New Manhattan Sleep Number Store Features Interactive Design

Bedding brand Sleep Number has just opened a new location in Manhattan featuring innovative technology that the company says will establish a new standard for the retail shopping experience.

Located in the Flatiron district, the new store opened on August 9th, and adds to its prolific portfolio of over 560 stores in all 50 states. The people at Sleep Number have stated that the new shop will offer a feature-rich mattress shopping experience, showcasing the company’s latest Sleep Number 360 smart beds. With a rising number of bedding brands erecting brick-and-mortar storefronts, the latest Sleep Number store aims to set itself apart from the others.

To learn more about what the emerging shop has to offer, I spoke with communications manager Leah Guimond. She told me that they have been inspired by the City’s retail trends and have been developing the New York market over the past few years.

What sets the NYC showroom apart is its revolutionary retail concept that combines the latest technology with the expertise of sleep professionals. It’s an experience that’s more personalized and digitally interactive. Located in a historic building on Fifth Avenue, the store features a series of rooms and immersive offerings where customers can explore sleep-and-health insights and experiment with design options to visualize their ultimate retreat.

She went on to tell me that a visit to the Flatiron store will include a digital map outlining the sleep patterns of New Yorkers by neighborhood, and a Manhattan-exclusive three minute “ride” that allows customers to test each of the of the latest smart beds. Guests can also explore the “bedding design lab” which lets them experiment with a digital planner to mix and match sleep accessories to create a customized slumber experience.


The “rooms” Guimond referred to are part of an interactive five room layout. The first room allows customers to become better acquainted with Sleep Number’s Sleep IQ technology. The second room features the brand’s temperature-balanced sleeping solutions. The main floor will be dedicated to the Sleep Number 360 products; the fourth room offers a full line of pillows, as well as the more cost efficient c2 bed. Finally, the back room is home to the bedding design lab.

Guimond also told me that customers will have the opportunity to participate in “individualized experiments” by way of 3D imaging to locate pressure points on their body, and learn how their smart beds can work to alleviate them. “What customers learn in the new Manhattan location,” said Guimond, “is that Sleep Number is not just a bed, but a sleep revolution, and our retail experience guides visitors to find their best sleep and improve their overall wellbeing.”

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Sleep Number’s latest expansion is part of an ambitious brick-and-mortar blitz through which the company hopes to broaden its reach by 25 stores in the New York market by the end of the year. The company has strategically timed its increased New York City presence to coincide with the rollout of the Sleep Number 360 line.

With more and more mattress companies opening new locations, it’s getting harder to call NYC “the city that never sleeps.”

Images courtesy of Sleep Number and @hardatplay on Instagram

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