How Much Sleep Debt Are You Owed?

If you are the type of person who stays up at night, tossing and turning instead of finding the sweet, sweet depths of slumber you might find the following scenario familiar. You lie in bed, staring first at your ceiling then at the blinking digital clock that seems to provide just enough light to keep you a bit too awake. You try counting sheep, slowing your breathing, and even turning on that sound machine you splurged on months ago.

Perhaps between your glances towards the clock, you wonder how much sleep you have already missed out on. Noise pollution, intrusive children, or something as simple as not having the best mattress for your sleep style, have all of us struggling to get our forty winks. As these thoughts consume you, perhaps you can find some solace knowing that on average Americans lose over thirty hours of sleep each month. That’s about an hour a night. Put another way, that’s basically the same amount of time it takes to complete a few episodes of that streaming show you put on while failing to find shut eye. If you’ve ever experienced this scenario, you’re accumulating sleep debt.

So What Is Sleep Debt?

If we’re supposed to get a certain number of hours of sleep each night, sleep debt is our failure to meet that goal. No matter the reason, if you’re not sleeping enough each night, you’re accumulating sleep debt. Like the student debt stopping you from buying your first home, the effects of sleep debt can be devastating. Many things cause sleep debt from staying awake unable to find a comfortable position for your body’s aches & pains to poor quality of sleep during the night. The average person needs 7-9 hours a night of sleep and if you’re getting less than that your debt is increasing. Sleeping the proper amounts bestows your body with tons of benefits from proper brain function, heart health, to even being a safer driver.

Calculate Your Sleep Debt

Unfortunately, at least for now your sleep debt IOU is one you can’t collect. What you can do, however, is take a gander at our sleep debt calculator below. All you need to do is enter where you live and you’ll get access to a check for the amount of sleep you are owed.  Plus if you like what you see share it with some sleep deprived friends!

Created by Sleepopolis

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2 thoughts on “How Much Sleep Debt Are You Owed?

  1. I’m owed way too much sleep debt by now!! I got up yesterday morning 2/18 at approximately 9am and currently it’s 2/19 at 5:47am and I’ve not been asleep as of yet. I will get a good 12 hours sleep tomorrow and Tuesday nights.

    • To Susan Parker: I’m not sure how localized these comments are. Do you live in Idaho? I’m doing a story for the Coeur d’Alene Press on sleep issues. If you’re from our area, feel free to reach me at [email protected].

      Thanks much…
      Steve Cameron

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