Greyhound Dog Sleeps on “Invisible Pillow,” to TikTok’s Delight

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Have you seen your pet sleep in an interesting position before and asked yourself, “is this normal?” Wrenthegreyhound on TikTok shared a video of Wren relaxing in her favorite spot, a position her owner calls his “invisible pillow.” 


A variation on her broken neck sleeping position #greyhound

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The video shows that Wren sleeps with her head hanging off the edge of the chair, with the caption, “A variation on her broken neck sleeping position.” The comment section was filled with a mixed response, some saying their dogs do the same things, while others were completely humored by the situation. 

“Why are they like this,” one commenter wrote, while another said, “They seem to think this is comfy.” This position isn’t exclusive just to dogs though, with one user saying, “My cat does something similar on his cat tree! I call it his neck exercise and I always wonder how comfortable it is.” 

We called in the experts to better understand why dogs may like sleeping with an “invisible pillow.” 

Experts Weigh In

Dr. Sara Ochoa, a veterinarian at The Animal Hospital of West Monroe and co-founder of How to Pets, told Sleepopolis that there are three main reasons a dog may sleep with their head off the bed, couch, or chair — to seek cooler temperatures, it’s a comfort presence, or they’re at heightened alertness. 

“It might look uncomfortable to us, but to them, it’s just another comfy position,” Dr. Sabrina Kong, DVM & veterinary consultant at WeLoveDoodles explains. “It could also indicate staying alert to their surroundings, even while snoozing. It’s like us sleeping with one eye open, except less creepy.” 

Like humans, dogs each have their preferred sleeping positions. Ochoa explained that if you notice a consistency with their sleeping position and it’s not causing them any discomfort or health concerns, not to worry — it’s just how your canine friend likes to sleep. 

If your dog moves their paws like they’re running, or lets out a few noises while they’re sleeping, Kong explains these are potential signs that your dog is feeling safe and secure. “A relaxed dog will often sleep in a position that leaves their belly exposed, which is a vulnerable area,” Kong continues. “So, if your dog is belly-up, it’s a good sign they feel pretty content and happy.” 

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