SleepyCat Donates 100 Beds to Charity Ahead of One-Year Anniversary

Just four months shy of its first anniversary, Indian mattress company SleepyCat has already started to celebrate by donating 100 beds to local charities.

When the bed-in-a-box brand launched last August, it did so with the promise to donate 1 out of every 10 mattresses sold to a nonprofit organization. In the time since, SleepyCat has seen some really impressive growth, selling 3,000 beds across the country, meaning it’s time for the company to cash in on its philanthropic vow.

Answering the call, SleepyCat decided to kick off the first phase of its charity drive by donating 100 beds to Hope Foundation Kolkata and Robin Hood Army. The mattresses were all custom-made, tailored specifically to the needs of each organization. Founder Kabir Siddiq explains:

I believe that everyone deserves good sleep. It is the single most important thing in our life. And I believe that everyone should be capable of getting a good bed, hence why we started SleepyCat. Our mattresses have been selling a lot faster than anticipated, so it took us a [little longer] to get the mattresses for donation ready, especially since we are custom-making each of these mattresses for the organizations. We have already sold over 3000 mattresses, and will be donating the 200 in the next phase shortly.

SleepyCat is particularly excited about its new partnership with Hope Foundation Kolkata, with whom it hopes to continue providing mattresses for the home’s nearly 750 children.

“The children in our protection homes come to us after spending nights on the streets. Since the time they received the mattresses, these children couldn’t have been more thrilled to sleep in their new cozy beds,” said Geeta Venkadakrishnan, director of the foundation.


Nowadays, it’s not enough for a brand to simply create a solid product. To stand out among the pack, it’s important to bolster these goods with some, well… good. 

Why? Because it’s 2018 and people want to invest in socially responsible brands. Let’s put it this way: If given the opportunity to invest your hard-earned cash into two seemingly identical companies, why wouldn’t you give to the one who’s also giving a little something back? Recent research shows this is increasingly how folks are thinking, with millennials in particular more likely to invest in brands they believe support important causes.

As far as bed companies are concerned, there’s a lot of great work being done to invest in local communities. To learn more, check out these mattress brands doing good for both those in need and the environment.

Feature image provided courtesy of SleepyCat’s Instagram. 

Cody Gohl

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