Nightingale Sleep System Blankets Your Bedroom in Calming Sounds

The brand new Nightingale sleep system is here to put a fresh spin on the tried-and-true white noise machine by blanketing your bedroom in a soundscape specific to your preferences.

Many sleepers need absolute peace and quiet in order to fall asleep. For some folks, however, a still bedroom means floods of noise pollution from car horns, subway trains, snoring partners, or just the deafening hum of silence itself. The Nightingale sleep system is designed to surround your bed in sounds tuned to your environment so that you can block any outside commotion and relax to nighttime noises of your own choosing.

Now, you might be thinking: “Yeah, white noise machines… that’s nothing new.” True, but the Nightingale is more interactive than a generic sound machine. When you’re setting it up, a voice guide takes you through a series of questions to get a better sense of your lifestyle and surroundings. It records your age, the materials your floors and walls are made of, if you or anyone in your bed has a problem with snoring, and other generalized questions that help the Nightingale determine an appropriate sound profile for you.

Once Nightingale gets a sense of the “sound blanket” you need for a good night’s sleep all you have to do is plug the system into two opposite-facing outlets. You can then control the volume and intensity of the sounds via an app on your phone. This way, the ambiance your sleep system provides is as changeable as your own sleep habits.


Having a bed and four walls isn’t always enough to foster a peaceful sleep space. Some studies suggest that taking a purposeful hand in the design of your bedroom can actually help you get a better night’s rest.  Everyone has their own ideal sleeping conditions and it only makes sense that the overall aesthetic of your room should support your own.

While some rules of the sleep world are hard and fast (use a supportive mattress, use pillows that don’t strain your neck, don’t hog all the blankets…), the layout of your bedroom should complement your nightly routine so that when it’s time to drift off, your body is feeling relaxed, rested and ready for REM. Remember: the energy you feel as you prepare for sleep can carry through into the next morning, so try to make your bed into a place that calms your nerves.

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If you’re ready to turn your bedroom into your own personal dreamland, but you’re not sure where to start, check out a few helpful nighttime tips that might help you get better sleep and be more productive the next day.

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