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Zonkd Mattress Giveaway!

Happy Monday, gang! Let’s make this 4th of July week even sweeter with another epic mattress giveaway. This time, one lucky sleeper will receive a brand new mattress from Zonkd — winner chooses the size, of course! All you have to do is scroll, enter, and dream of better sleep.

Zonkd Mattress Giveaway!

Well it’s officially summer, folks, and bedtime is getting hotter by the day. Luckily, the cover fabric of the Zonkd mattress is made from a double-knit polyester blend which is not only super soft to the touch, but it’s cool and moisture-wicking too. This way, you can enjoy all the sweaty, summer fun during the day, and enjoy a nice cool sleep at night.

Zonkd Corner
The Zonkd Mattress

Yes, the cover fabric is soft and breathable, but the real magic happens beneath the surface. Lush memory foam rests atop bouncy latex over a thick layer of high density poly foam — three layers of comfort just waiting to be napped upon. The buoyancy of the latex balances nicely with body conforming memory foam to offer sleepers a cozy mix of pressure relief and support.

Zonkd Hand Press
Pressing into the Zonkd mattress

If you’re planning to share this bed with a partner, you might be glad to know that this bed handles motion transfer exceptionally well. Simply put: when they roll around, you stay fast asleep. Sounds like the dream, right?

So, what do you say — ready to win a better night’s sleep for free? Enter now and read our full written review of this mattress to get extra pumped! Good luck, everybody!

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200 thoughts on “Zonkd Mattress Giveaway!”

  1. Wow, this looks amazing! So much better than what I have now! And the fact that it would help me stay cool is a big plus for me. I wake up sweating every night!

  2. I tend to become over heated while I sleep….could it be because I live in the desert?! :-) Zonkd would assist in keeping me zonked all night! Very cool. Thank you.

  3. This would be perfect for me I have sciatica nerve pain and this comfortable looking gorgeous bed look’s perfect and maybe finally I can get a good nights rest .

  4. The cooling and wicking features of Zonkd mattress are awesome! I think medium firm would fit me to a tee. Thanks for the opportunity to win

  5. The cover looks very appealing, luxurious and durable. The medium firmness what my husband and I both agree on! Thank you for the constructive feedback!

  6. Could surely use this. I am in dire need of a new mattress, but cannot afford it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  7. good matress what helps good night sleep and some thing I would Love now heat is on would love to be lucky winner

  8. I would be so grateful to win this mattress. Right now while writing this I can feel the coils in my mattress digging into my legs. It’s over 10 years old and my dog, german shepherd/australian shepherd mix (105 pounds) would always sleep with me and also had a few accidents. Sadly we had to put him down due to cancer last October and I miss him terribly. I’m a back sleeper and like to be cool while I”m sleeping so your mattress sounds wonderful. Every time I think I’m going to have the money to finally buy a new one something else always breaks down that takes priority. Had to balance goods night sleep vs no refrigerator, etc., lol.

  9. I’m constantly tossing and turning due to past injuries and arthritis and just can’t find a comfortable position. This mattress just might help me get a good night’s sleep.

  10. I’m interested to see if I can actually get a good night sleep for once. I’ve spent thousands trying to find a mattress that works for me. Fabric look so soft

  11. My dog just had to get bladder stones removed, but for about a week before that, he all over my mattress. I would really appreciate a mattress that’s moisture wicking and doesn’t wreak like doggie per.

  12. A disk is missing in my lowerr back so I cannot sleep on my back or stomach but when I sleep on my side my hip hurts and I toss and turn every night to change hips all night. This bed looks like it wouldn’t cause the pain that a spring mattress causes. Nice bed!

  13. The body comforting memory foam sounds phenomenal to me I also like the moisture resistance as my special little guy who sleeps next to me for the last few years is still in diapers and has a feeding tube which he gets liquid pediasure through so that’s a bonus for us also it just sounds very comfortable I also have degenerative disc disease and we sleep on the worst given to us old mattress ever so it would be amazing and healing for me and my baby boy thank you so much for the chance!
    -Abigail Schuette

  14. We really need a new mattress…I need super soft one 4 my achy low back.
    Good luck 2 ALL of us..
    someone has 2 win.

  15. Those motion handles really draws me to this mattress. Of couse, all the features are great. I would love to lie down on one.

  16. It looks and sounds really nice!
    I have a lot of back and neck problems and would love to try it!
    Thank you for the chance! =)

  17. Loved gel and copper infused memory foam used in the Tuck, just didn’t like the microcoils. Or the company’s exchange policy. This mattress looks great!

  18. I like that it’s moisture wicking and keeps cool. It’s in the 90’s here and I wish I had one right now!

  19. The cover fabric is soft and breathable, but the real magic happens beneath the surface. Lush memory foam rests atop bouncy latex over a thick layer of high density poly foam — three layers of comfort just waiting to be napped upon. The buoyancy of the latex balances nicely with body conforming memory foam to offer sleepers a cozy mix of pressure relief and support. It sounds like it delivers a great night’s sleep

  20. This copper infused memory foam just feels better for some reason, didn’t think it would make a difference, but there’s a special “energy” I felt when sleeping on it. Had to return the other brand I bought last year though, because they used egg crate foam underneath and it was too mushy. Glad Zonkd decided to pair it up with Talalay latex instead.

  21. i like the motion handles so you will not be disturbed. i like the thickness of the mattress. it looks very luxurious.

  22. This looks like a nice mattress. He did a nice review and explained about the edge being a little less supportive than the rest of the mattress.

  23. Zonkd Mattress doesn’t look like it would be a good fit for me it seems to be on the firmer side and I need ultra soft.

  24. My friend purchased one of your beds. I was really impressed with the quality and comfort of the mattress. Would love to own one .

  25. I am in desperate need of a new mattress. I’m on disability and barley get by every month. I have fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, broken bone in my back and bulging and herniated disc. I also have insomnia and I have a mattress that is hard right now. I really need a soft one. I wake up in pain every day. This would be such a blessing to me. Thank you.

  26. I need a new mattress. And getting a free one that is superior than the same old spring ones that I’ve been getting would be the I in g on the cake.

  27. I have sleep apnea and i have a hard time getting a goid nights sleep even with a cpap! i need a new bed !

  28. I’m in desperate need of a new mattress! I’ve had 2 back surgeries in 4 months, and the v.a won’t help. This would be beyond a blessing! Thank y’all for the chance

  29. This mattress sounds like a really good mattress. I am a back and side sleeper and I love that it has cooling properties.

  30. Thank you for this amazing giveaway! I really am in need of a new mattress & Zonkd sounds like something I could benefit from.

  31. This mattress definitely has all that I’m looking for in a mattress. I think the review was very well written and it is good to be able to see how different people can experience the matters depending on size and shape. This mattress definitely checks a lot of boxes and given my review of the review and the video as well it seems like this is a great economical mattress as well maybe even riced lower than what it should be for the ability to get it in different firmness which is hard to find in a foam bed. Thank you Sleepopolis for this wonderful review and the contest and thank you Zonkd for the chance to win!

  32. I think this mattress would work wonders for my back issues! I’ve not had a really good nights rest in a long time because of my back.

  33. This sounds like an awesome mattress! The hubs and I are looking right now for a new mattress set. I would love to try this one!

  34. The Zonkd mattress is an absolute dream. It is well designed to offer the best night’s sleep possible. Each layer is purposefully used support you and comfort you, from the high density polyfoam as the base, talalay latex in the middle for support, to the memory on top for maximum comfort, and soft antimicrobial polyester top. I would definitely recommend this mattress. Thank you Sleepopolis for the amazing opportunity to enter into this contest, my family and I would be overjoyed to win!

  35. I like that this mattress draws the heat away as I’m a hot sleeper. I’m also a side sleeper and this looks like it would be a comfortable bed. Thanks for the opportunity to WIN !!

  36. I would LOVE a mattress that conformed to my body when I was laying on it!! I have Chronic excruciating pain and when I’m laying down in my mattress I can feel pain in every pressure point, especially my ribs and hips. This would be amazing to win!!

  37. Would love to put the zonkd in my home thanks Sleepopolis for the great review you are the go to place for mattress reviews

  38. I like the motion transfer and not being disturbed during sleep by someone moving around. I’m a light sleeper so that’s a big plus!

  39. This mattress sounds great! I could use a cool mattress because I get so hot in the hot summers here and the pressure relief and support would be great for my back!

  40. MORE INCHES, MORE BETTER (lol)!! I love that this has four inches of premium material (more than the majority of other companies in the industry) and then it rests on top of eight inches of a supportive foundation layer…that is “Twelve Inches” of AHHHH!!

  41. This sounds purrrfect for the hubby, me, and our kitties! We love latex (have a topper) amd memory foam both, but memory foam makes us SO HOT!
    Fingers crossed to win a mattress for our anniversary!

  42. I would like to have this mattress because my boyfriend works at a mill here in maine and thrashes his body around for 4 to five days a week for 12 to 13 hours a day and it is very hard on his and right now we have a mattress that you can feel every spring and it doesn’t make for the best nights sleep and we ate not the richest of people if I got this mattress it would be such a nice surprise for him

  43. I love the fact the Zonkd mattress is cool. The one I have slept on for over 10 years is so hot I do not sleep well.

  44. First off, I love that this mattress handles motion transfer well! I get up all through the night sometimes and I try not to wake my husband. This would fix that problem. I also like that it’s soft to the touch and it’s also cool and moisture wicking. I get hot at night, even with air conditioning. This mattress seems like the perfect one for me!

  45. I like the combination of materials and sleeping cool. As a strict side sleeper this mattress sounds like it would actually feel nice! In the middle of mattress shopping.. still!

  46. Seems like an interesting contender in the bed in a box industry Like that it is anti microbial and it has cooling properties

  47. I love everything about this mattress! And I really need a new one so fingers crossed ! Thank you for this chance

  48. This mattress looks so comfortable and I love that it stays cool it has been very hot and I love the Fabric of this mattress

  49. I think this mattress sounds gloriously comfortable and having recently moved to the South, the cooling material sounds delightful beyond belief!

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