of the product. I like how you used the ball weights to demonstrate weight and really thought the edge support would be great for someone like me who tends to slip of the sides.

  12. We are in the market for a new mattress, again, and wanted to know if anyone can recommend this one or the Wave for people with serious back pain. We are both side sleepers for the mist part and can’t seem to wake up pain free ever!!!

  13. I’m currently looking to replace my 19 year old mattress and Casper was one of my favorites to consider. Be awesome to win one for my family.

  14. It definitely seems as if this type of mattress is on the rise in popularity, and I have seen some really good reviews of the Casper.

  15. I’m in the market for a new mattress. They’re so many to choose from. I would like to try the Casper mattress after reading the reviews.

  16. Love the casper review. I also saw this casper mattress on Good Morning America this morning and there was good reviews on there as. well.

  17. i’ve been on the couch for a few yrs now. my back and short temper from lack of sleep are proof. a new bed would be a god send.

  18. Sleeping on the couch is the norm lately, because waking up after sleeping on my mattress with a back ache is not my idea of a good nights sleep! I’ve been looking at different mattresses for awhile now and I’m convinced I have to spend a ton of money for comfort! Until last night , we invited some good friends over for dinner and drinks and the subject came up about mattresses, they said that they have found the best mattress they have ever slept on, Casper. I decided to look at the web site, and I noticed a give away, how convenient for us. So I entered and now ,crossing my fingers

  19. Currently I’m sleeping on a used mattress and box spring from my brother and his wife gave me but it is old and not comfortable at all I wake up with a stiff neck and of course back pain I’m a single mom of 2 amazing kids which my oldest is 10 and has spinabifida so he requires some help with transfers so I can’t afford a new bed so if I won this it would be so awesome and I would be able to help my son a lot more thank you in advance

  20. This sounds like a wonderful mattress. Im a dad of 4. They all mattresses relatively new. Mine is 20 years old and causes bad bsck problems. I hope i win

    • I cannot afford a new mattress and want a Casper really badly. I have back issues and know Casper would help help me to sleep better. I would show and/or tell everyone about it if I won a Casper! 😍 Casper Mattress!!

  21. Thanks for the opportunity to win a new Casper mattress! I have never slept on a memory foam mattress, and would LOVE to have one!

  22. I. Sleeping on a vouch now. I need a mattress that won’t make my back hurt worse than it already does. Thanks and GOD BLESS

  23. I always had a firm mattress and prefer the same in your line in a queen size. I just had a milestone birthday on Friday, it could be a belated birthday present!

  24. Yes I would love to win this mattress. I do too have back and shoulder problems and have rough nights sleeping all the time. Out of work right now isn’t helping either but maybe a chance winning something would help turn things around. Appreciate the chance to enter the contest, thank you. P.S. my birthday is coming up too (2/24/18)

  25. I would love to win one sleeping on a couch is killing my back more then it hurts already. I wake up and can’t even move. I would honestly do anything to get a good night sleep. Money is way to tight. Kids have to come first.

  26. After watching and reading this review, the Casper mattress would be the mattress I’d buy if I could afford it right now. I believe it would provide the support and comfort I need to a good nights sleep. Thanks for the chance.

  27. I would absolutely love to win this mattress. My son has one and says it would be great for support, especially since I have had back and neck surgeries.

  28. I would absolutely love to win this. First I love the name and I love the it’s memory foam and has the coolness. My body is only getting older and could really use this. Thank you and good luck to everyone

  29. I would love to win a Casper mattress . Because the one mattress I have now do not sleep very well. I do not have the income to buy a Casper mattress.

  30. Right now I sleep on the floor.. I wish I had a queen size Casper mattress. Please help my out. I’m unemployed and can’t afford anything.

  31. I love that there are no metal coils that will pop out and stab me. The mattress I have was expensive and the spring already popped out on the side. My next mattress will be a Casper.

  32. I was just telling my husband that we need to invest in a better mattress. This mattress looks so comfortable just what I need for my aching back!!!

  33. I haven’t had a bed in over 3 years. 51 and had a total aorta replacement 3 years ago and couldn’t sleep anywhere lying down. Now I finally can but can’t afford to with 3 young kids and my only income is disability.

  34. I would be more than grateful to receive this amazing mattress for me and my children as I have many health issues with the most debilitating one being graves disease and hypolordosis of my cervical spine. God is great all the time no matter what

  35. It will really help me out to win this mattress, I have had multiple surgeries and cannot sleep in certain positions. I need to try this mattress so that I can sleep better and less pain.

  36. I have seen the Casper Mattress advertised alot lately! It looks amazing! I would love to win this mattress seeing where i have to buy a mattress and really can’t affored one right now . thank you!

  37. I Would Love To Win A Casper Matress, I Can’t Climb Steps No More So I Sleep Down Stairs in Living room on the Couch. I have A Problem with my Left Knee, Right Knee, Both Hips, and Degenerative Disk Disease in My Lower Back going into My Spine. I am on a Cane, Walker going into a Wheelchair Soon. Thanks Donna Stanczyk

    • The mattresses look like they are exactly what I have been needing. I suffer from chronic back pain and have a hard time sleeping at night. I know if I had one of these mattresses would solve my sleeping problems and many more.

  38. The mattress is perfect for people who suffer from chronic pain. it is great that the memory foam is the 2nd layer, so the mattress isn’t too hot to lay on.

  39. this casper mattress sounds great ! it would be a sure thing ,” IF ” ? It could relive ,Comfort , Relax all of the days Stress . As a Construction worker my body is asked to do many things and at the end of the day , ”I need to rest ” ! So ” IF ” , THE” CASPER ”mattress could supply all ? that would have me sold ! And i would be ” Astonished and Amazed ” ! To Win … Something that will change my sleeping experience .

  40. This mattress sounds like Heaven! I’m chronically, and terminally, I’ll and I don’t get good quality sleep due to the pain, and I need it badly. This mattress is the best one I’ve ever read, or heard, about!

  41. I would love to have a Casper Mattress. My husband and I have been researching them for months now. I have only heard really positive things about the brand.

  42. I entered all of the ones for Christmas but unfortunately didnt win. I hope this is my chance !! Thank you all for all the amazing mattresses, reviews, giveaways, and support. I know a lot of people like myself could use a good mattress and you give us all that chance!

  43. I love to sleep. My bed is comfy but I need a new one. This one seems like a really good option. I have an air mattress now that I also put a comfy foam topper on. If you look at it, it looks like a regular mattress, but uses air. It sits on top of a fold-able/portable platform. And, love the cushy topping. I would hope that this one has a similar feeling, where you sink a bit into a comfortable fit of your own, but not too much. lol Hope to WIN!

  44. It looks so comfortable and relaxing. I wake up a lot at night and tired in the morning. It would be great to have a great mattress to sleep on.

  45. This would be such a blessing. I just recently upgraded from a couch to a bed, however. The mattress is 20+ years old. It’d be an absolute pleasure to sleep on a new one that’s just mine!

  46. Thank you for the amazing chance! I have chronic back pain and started seeing a chiropractor. He said he can help me but will not be fully able to correct my back for how far gone it is and said a great mattress can help!

  47. With the Casper Mattress maybe my hubby and I could finally get a good nights sleep. Our mattress we have now is so uncomfortable and even worst it is so hot you just can not get comfy.

  48. I have friends that have this mattress and had the opportunity to sleep on one. I felt so much better than my old mattress in the morning. Would love to win

  49. This sounds like a mattress that addresses all the problems that customers have with traditional memory foam products; it would be awesome to try!

  50. Really need this bed! I’m a single mom and have been sleeping on the couch for years and let me son have my bed. Would be such a blessing to have a real bed to sleep on

  51. first thank you so much for these giveaways !
    next I have to say I have been checking into the casper mattress . my daughter is in need of a new mattress so it is hunt time , lol .
    the casper has a nice medium firmness which is perfect for my daughter , she likes to snuggle . the construction is amazing and the 100 day trial is the best !
    beautiful mattress !

  52. Would this mattress accommodate someone with lower back problems? Also, I’m pregnant and tired all the time and sleeping is one of my hobbies lately. I would love to up my sleeping game!

  53. I think the Casper mattress sounds great! Meets the middle ground for me and the hubs. Though the sinkage might be a bit much for his 300lb frame.

  54. There are seemingly endless mattress out there on the market. I appreciate the reviews on Sleepopolis to help narrow down the choices.

  55. This mattress would be a blessing. Just purchased a king size mattress, when they delivered it they had to fold it like a taco now the inter coils are bended to wear there is a large bump in 2/3 of the bed. It makes it really hard to sleep at night. Said they would replace it, but it could take up to a month. Help I need this mattress

  56. I think this mattress would assure me of getting a good nite’s sleep and allow me to wake up being well rested. I need a new mattress.

  57. I think the Casper matress would help me to get a good night’s sleep. The medium firmness of the Casper matress is exactly what several people have mentioned for me to try.

  58. My husband has to move away from our family for a job opportunity. We can’t afford to buy him a new bed. This would be such a blessing.

  59. This looks like a perfect for me. I have fibromyalgia and sleep on an old mattress and wake up hurting every morning.Thanks for the giveaway

  60. I’m 65 yrs old and on disability and have had the same mattress for 20 yrs . I really would love to have a new one !!!!!!

  61. I’ve never heard anything bad about casper and your review just confirms that. I’d love the chance to have one for free. We’ve considered buying one when we need a new mattress.

  62. I really think my back would love this mattress! I’m sleeping on my couch most nights after tossing and turning on my current ancient one.

  63. I have heard about Casper, but I have yet to actually see/test one.. I think it might be soft for my preference, but do like that it sleeps cool and has decent edge support.

  64. The Casper mattress looks like it would work really well for me. I like the look (that gray edge is snazzy), and the fact that it has a quick response to pressure. I tend to toss and turn, so that’s important to me. Thanks for the in-depth review, it’s really helpful.

  65. Thanks for all you guys do with the reviews and info it really helped us in our research phase, and the referral link hopefully helps you guys too!!!

    Now to get a mattress for our daughter next.

  66. I love all the giveaways you do. I’d really love to win a mattress for my brother. He’s disabled and can’t afford to get himself a new one.

  67. I think the Casper bed is one of the few latex/foam beds I would really enjoy sleeping on. Time to start looking for a new one, my bed is pretty old and starting to get that “middle dip” in it.

  68. I love it. I am thankful for the chance to win. Thank you so much for your promotions. It says a lot about a person/company when they give back. I have learned so much from your videos and reviews. It truly is a science.

  69. I really love the matress already even though i don’t have one because loved your review on youtube, very descriptive and helpful.

  70. This appears to be an awesome mattress 🛏!! My husband and I are sleeping on a 10 yr old mattress!! I surely do wish we could win 😊💕

  71. 5 years ago we purchased a mattress that didn’t offer a trial period. Well I won’t make that mistake twice, for I haven’t felt rested since the day we brought the thing home. The 100 day return policy goes to show how confident you are of your product. Thank you for this great review.

  72. This looks like the mattress for me. That it will make me sleep more comfortably then my old mattress. My old mattress feels like you sleeping on a hardwood floor. So this mattress looks like it would sleep more comfortably. Would love to have one

  73. I always loved Casper, the friendly ghost. Winning this, I could say I finally have Casper.
    Seriously, my husband complains from the minute he gets up every day about “this piece of garbage he’s sleeping on”. One thing about a bad mattress, it’s better than no mattress, so you can’t just throw it away until you get a new one. We should be so lucky. Fingers crossed!

  74. I tried to win one of the mattresses that you gave away in December with no luck. I do need a mattress, and Casper has a great mattress that I would love to win. My current mattress is so old this would be a great win for me. The comfort of this mattress would allow me a great sleep. My birthday is in January and it is a big win, so this would be such a nice gift to win

  75. Thanks so much for the great review on this Casper mattress! Me & the hubby are back/side sleepers. I toss & turn all night because I can’t get comfortable. I think this medium-firmness mattress would be a great fit for us looking at the review.

  76. This sounds like very good mattress to replace my 25 year old mattress and could celebrate our 50th Wedding anniversary in June with new comfort, LOL!!

  77. I think this is the perfect mattress for me- I switch positions quite a few times at night and would love to know how the cooling works

  78. They sound wonderful, but I am still unsure of how a bed that comes flat won’t flatten out over time from the weight, I love the reviews for these, but I would love to read one the comes back after four or five years time to see how they do hold up and then again after ten, because I want my bed to be an investment that will last.

  79. The Casper mattress looks very comfortable! I like the pressure mapping, it helps me better understand why we all need a good mattress.

  80. Thanks for the giveaway, trying my luck again. The Casper accompodates all types of sleepers is good choice for me as, sometimes there are kids, and cats that come join in the middle of the night.

  81. I think it would be awesome to own a Casper bed!! My husband has depression and the meds cause him to have vivid and rough dreams..he falls out of the bed! I think this bed would be great for him and allow him to get a restful night and not worry about falling out and hurting himself.


  83. I think this looks like a great mattress. It is so hard to know if it will be a good mattress in person. I love all the information and photos of the different positions and weight distribution.

  84. I really would love to win a new mattress. I am sleeping on a used mattress someone gave me. Believe me I know why now. It’s to hard and very uncomfortable. I don’t sleep much because of insomnia, so I get even less sleep. Your mattress looks and sounds so inviting. Soft enough but not to much.No lumps and bumps. O, it looks like heaven , “my image”. I believe it could change me as a person to get a “good” nights sleep. You’re the best to even offer a give away to anyone !! Thank you

  85. With a balanced foam feel, a cool feel mattress and a quick response to movement it’s no wonder that this mattress is one of the best sellers! With the 100 trial period and the 10 year warranty it is still a reasonably priced mattress

  86. I hate my current mattress. It’s less than 2 years old and is a “bed in a box” mattress that I bought on the recommendation of another very popular You Tube channel and blogger. I won’t say the brand, but its initials are BB. Right after I bought my mattress, they changed their whole mattress into something “better” and offered nothing to people who had just purchased their “old” mattress. The mattress is too firm, it doesn’t fit correctly in my bed frame because of the weird shape (it’s rounded, not a true rectangle-shape) and is just a terrible mattress in general. I would like to donate it and get a different brand. This one would be better than the one I have!

  87. I like the multiple layers of foam that provide pressure relief, cooling, and comfort in all sleeping positions. I’m concerned that an all foam mattress will form body imprints due to its contruction

  88. After watching the review and also reading the review. I think that the Casper mattress would be a good fit for my husband and I.

  89. Thank you for the chance to win a Casper mattress! I have been looking into getting one already so I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  90. I would so love to win this amazing mattress! Mine is wore out after only 4 years, its a shame how much money that we spent for something that should have lasted longer. Good luck all!

  91. I think I finally found a mattress that will help all my uncomfortable sleep problems! Casper sounds like it’s to good to be true, especially with prices so reasonable!

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