Best Cami for Sleep

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If the weather’s warm or you’re prone to overheating in your sleep, a sleep camisole can be a great pajama choice. Because they’re sleeveless and usually have thin shoulder straps, camisoles allow for plenty of airflow across your skin and help reduce the chances that you’ll sleep hot. They also tend to be soft and stretchy, meaning they move with your body and don’t feel too confining. This can help you sleep comfortably.

Ready to find the best cami for sleep? Start by considering your preferences when it comes to materials, colors, and so on. Also think about how many camisoles you want to purchase; some options come in multipacks that can save you money. Then check out our roundup of sleep camis to get started with some stellar options.

best cami for sleep

Editor’s Choice

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Jockey Women’s Elance Supersoft Cami


  • The camisole is made with 92% Tencel, a natural material that’s known for being breathable. 
  • The other 8% of the fabric is spandex, which is stretchy and moves well with your body. 
  • The camisole comes in tons of colors, so there should be an option to suit pretty much every taste palette. 
  • The cami is long enough that it shouldn’t ride up a lot. 


  • The cami is on the thinner side, so it won’t do much to keep you warm and it won’t appeal to folks who like thicker material. 
  • The sizes might run a little large. 
Jockey Women’s Elance Supersoft Cami
Jockey Women’s Elance Supersoft Cami
Jockey Women’s Elance Supersoft Cami

The soft and stretchy Jockey Women’s Elance Supersoft Cami is made with Tencel, a natural and breathable material that makes this an especially comfortable cami for sleep. The cami comes in tons of colors to satisfy all tastes.


sleep cami pact

Pact Organic Cotton Camisole


  • The 95% organic cotton fabric in these camisoles is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified, meaning it meets various environmental and labor standards. It’s also made without certain harmful dyes and chemicals. 
  • The cotton is also Fair Trade, which means the farmers who grew the cotton are paid more fairly. 
  • The adjustable straps allow you to customize the fit to your body. 
  • The manufacturer says the fabric is prewashed and shrink-resistant, so the camisole should hold up well through the wash. 

One con? Compared to other options on this list, this cami comes in fewer colors (only four options). 

Pact Organic Cotton Camisole
Pact Organic Cotton Camisole
Pact Organic Cotton Camisole

Looking for an organic cami for sleep? Then check out the Pact Organic Cotton Camisole, which is Fair Trade and GOTS Certified. The shrink-resistant cami has adjustable straps that let you customize the fit. 

Also Consider

sleep cami attraco

ATTRACO Women’s Cotton Camisole


  • This is a two-pack of camis for sleep. 
  • The camisoles are made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex, so they’re soft, breathable, and stretchy. 
  • The adjustable shoulder straps allow you to customize the fit to your body. 
  • The flat seams lie smoothly against your body and shouldn’t catch on bedding or dig into your skin. 

One con? The fit might run a little large. 

ATTRACO Women’s Cotton Camisole
ATTRACO Women’s Cotton Camisole
ATTRACO Women’s Cotton Camisole

The ATTRACO Women’s Cotton Camisole comes in a two-pack, so you never have to worry about what to wear to bed on laundry day. The adjustable camisoles are soft, breathable, and stretchy.

Honorable Mention

sleep cami amvelop

AMVELOP Adjustable Women’s Camisole


  • The camisole is made from 95% Modal fabric and 5% spandex, which means it should feel soft and move with your body. 
  • The adjustable strap allows you to customize the fit. 
  • This is a three-pack of camisoles, so you get multiple camis with one purchase. 

One con? The fabric might have a tendency to roll up.

AMVELOP Adjustable Women’s Camisole
AMVELOP Adjustable Women’s Camisole
AMVELOP Adjustable Women’s Camisole

The AMVELOP Adjustable Women’s Camisole features an adjustable strap and soft, stretchy fabric. The camisoles come in a three-pack.

One More Option

sleep cami vislivin

Vislivin Women’s Basic Solid Camisole


  • This is a two- or four-pack of camis (your choice). 
  • The camisoles come in tons of colors, so there should be an option to suit most aesthetics. Because they’re sold in a multi-pack, you get multiple color options with one purchase. 
  • The camis are made with 5% spandex, so they stretch with your body’s movements. 
  • The camis have adjustable straps, so you can customize the fit a bit. 


  • The material is pretty thin, which won’t appeal to everyone. 
  • The white and grey colors might be a little see-through. 
Vislivin Women’s Basic Solid Camisole
Vislivin Women’s Basic Solid Camisole
Vislivin Women’s Basic Solid Camisole

Choose from a two- or four-pack of sleep camis with the Vislivin Women’s Basic Solid Camisole. The camisoles feature adjustable straps and come in tons of color options.  

How We Picked

Curious about how we selected the winners for this roundup of best camis for sleep? We prioritized the following factors.

Color Choices

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the aesthetics of their sleepwear. So we included sleep camisoles that come in a wide range of colors to suit various aesthetic preferences. We also included several options that come in multi-packs, which lets you get multiple colors at once.


If you’re using a cami for sleep, then it’s important for it to be comfortable. An uncomfortable cami can be distracting, which can make it harder to fall and stay asleep. For that reason, we focused on options that are soft, breathable, and that move with your body so you don’t feel constricted or uncomfortable at night.


Different people have their own preferences when it comes to materials. Some people prefer the softness of cotton; some folks like the breathability of Tencel; some people want a stretchy material such as spandex; some folks make it a priority to purchase organic materials, and so on. We included sleep camisoles made from a variety of materials so you can choose what suits your preferences around feel, manufacturing practices, and so on.

Sleepopolis Buying Tips

Still trying to decide on the best cami for sleep? Consider the following:

  • Material preference. Do you have a strong preference for cotton, polyester, Tencel, spandex, or another material? This can be a quick way to narrow down your options.
  • Color preference. Do you want a cami in a specific color? This is another easy way to rule out various options.
  • Quantity. If you want more than one sleep camisole, consider looking for options that are sold in multi-packs. This will usually cut costs a bit.

Bottom line? The best cami for sleep is a top that helps you feel comfortable in bed, which can make it easier to fall and stay asleep. The options here represent soft, stretchy, and breathable camis that can help you enjoy a comfortable night’s rest.


What is a sleep camisole?

A sleep camisole is basically a type of tank top with thin straps that is meant to help you sleep comfortably. Sleep camis can be made with a variety of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, Tencel, spandex, and more. They can also come in a variety of colors and designs. 

What’s the best fabric for a sleep cami?

This is a matter of personal preference. If breathability is important, consider a Tencel option. If you like a sleep cami to have a lot of stretch, look for camisoles that incorporate spandex. If you want a soft cami, cotton is usually a safe bet. 

What’s the difference between a tank top and a cami?

A cami (or camisole) is a style of tank top that usually has thin straps and is intended to be worn as pajamas or an undergarment. Not all tank tops are camisoles. For instance, some tank tops have thicker straps, are meant to be worn as outerwear, and so on. 

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