“Hot Bedding,” Where Strangers Share a Bed, Is On the Rise

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The simple act of sleeping in a bed has taken a new and extreme turn we did not see coming. Strangers can now share a sleeping space in a new bedtime arrangement known as “hot bedding.” 

Living on your own has become more of a financial burden than ever, so students and young adults are opting for a choice that might look strange from the outside. However, “hot bedding” prevents them from dealing with the soaring prices for rent. 

Hot bedding is similar to the common modern office arrangement known as “hot desking.” It allows employees to not have assigned desks or workstations. Instead, individuals can choose any available desk or workspace within a shared office environment on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

However, when you put a bed and two strangers into the mix, the new arrangement becomes “hot bedding.” For this, two strangers share a bed, but they don’t sleep in the bed at the same time. Instead, they get the bed to themselves, each taking shifts. 

We all want our own bed to rest in after a long day. But this method has been financially logical for some people, especially individuals who have completely different lifestyles and careers. 

For instance, in an SBS News story, a college student from Melbourne, Australia said she splits a room that costs $550 with a truck driver. She said that since the man works at night, she is able to sleep in the bed at night. She is gone throughout the day, so the truck driver is able to sleep in the bed during that time. “Hot bedding” sounds like a pretty creative and efficient idea when one needs to save some extra cash. We were intrigued by this new phenomenon so we wanted to learn more about how this could affect one’s sleep health and overall wellbeing. We spoke with some experts to learn more.

Is This Something To Consider? An Expert Weighs In

Along with this sleeping arrangement that allows you to save some cash in the bank, we wanted to know if there were any setbacks to “hot bedding,” so we spoke with sleep expert and founder of Owl +Lark, Hafiz Shariff.

Our beds are one of the most private and comfortable places in our homes or apartment. So, when a stranger invades that space, it can impact your privacy and comfort. 

However, Shariff said this might work for you if you like to meet new people and your job requires you to move around a lot, while also cutting down on expenses. 

“Some people might find comfort and companionship in sharing a bed, while others might feel more stressed and uncomfortable,” he told Sleepopolis. “It’s important to gauge your own needs and preferences before diving into this sleeping arrangement.” 

He also said that in order to make this arrangement beneficial for you and your well-being, it’s important to establish boundaries with the other person. It’s necessary to create a set of rules to follow concerning hygiene and other sleeping preferences. 

“Make sure to discuss issues such as personal space, temperature preferences, and any other factors that may affect your quality of sleep,” he said. “Additionally, it is crucial to be considerate of each other’s hygiene practices, such as showering before bed and keeping the sleeping area clean.” 

Shariff said it might take some time to adjust to hot bedding. You will have to be flexible and it requires you to change some of your sleeping habits to accommodate the other person. 

“You’ll have to be comfortable with sharing your personal space and adjusting your sleeping habits to accommodate someone else,” he said. “It might take some time to find the right balance and establish boundaries, but open communication is key here.” 

With some considerations to bear in mind, it’s important to think about if this will fit into your lifestyle and satisfy your needs. At Sleepopolis, we’re just happy you have a bed, shared or not!

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