Would You Take a Nap With The Crazy Ostrich Pillow?

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Some people can fall asleep anywhere. However, if you’re an especially light sleeper like me, you might need a little extra peace and quiet, and somewhere comfortable to rest your head, in order to get a power nap in.

Because of this, I was amused and intrigued to find out about a new Kickstarter-funded project called the Ostrich Pillow. The concept is simple. Just as an ostrich buries it’s head in the sand, the Ostrich Pillow allows you to bury your head and hands into this ergonomically designed pillow, and presto — you can have an instant power nap.

The Ostrich Pillow project has already raised over $120K in crowd-sourced funding, and it has gone viral on the internet. I’m not sure if I would be seen in public with one of these on my head, but the popularity of this funny innovation might just prove how sleep deprived some of us really are.

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