We’ve made it to the 20th day of our 25 Days of Giving! So what are we giving away today? The Mend Renew mattress from Mend Sleep!

The Mend Renew is a hybrid mattress that uses memory foam and coils in its construction. It also features a plush Eurotop, giving the top of the bed a soft and luxurious feel.  Plus, its Tencel cover will help you to sleep cooler, so no worries about overheating at night!

Enter below to win a brand new Mend Renew mattress.

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Bridget Chapman

Bridget Chapman

Hi, friends! I'm Bridget, a Certified Sleep Science Coach and senior editor here at Sleepopolis. From testing mattresses to writing about various sleep health topics, my goal is to help you get a good night's sleep. You can also find me in videos on our YouTube channel!