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Online Mattress Brand Casper Set to Open 200 New Retail Stores

Mattress brand Casper is reportedly planning a brick-and-mortar push that will see the opening of 200 new storefront locations over the next three years.

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Casper’s proposed expansion will include the conversion of 18 currently existing pop-up locations and the development of more than 180 new stores. The four-year-old company was instrumental in bringing online mattress shopping to the mainstream, and currently has a large presence in the digital marketplace through retailers like Amazon, Target, and Nordstrom. Now, Casper seems to be doubling down on the shift toward physical storefronts in a bid to distinguish itself from other emerging online mattress retailers.

The brick-and-mortar move might seem risky to some, particularly since reports surfaced this week that bedding giant Mattress Firm is looking to shutter over 3,000 poor-performing retail locations across the United States. In a marketplace where digitization seems to be ever-rising, Casper remains inspired to expand into other avenues — and it’s not alone. Many other brands have also moved into storefront spots throughout the country.

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Posted by Casper on Tuesday, June 12, 2018


So why would Casper unleash such a bold initiative at a time in which a competitor is on the verge of bankruptcy? Well, we’ve seen Casper work on a variety of retail concepts this year. In February, Casper moved a line of mattresses and select sheets into Target stores across the country. Mere weeks later, the brand established its first physical store in New York City.

Casper followed this up with a nap lounge in NYC called The Dreamery wherein folks could pay to get some quick shut-eye using a curated selection of Casper mattresses, sheets, pillows, and pajamas. The company then announced plans to open a string of storefront shops in Canada and teased expanding the operation into Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Atlanta, and Chicago.

Having a stronger brick-and-mortar presence could give the brand an advantage over other online-only retailers. Essentially, Casper can retain its status as on online giant, while also catering to a more traditional customer base. This combination of e-commerce, physical storefronts, and newer concepts such as The Dreamery could prove to be an innovative and profitable business strategy for the company.

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