Author: Alanna Nunez

Alanna Nunez

Alanna Nunez

I’m the head of content at Sleepopolis, where I oversee the editorial and brand strategy and lead the team that creates best-in-class sleep news, health, and product content experiences and resources. Previously, I’ve worked at,, What to Expect, and Healthline. As someone who’s experienced insomnia since age 14, sleep is important to me (I’m not ashamed to say I’m obsessed with it) and there’s nothing I love more than helping others get a good night’s sleep. 

About Sleepopolis

Sleepopolis is a property dedicated to helping people around the world get a better night’s sleep. We cover a wide range of sleep and recovery topics, including in-depth reviews on mattresses and other sleep products, sleep industry news and events, and research-focused content on sleep science and wellbeing (which we call Sleep Education). Our goal is to help readers make better, more informed decisions regarding their sleep and rest.

Our writers specialize in sleep topics, and the majority of our reviews focus on their in-person experiences with and testing of products. In order to promote accuracy in our content, Sleepopolis features a robust Expert Network to help verify much of the content you see on the site, including both reviews and Sleep Education. This network consists of board-certified physicians, physical therapists, other medical professionals, researchers, and innovators in the sleep space. Content that has been expert verified is indicated with a blue checkmark at the top of those pages. We also work to keep our content up-to-date and indicate the day of the most recent editorial updates at the top of our articles.