Langel System Debuts New Adaptable Mattress

An innovative mattress has arrived on the market with the intent of disrupting the way people sleep by offering them the ultimate in customization.

The bed comes from Langel System, a new company based out of Spain. While the retailer may still be making a name for itself, it’s led by a research team with over 20 years experience in the bedding industry. And they’ve brought together their expertise to develop something the likes of which has yet to be seen: a fully articulated and adaptable mattress.

What this means is that customers will be able to modify not only the firmness of the bed, but also its shape, rigidity and size, all by pressing a simple mechanism attached to the frame.

While this may not sound like anything more than an adjustable bed (of which there are many different makes available online), what sets this Langel model apart is that in addition to gliding up and down, the entire structure can be widened by lifting up its lateral wings. The result is a mattress that can adroitly shift from a full bed into a King and any other size in between.

Though the mattress isn’t quite ready to be sold yet, it did just receive the “Seal of Excellence” from the European Commission (EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation). This recognition has put a fire under the team and motivated them to tap into the international market, which they plan to do with a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter later this year. And if you get in now on the ground floor, the startup promises to give you a killer discount on the Langel.

“Although our mattresses and mattress toppers will have an affordable price for all budgets, we are going to reward the first who bet for our way of understanding rest,” explained Alberto Sánchez, Langel System CEO.

When the ball finally gets rolling and Langel is able to ship out its first orders, they’ll arrive compressed in a box. Additionally, the mattress will come separated into different layers, which will allow you to build your bed to your specific preferences. Simply find a configuration that works for you and slip the layers into the removable cover, resulting in a fully customized sleeping experience.

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Featured image courtesy of Langel System. 

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