Protect-A-Bed Employs Interactive Sales Technology for Customizable Pillow Lines

Sleep accessories producer Protect-A-Bed will be introducing more than forty new pillows with the help of SleepTailor, an interactive sales tool engineered to determine perfect pillow/sleeper compatibility.

The Chicago-based company is ready to showcase the benefits of SleepTailor by introducing three pillow lines, all of which can be evaluated alongside information on the consumer’s personal sleep habits and body type. Protect-A-Bed’s new lines will be comprised of over forty pillows, each one designed to offer variety as well as customizable comfort.  

“By combining Protect-A-Bed’s expertise in a healthy bed with the latest sleep and material science, we are able to deliver the perfect combination of comfort and support for practically anyone, and further enhance the benefits of any mattress,” said John Rachid, president of Protect-A-Bed. “We are truly excited to share this innovative new line to our retailer partners attending High Point.”

This interactive technology is intended to offer sleep products that feel tailor made to the consumer while still offering a range of features from which to choose. Protect-A-Bed’s new pillows will offer five different fill variations designed to meet the diverse needs of its consumers. While the styles of these pillows differ, each pillow within the three lines integrates cooling fabrics to regulate body temperature and wick sweat while you sleep.

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In addition to more than forty pillow options, consumers may also utilize SleepTailor technology to determine which design is best suited to their bodies. SleepTailor assesses the sleeper’s personal data points using a proprietary algorithm and biomechanics model to provide personalized pillow recommendations. 

“Thanks to SleepTailor, a customer can feel confident he or she is choosing the right pillow,” James Bell, CEO of Protect-A-Bed said. “They don’t have to think about variables like height, density, and position, instead we take their information and offer the ideal solution. It truly removes the guesswork out of buying a pillow.”

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