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25 Days of Giving 2021 – Avocado Green Mattress Giveaway!

We’ve made it to the fourth day of 25 Days of Giving, bringing you the chance to win the new Avocado Green mattress.

The Avocado Green is a bed in a box that uses a cotton cover and a latex core to make it a fully organic mattress. This bed is supremely bouncy, which tells me this could be a good pick for combination sleepers, particularly those who flip between back sleeping and side sleeping in the night. All of that and it has the added benefit of standing the test of time because latex is a super durable material.

Read our full Avocado Green mattress review for more information on a great mattress and head to our 25 Days of Giving hub to see which new giveaway is kicking off each day!

Bridget Chapman

Bridget Chapman

Hi, friends! I'm Bridget, a Certified Sleep Science Coach and your Lead Reviewer here at Sleepopolis. From testing mattresses to writing about various sleep health topics, my goal is to help you get a good night's sleep. You can also find me in videos on our YouTube channel!

3 thoughts on “25 Days of Giving 2021 – Avocado Green Mattress Giveaway!”

  1. Wow,The fact that the Avocado is latex and firmer than most of the other mattresses that are memory foam is a big plus.I tend to really enjoy a firmer feel to a mattress even though I am aware a softer feeling mattress is better for a side sleeper.I still want to be placed in your contest to win a Avocado Mattress.THanks!


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