New Baby Monitor Tracks Your Infant’s Sleep So You Don’t Have To

A new baby monitor called Nanit meticulously documents your infant’s sleep habits, helping parents create the perfect bedtime regimen.

Even if you’re not actively sleep training your little one, most parents rely on the consistent recording of their baby’s nightly habits in order to determine the best bedtime schedule. What time did they close their eyes? What’s the temperature of their sleep space? How many times did they wake up? There’s no limit to how much useful data moms and dads could obtain if they stayed up with their eyes glued to the baby monitor all night but the last thing parents need is less sleep.

Cue the Nanit!

The Nanit sleep system automatically makes note of anything and everything that’s influencing a baby’s trip to dreamland so that parents don’t have to spend their nights clutching a notepad, marking the time of every hiccup. It records and saves all the priceless information like when they start to snore, if they roll into an awkward position, how many times they open their eyes, if the humidity in the room rises beyond the set comfort level, and anything else that goes on in the nursery. Not to mention, with a subscription to a service called Nanit Insights, this monitor offers suggestions on how your baby’s sleep could improve.

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The Nanit system is Wi-Fi enabled and communicates with parents via an app on their phones. Because every piece of data is automatically recorded in this app, you can always check the dashboard to better understand how your baby’s sleep trends or habits could improve. Folks who opt for the Sleep Coach that comes with Nanit Insights are privy to sleep training advice compiled by experts in the field of pediatric sleep medicine.

At around $300 bucks, the Nanit isn’t the most cost effective baby monitor on the market. However, parents (especially first timers) who are losing zzz’s trying to perfect the bedtime of their bundle of joy could really benefit from a system that tracks sleep data so diligently.

Ultimately, parenthood is exhausting no matter what you do…but sometimes it’s easier to get by with a little help from technology.

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