Here’s How Your Sleep Stacks Up Against The Rest Of The Country

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After examining over 30M nights of tracked sleep from over 2M active users aged 35-37 years, Sleep Cycle has crunched the numbers and extrapolated the data to give us a better idea of how adult men and women sleep in America. And while the debate over who gets more sleep has raged on since time began (or so it feels), the data shows there really isn’t a great divide between the sexes at least when it comes to sleep.

Sleep Stats For Women In The U.S.

Sleep Cycle’s data on sleep shows that women go to bed earlier than men while waking up later, and on average, they clock 18 minutes more sleep time. 

Other notable findings show that women:

  • Wake up in a slightly worse mood than men
  • Snore an average of 23 minutes per night 
  • Have slightly higher sleep quality than men

And if you live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and Truckee, CA, you may be interested to know that your city ranks as one of the top three cities in terms of sleep quality for women. 

Sleep Cycle’s data shows that women’s sleep quality ranges from 79.5 percent (Truckee) to 80.13 percent (Santa Fe). Moreover, while sleep duration for women averaged 7 hrs 19 minutes nationwide, each top-ranking city boasts a longer sleep duration for women, with Truckee, CA again coming in the highest, with the women in Truckee logging an average of 7 hrs 55 minutes of sleep per night. 

Sleep Stats For Men In The U.S. 

As far as the men are concerned, the data paints a rosier picture but only in regards to one data point—their mood upon waking. Whereas 58 percent of women report waking up in a good mood, Sleep Cycle data shows that 61% of men wake up in a better mood in the morning.

Otherwise, the data shows that, on average, men: 

  • Wake up 10 minutes earlier than women 
  • Tend to have shorter sleep because they go to bed at 11:39 PM, whereas women turn in at 11:31 PM
  • Snore an average of 3 minutes longer than females (26 versus 23 minutes per night, respectively) 

While Santa Fe also shows up on the men’s list as one of the best cities for sleep, Sleep Cycle’s data shows the Gulf Shores on Alabama’s Gulf Coast and Goleta, CA round out the men’s top three. Digging into the data we find that Gulf Shores ranks the highest in sleep quality and sleep duration for men, coming in at 78.7%, and 7 hours and 4o minutes, respectively.  


Sharon Brandwein

Sharon Brandwein

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