Tuft & Needle Debuts “Mint,” Its All-New Second Mattress

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Online retailer Tuft & Needle has added a second bed to its line of popular mattresses, which aims to be everything the flagship model is and more.

The bed-in-a-box company debuted the Mint this week, billing it as an upgrade to the brand’s original T&N mattress. The Mint is built with three layers of pressure-relieving foam, stacking up to an impressive 12″ of comfort. In addition to small improvements made to the foundation and cover, the new bed is also infused with 30% more gel beads in the comfort layer, which produces immediate cushion-like support.

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“One of the cornerstones of Tuft & Needle has always been listening to our customers,” explained Tuft & Needle co-founder J.T. Marino to Furniture Today. “This exciting new mattress model reflects hundreds of thousands of feedback touchpoints that we have collected over our five years in business, and takes amazing sleep to the next level.”

Tuft & Needle was founded in 2012 by Daehee Park and JT Marino, college pals who decided to dive into the online mattress world after experiencing frustrations when buying in-store mattresses of their own. Their mission all along has been to be as transparent as possible with their customers, a goal that has led to the creation of both the flagship T&N mattress and the Mint.

To give you a better sense of what sets these two models apart, I’m going to break down a few of their specs.

The Breakdown

T&N Mattress – The original bed is constructed with two foam layers, measuring up to 10″. The top comfort layer is composed of 3″ of the brand’s proprietary T&N Adaptive® foam, which responds quickly to pressure and provides some immediate relief for the sleeper. Below this layer, you’ll find a 7″ base of high-density polyfoam. Heat wicking graphite is used throughout the structure to produce cooling. Prices from $325 – $700.

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Mint – This latest upgrade is constructed with three foam layers, stacking up to 12″. The top layer is composed of an enhanced version of the T&N Adaptive® foam, which is intended to produce more comfort and relief. Below this section, T&N added in an adaptive transition layer, which helps connect the soft top to the supportive base, which has been bolstered with some additional edge support. As noted above, the structure as a whole has 30% more graphite and gel beads than the original to encourage extra cooling. Prices from $650 – $1,050.

For more on Tuft & Needle, and to purchase the new Mint bed, go here.

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