Best Nursery Bedding

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Making a calming environment for a baby is one of the first tasks for new parents. While bedroom decorations, painted walls, and furniture are important, babies will most intimately acquainted with their crib. That is why it is important to find bedding that is both comfortable and gives a cozy feeling.

Nursery bedding is very often sold in sets with various matching pieces. This is a great way to quickly outfit a room without worrying about finding complementary elements. Because each set is different in terms of the pieces that are included and the quality of those pieces, it can be hard to decide which set to opt for. We’ve looked at various offerings that stand out in terms of comfort, design, and variety:

best nursery bedding

Editor’s Choice

nursery bedding disney

Disney Nursery Crib Bedding Set


  • Disney characters. One way to make a baby’s bedroom more fun and festive is by adorning the crib with familiar and loveable characters. Select figures from Disney’s roster are featured in this bedding line, such as Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, Simba, and Ariel.
  • Up to 7 pieces. While the bedding collections offered by Disney all have a themed comforter and fitted sheet, each set has additional items that may differ from one another. Dust ruffles, wall decors, decorative boxes, diaper stackers, blankets, changing and pad covers are variously included in different sets.
  • Variety of design. Sometimes when manufacturers create a multi-piece bedding set, all of the material has the same pattern. This collection features unique designs on each item, which can make it a more visually stimulating environment for babies.


  • Cost. These are not the most inexpensive crib bedding sets by any means. Some of the collections cost several times the amount of a typical set.
  • Comforter needs more stuffing. Though it does its job, the comforter included in this set is not particularly spectacular. It could use more stuffing.
Disney Nursery Crib Bedding Set
Disney Nursery Crib Bedding Set
Disney Nursery Crib Bedding Set

This bedding set is perfect for Disney fans old and new. Featuring several of Disney’s most recognizable figures, these bed sets offer multiple themed pieces per character, each with a unique design.


nursery bedding originalbedding

Bedtime Originals Jungle Buddies 3 Piece Crib Bedding Set


  • Striped border. This set features a multi-colored striped border on the comforter and the dust ruffle. This subtle touch not only ties together the set, but allows for a wide range of color matching with other bedroom items.
  • Cute animals. The jungle animals featured on the comforter are cuddly and friendly. A giraffe, monkey, bird, lion, elephant, and zebra will greet the waking baby each morning.
  • Bright colors. While some bedding sets for babies feature colors and patterns that are subdued and perhaps have a more mature aesthetic, this set is clearly designed to be bright and fun. The colors on the animals stand out and can create a fun mood in a bedroom.


  • 10” dust ruffle. While the 10” dust ruffle may suffice, it is not on the longer side of what is available. Some competitors feature dust ruffles that are 14” or longer, which may fit some cribs better.
  • Not the softest. The sheets are average in terms of softness, but not as soft as can be found elsewhere.
Bedtime Originals Jungle Buddies 3 Piece Crib Bedding Set
Bedtime Originals Jungle Buddies 3 Piece Crib Bedding Set
Bedtime Originals Jungle Buddies 3 Piece Crib Bedding Set

This 3-piece set from Bedtime Originals features several cute animals that reside in the jungle. This set includes a comforter, fitted sheets, and a dust ruffle.

Most Variety

nursery bedding soho

SoHo Designs Baby Crib Bedding Sets


  • Large set. This collection of bedding sets has one of the largest numbers of pieces included per theme, with anywhere from 9 to 13 pieces. It is competitively priced with other brands that only have 3 or 4 items per set.
  • Crib bumper. Included in every set is a crib bumper, which is a great addition to any crib. As most parents will want one of these any way, it is the furthest thing from a “throwaway” add-on.
  • Variety. There are a whopping 23 different themes for girls and 25 for boys that parents can choose from, each with different animals, shapes, colors, and patterns. Great for matching existing furniture and wall paint.


  • Items in the collection. While this set is comprehensive, it would have been nice if a second fitted sheet was included, rather than, say, the toy bag.
  • Thin pillow. Though the matching pillow is a nice touch, it is rather thin and doesn’t provide much support.
SoHo Designs Baby Crib Bedding Sets
SoHo Designs Baby Crib Bedding Sets
SoHo Designs Baby Crib Bedding Sets

This collection from SoHo Designs features a variety of matching sets, each with around 10 uniquely-designed pieces. This brand has one of the most varied collections in terms of patterns and colors.

Softest Material

nursery bedding elephant

Belle Elephant Walk Jungle Crib Bedding Set


  • Soft. The bedding items included in this collection are all made of a soft microfiber that is comfortable but not too heavy. The fitted sheet and blanket maintain the softness even after washing.
  • Plush elephant. To accompany the elephant-themed bedding, included is a cute plush elephant. This can become a great companion for your baby.
  • Musical mobile. Those opting for the 5-piece set will receive a musical mobile that is adorned with several floating elephants. The coloring matches the bedding perfectly.


  • No crib bumper. While most nursery bedding sets come with a crib bumper, that item is not included with this set. Some parents may opt for another option for that reason.
  • Thin quilt. Though the quilt is inarguably soft, it doesn’t have as much substance or thickness as other offerings. Depending on how cold it gets in the baby’s room, a thicker quilt may be necessary.
Belle Elephant Walk Jungle Crib Bedding Set
Belle Elephant Walk Jungle Crib Bedding Set
Belle Elephant Walk Jungle Crib Bedding Set

The Elephant Walk bedding set from Belle is made of a soft microfiber that is cozy and easy to clean. All sets come with a plush elephant and the 5-piece set comes with an adorable elephant mobile.

Best Shape

nursery bedding sahaler

Sahaler Baby Crib Bedding Set


  • Colored ribbons. Though not essential to the effectiveness of the bedding, the ribbons that are used to attach the crib bumper pads provide a nice shock of color. It makes the crib have a sophisticated yet happy aesthetic.
  • Cotton. This bedding set is made of 100 percent cotton. Many competitors use a cotton and polyester blend, so this may be the perfect option for those who prefer cotton.
  • Long crib skirt. This crib skirt measures almost 18” in length. This is great for those with cribs that have a high profile.


  • 4 piece bumper. Some parents may prefer a crib bumper that is all one piece, as it is easier to install and adjust. This one is made of four separate pieces.
  • No care instructions. It is unfortunate that this product doesn’t come with clear washing instructions. This can lead to some unfortunate mistakes if it is not cared for properly.
Sahaler Baby Crib Bedding Set
Sahaler Baby Crib Bedding Set
Sahaler Baby Crib Bedding Set

Sahaler’s Baby Crib Bedding Set has options for both girls and boys, each featuring an elegant gender-neutral design. The crib skirt is larger than most competitors and the materials are made of 100% cotton.

How We Picked

Nursery bedding can be a fun product to shop for, as there are so many different designs, characters, colors, and patterns to choose from. But it is also important to understand the quality of the material and the variety of the collection, as some fall short in certain aspects. Here is what we weighted most heavily when making our choices:

Size of the set

While there are a few key items that all nursery bedding sets should contain, sometimes it is the additional items that really make one collection more desirable than another. Fitted sheets, a blanket or quilt, and a dust ruffle are found in almost every set. From there, however, there are any number of directions brands can go.

Many times companies will provide items that a new parent would need anyway. Crib bumpers, diaper stacks, and baby mobiles are all very useful items, and it is nice to get ones that match your bedding. Fun extras can also include plush toys, mobiles, and decorations to adorn the wall.


The fitted sheet and blanket will probably get the most use and are probably the most intimately important parts of a nursery bedding set. Thus the material of these elements might matter a great deal to parents. Depending on the preferences of the parent, there are a number of different fabrics that can be chosen from.

Most common are cotton and cotton and polyester blends, but the fabric composition doesn’t tell the whole tale. The weave and quality of the fabric itself can make a big difference in the softness and durability of the bedding. Further, those that are interested in sustainability and sourcing may pay more attention to those qualities.


Decorating a baby’s room can be a fun exercise. Parents have a chance to make a room in bright and varied colors, offering a change of pace from the rest of the home. More importantly, the room should be a cozy place for a baby.

Depending on if the room has already been decorated or not yet, there are loads of different options in various colors, patterns, and styles. Those hoping to make a classic nursery – like those seen in films – can find nursery bedding sets with traditional designs and colors. There are lots of different characters too that are featured on bedding sets, from recognizable characters from cartoons to cuddly animals.


Not sure which nursery bedding set is best for you? Take a look at some tips we’ve compiled:

  • Is your nursery decorated already?
    • There are many options in light blue, pink, gray, and other neutral colors that probably match most nursery decors.
    • For those who are starting from scratch, some of the larger bedding sets include wall decorations and other bedroom accoutrement that can help outfit a room.
  • What are the dimensions of your crib?
    • Most cribs have a standard size in terms of width and length.
    • Cribs do vary however in height and the size and shape of the crib walls. Some elements in bedding sets may not fit on all cribs, so make sure to double check the dimensions of your crib.


What is a standard crib size?

Most cribs measure 28” wide and 52” long. The other dimensions of the crib may vary, however.

What is essential in a nursery bedding set?

The most useful items tend to be the quilt or blanket, the fitted sheet, a dust ruffle or a crib skirt, and a crib bumper.

Are there organic options?

Several companies make fitted sheets, dust ruffles, and blankets that are made of fabrics that are certified organic, it just may take some investigating.

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