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Yaasa Adjustable Bed Giveaway

We have a giveaway that will seriously upgrade your bedroom today – an adjustable base from Yaasa!

The Yaasa is definitely the sleekest adjustable bed I have reviewed. With a beautiful aesthetic wood-panel design, you will win something that will improve your sleeping experience and look good in the bedroom. Winner chooses the size!

Yaasa Adjustable Bed Giveaway

When reviewing the Yaasa adjustable bed, I noticed the sleek design, and also how easy it was to use. You can have this adjustable base set up and working within minutes.

Yaasa Adjusted Sitting Base

While you’re here, make sure to check out the Yaasa mattress as well! It has a great feel and – you guessed it – works great with an adjustable bed.

Yaasa Hand Press
Pressing into the Yaasa mattress

If you’re in the market for an adjustable bed, make sure to check out our Yaasa coupons page for the latest deals. And good luck with the giveaway this month!

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Logan Block

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278 thoughts on “Yaasa Adjustable Bed Giveaway”

  1. Love that the Yaasa Adjustable bed slips right into the bedframe, and you can decide on legs. Plus the fact that it’s adjustable! Awesome!

  2. I really like the Yaasa Adjustable Bed. Since I am a side sleeper, it would obviously be best for me not to sleep with the bed inclined. But, I like that I could potentially read or work on other things while the bed is inclined, especially since I really like reading in bed. It would certainly be more comfortable to do work in bed with the Yaasa Adjustable Bed than it is to do work on my current mattress. Plus, I really like that the head of the bed moves in such a way that it won’t scratch or hit the wall as it glides into your desired position. Not to mention, I like how it can be powered by batteries just in case of a power outage.

  3. With my sleep apnea I need an adjustable bed, With the Chronic Back Pain I need a mattress that isn’t 10 years old. Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. Not sure what I think of the Yaasa bed, “Let me sleep on it”, HA! No, I think it will be a Paradigm shift for the sleep industry going forward.

  5. This looks so comfortable and soft! It would be very beneficial for us since we are both readers in bed and we could use the lift!

  6. This bed looks fabulous! I spend so much time tossing and turning and trying to prop pillows when I need to sleep in a more upright position or watch TV. I can see myself getting very comfortable in this bed!

  7. This would be great for us, we watch TV at night & do work on our computers so the adjustments would be a blessing

  8. Looks like it would be helpful in keeping me a bit more upright to lessen my acid reflux symptoms. Looks like the design was well thought out.

  9. I love this bed. It’s perfect and does everything I need! I love the positions and how many times have you used your phone as an alarm clock and are concerned that you don’t have enough battery left. You can just charge while you sleep. It even has a backup battery in case of power outages. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Looks good. My husband has just spent a week in the hospital with kidney failure and fell in love with the adjustable bed. Looking to see what we can find that might emulate that experience. This looks like it might work perfectly.

  11. Looks awesome and comfortable. I was afraid of the “assembly required”, but after reading your review, I think I can do it!

  12. We bought a hybrid mattress and have been researching adjustable bases. Yaasa keeps coming to the top of our list. It will help with our health in so many ways. Winning it would help immensely.

  13. If I win this bed, I could be more comfortable while dealing with my horrible migraines. And that would be wonderful.

  14. I would love to have a Yaasa Adjustable Bed. A good night sleep is so important. Thanks for having such a great product and a great giveaway!

  15. I like the looks of this bed and it looks like it is very well made. I am impressed by the built-in USB port–very useful.

  16. I would literally look up and THANK GOD if I were to win this bed. I had a failed fusion & laminectomy and am really tired of sleeping in the hole in my mattress caused from my lying on the mattress. THIS BED WOULD FIX MY PAIN AT NIGHT! Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter!

  17. Being someone who has to sleep propped up, im loving this Yaasa Adjustable bed frame. Thanks for sharing because i had never heard about them, and the opportunity to win it!

  18. Have adjustable base. This one appears to be wall hugger. Would appreciate that. Too bad only comes in two sizes but could put in my guest bedroom.

  19. This would be wonderful for my husband who is recovering from throat cancer treatment and can’t lay flat in our bed, so he has to sleep at an angle on his recliner. This would truly give him a decent nights sleep after a year of chair sleeping.

  20. Eh I am just not buying this bed is better than my already stellar adjustable bed. It looks really clunky and awkward. I have an mattress that is about that thick 14in that my mattress is awesome in the way it moves up and down and vibrates on my adjustable frame. I only paid $380 for it too. I would have to try this one out honestly. I compared one similar to it, as the maker of my adjustable made one just like this one in the review. I would love to try it out honestly to see if it does as good of job but honestly the reviewer looks as though his back hurt.

  21. The Yaasa Adjustable bed looks great! I believe it would help me sleep better with my existing back problems.

  22. I haven’t had a good nights sleep since I got shot, maybe a new mattress and this is just what I need. Thank you so very kindly for the opportunity & Enjoy your upcoming weekend! Good Luck everyone!

  23. This bed seems amazing. Oh I would love it. We haven’t had new mattresses in almost 25 years. Oh my aching back! 😊

  24. The Yassa Adjustable bed is perfect for young and old. The health benefits alone that this could offer; alongside the enjoyable contributions it has; would make it an asset to any home and it would be a privilege to own one.

  25. This bed seems unique as I have not seen another that adjusts quite like this one. Would love to have! Might stay in bed a little too long though! lol

  26. These are all awesome beds. Very difficult to make a decision as to which is best for me, but I think any of them would be like sleeping on a cloud compared to my recliner! Would love to try them,

  27. This is really a superior adjustable bed. That I could really use an need. Since I have a lot of arthritis,and other problems. Thank you for this Golden opportunity. And I truly had to win.

  28. I’ve been wanting one of these beds for a long time but haven’t been able to afford one. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  29. At first I thought the giveaway was only for the wood panel lol. This would be awesome to put in the guest bedroom…but I’m sure my teens would sneak in with this bed! Hey I would too! I love the design, the modern look, the anti-snoze option on the remote and most of all that it adjusts! I’ve never owned an adjustable bed! How cool would it be to win this! And that mattress! NICE!

  30. I have acid reflex and a bad back. This adjustable base would be awesome. After watching the video it looks like a great product

  31. I have been trying to figure out what kind of base to buy with our new mattress and this giveaway is swaying me in a new direction. I had heard about the Yaasa, but I hadn’t researched it too much. Now it is a top contender!

  32. I’ve already had insomnia but since my cancer diagnosis, I rarely sleep more than 4-5 hours a night. It’s just hard to get comfortable! I think being able to adjust my bed would help me get a better nights sleep!

  33. I would love to win this so bad …..it’s so nice looking if you saw my mattress I’m sleeping on now you would GASP!!where my but is is a big dent in mattress where I have 3pillows covering up the hole so I can lay on the mattress it’s sad ….but I need somewhere to put my 71yr old fat body to sleep .plus I have nerve pain and water retention.

  34. The Yaasa Adjustable Bed is calling my name! This high quality and modern bed would be perfect for me and my hubby. Being in our 50’s with health and sleep issues this bed would help us. Also we can do our reading and watching TV in bed comfortably.

  35. Would love to win this just moved and bed such a fantastic and Fabulous giveaway, with my MS this could really help out so much ,be a Blessing !!

  36. This is great. I love the adjustable aspect. Chic, without the “hospital” asthetic. Looks pretty easy to assemble which is definetly a plus. I love the settings on the remote! Anti-snore sounds great to me! I’d love to win this bed! It’s amazing. With a room with not enough space for a bed and a chair I have to always be in alaying down or leaning against the wall position. This is great as it says for reading, tv, or a nice cup of coffee n a book! Good luck. Everyone!!

  37. What a beautiful adjustable bed, so sleek and modern. I will be having back surgery March 29th pause. I would be overjoyed to win this bed knowing that I can sleep undisturbed in a nice comfortable adjustable position! I hope whoever wins this bed gets ultimate sleeping relief!

  38. I have wanted one of these beds for a while! I have degenerative spinal disk disease, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis and I have problems just getting up and down! I wish I could be blessed enough to win this one! Thank you for my entry!

  39. This bed looks so amazing! I sleep so uncomfortably every night and this looks like heaven! Thank you for the chance and good luck everyone!

  40. What a wonderful win this would be. Imagine sleeping allnight in a great position that you are comfortable with? Good luck everyone!

  41. I think it would be Amazing for My Hubby and I. He has had back issues for years and with this Awesome Bed he could have a restful nights sleep. Thank You for this Incredible Opportunity! What a Blessing this would be!

  42. I think this would be perfect for me, as I read in bed and work in bed, and well, spend way too much time in bed. But I might as well be as comfortable as possible!

  43. I think I am so wanting one now. I have many aches and pains that it is hard for me to get situated. This bed could help.

  44. A great night of sleep! That would be a relief on this bed. Sleeping tilted up would help with the acid reflux. Hope I am the winner!!

  45. This looks so comfy! As in a new level of comfy! Using it the first few times would probably scare the heck out of my dogs though haha

  46. This looks like the perfect solution for my back problems plus other health issues. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  47. Sleep is the one thing everyone needs to rejuvenate and be healthy but which can be the most unachievable comfort for many based on health problems, life style, stresses, etc. A comfortable bed is a most vital part to that experience yet so hard to find. I slept on the floor in S Korea with a mat and had better sleep then a fat mattress. I’ve been trying to find a bed similar to the structure or firmness yet up high and adjustable because of my pains and aches in legs and back, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and this adjustable bed looks like it may be just that. The firmness of the floor but adjustable and up high to not be on the floor. I know sounds strange but if you experienced it you’d understand. If appreciate the opportunity to win and try this to help me find my comfort and pain free sleep again …thank you for the opportunity through this offer to win….

  48. I am one of those folks who love a hospital bed,,not the stay but being able to adjust the bed to fit so I can sleep! Wow!

    • Wow would love to win this bed and a mattress would definitely follow .I need both badly .this could be the answer to a good night’s sleep when you have chronic pain like myself .a dream come true

  49. I think it would help both the hubs and I rest more as sometimes each of us gets up during the night because of back and neck issues. We also could read or could knit with my legs elevated. I like it because it has lots of beneficial ways for us both to rest better every night.

  50. As someone who as multiple illnesses and spends days in bed at a time. How this Yaasa, adjust this bed looks dreemy! The Yaasa, looks like it would make my life easier and less painful.

  51. I think the Yaasa Adjustable Bed looks very strong & durable. I like the design & I bet it’s easy to get comfortable !

  52. I really like the Yaasa Adjustable Bed base. I like that it is not closed in on the bottom & you can store things underneath. It really is a sleek & modern design.

  53. Oh awesome! During my unending mattress searching I tried one on an adjustable base and it was heavenly! The complete relief of compressed and bulging vertebrae was so wonderful! Have not felt relief like that other than in a doctors office on specialized equipment. However, the set was quite a bit out of my budget, still hoping I can find a way to work one into my mattress purchase.

  54. What a nice well made bed. The base is what I am really interested in as I spend a lot of time in bed due to chronic pain and it would be great to be able change my position and sit up or even raise my legs up. As far as the mattress goes I am currently on one that is very hard and has no give on my pressure points

  55. At almost 70 years young sometime during the night I must get up and out to change my position and keep something from hurting. I would love, love, love an adjustable bed; if I can afford a mattress.

  56. I have multiple health issues (GERD, heart bypass, allergies) so would appreciate this very much!! hanks fro opportunity, ❤️LOVE TO WIN!!

  57. I’ve always wanted an adjustable bed and this Yaasa is perfect! I’m in separate need of a new bed because my aches and pains are getting worse sleeping on a used twin bed. Being on a strict disability budget doesn’t allow me to get a better bed. Please and thanks for this opportunity.

  58. This would be so amazing, I can’t imagine right now how wonderful it must be to be able to adjust a bed instead of stuffing pillows every which way.

  59. This Bed is what I need for my Back after a Surgeon Clipped A Nerve in my Spine. It hurts all of the time.
    Good Luck to all Entrants.

  60. This bed looks amazing. I have serious Neuro and spine issues and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Fingers crossed.

  61. I think this bed is amazing! I literally suffer from many chronic illnesses, one terminal, and am bedridden almost every day. It breaks my heart to see my daughter suffer too. My Dr keeps telling me to get a better bed, but being a single mom on disability makes that Just a dream. Both my daughter, and I, would be so blessed if I could have the ability to actually be a mom, not just a sick person stuck in bed. It would be a dream come true..literally…to have a bed that betters my quality of life. Thank you for the many chances you give people to win a bed that would change their lives.


  63. I love the idea! Would be so great to be able to adjust the bed so I could read or relieve the pressure on a hurting part of the body!

  64. Do we get a mattress if we win the sweepstatkes or just the base? If it is just the base you should not refer to it as a bed.

  65. An adjustable bed is on our list of beds we are currently looking at. They are expensive so winning one would be awesome!

  66. Wow! I would LOVE an adjustable bed! I do a lot of reading and husband plays video games and we watch movies. Our favorite place to do all of this is in our room. This would be awesome for all of those purposes.

  67. I love it! I definitely can get comfortable with a Yaasa adjustable bed. It definitely would make it easier for me to get up in the morning with the one click button. Awesome!!

  68. This bed looks amazing!!! I was injured in a car accident about 5 yrs ago and have been sleeping on the couch ever since to keep pressure off my left shoulder. Winning this would mean that I could finally sleep comfortably in my own bed and bedroom again!! :-)

  69. i love to win this bed i have back problems i work 2 jobs and i am always having pain this might be able to help with that

  70. I like that every position you need is there for you at the touch of a button so all you need to do is lie back, adjust, and be the most productive you can be, whatever it is you’re doing, and the “Yaasa” works with most modern mattresses and bed frames and I am confident in knowing that my mattress will function well with the “Yaasa Adjustable Bed.

  71. This would be awesome to win!! With my fibermyalga I have slept in my recliner for the past 2 years!! Ty for the chance

  72. WOW, what an awesome design! I have never seen anything like it. I think this could really help my bad back and creeky bones!!!

  73. I’ve been looking into adjustable beds for some time now. Maybe this will be the one? Looks beautiful and nothing like so many other adjustable beds I’ve seen.

  74. I would love to own this bed, I have asthma and I sometimes sleep sitting up in my recliner. This bed would help a lot.

  75. I like the idea of an adjustable bed, but it would depend on the comfort of the mattress that would work with it.

  76. The Yaasa Adjustable Bed features a metal and wood construction, which gives it a strong, sturdy feel. The structure has four legs and stands 15” in height. A major selling point of this particular bed is that you don’t have to attach the legs for it to work, meaning that if you have a bed frame you already love, you can just set the bed inside it. This will ensure that it blends in seamlessly to the rest of your bedroom furniture. This looks like a great bead, to get a comfortable night’s sleep, and I love my sleep time!

  77. Will this fit inside a bed frame? I wish a company would create an adjustable bed that would sit inside a standard bed frame. I’ve always like the idea of an adjustable bed just not sure of the bare naked look. I’ve had a 4 poster bed of some sort since I was a kid.

  78. I’m amazed at the features on this bed, some of which I’ve never seen on an adjustable bed before (or any bed, for that matter).

  79. This Yaasa Adjustable bed looks like exactly what my husband needs for his bad back and chronic acid reflux. We have never tried an adjustable bed. Thanks for the chance!

  80. I have a permanent leg injury and have to keep my leg elevated. This looks so promising on relieving discomfort. I think it is well constructed and, to me looks ideal. Thanks again Sleepopolis, I appreciate your generosity and your thorough reviews.

  81. This reminds me of a hospital bed, or the kind of bed people buy to help with their back pain. Thanks for the info.

  82. I Like it, great for watching TV or reading or if you have surgery this would be great for getting up without pulling and adding stress to the surgery site.

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