‘Bridgerton’ Heartthrob Jonathan Bailey Adds Voice to Sleep Stories on Calm

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SO Calm Bridgerton v2

Breaking news Lords and Ladies. Bridgerton season 2’s Jonathan Bailey, has released a sleep story for Calm, writes Marie Claire

Lord Anthony Bridgerton himself narrates “Love Letter From an Englishman.” According to Yahoo! Entertainment, Bailey starts the bedtime story by stating, “Hello there, this is Jonny Bailey, reporting for sleep story duty,” and “Tonight I’ll be reading you a letter written by the captain of the HMS Dreamscape.”

You can listen to Bailey take you back in time, “somewhere on the crystal blue waters of a faraway sea,” in a snippet that can be heard in a recent Instagram post by Calm.

In addition to Bailey’s sleep story, you can also find fellow Bridgerton actor, Regé-Jean Page, telling a nighttime tale. 

How can I listen to Jonathan Bailey’s Calm sleep story?

We’ve got the quick tips on how you can “get in bed” with Bailey as soon as tonight.

  • Try a 7-day free trial of Calm Premium.
  • After the end of your trial, you’ll be billed $69.99 annually.
  • Calm also has the unique offering of “Calm for Life” with a one-time payment of $399.99 for access to everything on Calm forever. 

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